Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Final Editorial (for a while)

I have just a final comment to post to my Blog about the current conditions in Libya. Since I want to devote more time on writing a book or two and my audience seems to be a very small one (judging by my followers and posted comments), I will suspend my Blog postings for the time being. Hey out there, there is actually no need for a standing ovations, I did use the term “Suspend” not “Quit”, so save your applause. Now for my problems with our country’s “No fly zone” participation…Oops; I meant to say “A Kinetic Military Action” ~ WTF? It’s a WAR dummies! Just like our “WAR on Terrorism” which has been redefined as an “Overseas Contingency”. This administration has no problem waging war…just problems with defining it.

What bothers me the most about the state of the Middle East right now, only proves what Glenn Beck has been saying all along would happen…even Glenn stated that he hoped he was wrong. Well, roll over Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus…there seems to be a better Fortune (or should that be Un-fortune) Teller in town. He had warned about everything that is happening right now and been called Crazy for it…well that must have been “Crazy like a Fox”, because everything he has said is sadly coming true. My only disagreement with Mr. Beck’s theories has been that he believes that we can overcome the rolling tidal wave aimed at our country peacefully…I feel we have already hit the tipping point and I do not believe that our country can peacefully retain our Republic and pray to God that I too am wrong but that I can be prepared when the wave rolls over us.

Now, as to Libya today; I am waiting for President Obama’s 7:00 PM explanation (or at least the definition) for our “quick to Jump” response on the UN’s Libyan resolution for a “No fly zone” but until then I’d like to share a few items I have already discovered…

• The President is for a “World Ruling Organization”

• Our Secretary of State also wants one “World Ruling Organization”

• The “Puppet Master” George Soros wants one “World Ruling Organization”

• The President’s “Spread the wealth” doctrine applies to Countries as well as individuals

• The President seems to be intentionally contributing to the US Financial Situation

• Instead of reducing the debt the President’s proposed 2012 budget plans to add to it by Trillions

• This President’s administration is mimicking Josef Goebbels’s work in 1930’s Germany, to a “T”

• Everyone in this President’s Administration (along with progressive Senators and Congressmen) have no use for the Constitution.

• George Soros said, “America is the biggest roadblock to an Open Society” and of course that would include the US Constitution.

I could continue but the President has concluded his “Why we are in Libya and how we will get out” address to the Nation. He burned up a whole lot of air time to tell us what we already knew which is that we are bombing and strafing in Libya and we were going to get out…someday…somehow. What was never explained is why he wouldn't even make a Statement when the same was taking place in Iran. It is clear, at least to me, that the reason he was so swift to put American lives in danger by participating in the “No Fly zone” activities (which included a whole of “No Drive Zone” enforcement) in Libya was that he did it under the auspices of the UN, which he is attempting to legitimize as a world protection (and governing) agency.

Once the UN is legitimatized as a World Protection Agency, then Hillary Clinton can rationalize signing s UN Small arms treaty which would negate our 2nd amendment. And of course, the whole administration can replace our US Supreme Court with the World Court in Hague. Finally, since Mr. Obama feels he can rule…er…govern through Executive order, having marginalized our Legislative body; he will have totally destroyed the Republic, which was his goal all along for “Transforming” our Government into just another puppet participant of the UN; that is after all of America’s wealth has been “Redistributed” across the globe.

My last comment is a question; why are we involved in Libya when we have no interest in the country? We only get a minuscule amount of oil from this area and no help in the fight against Terrorism. Yemen, on the other hand, is the back door to Suez which is our concern. We did not support regimes in Egypt or Yemen…is it because they are allies in our war against Al Qaeda? Looks like the only beneficiaries in this Middle revolt are the extreme Islamists and of course, George Soros and all others supporting a worldwide governance.