Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Breaking my Word

**** Updates Below ****
A little over three months ago I published my “Final” blog for a while pledging to use the extra time I would gain for book writing again. Sorry to say I feel that I must get something off my chest right now; before it is too late and the Obama Election Money Machine helps the “Lame Stream Media” wash this Progressive, Marxist Big Government loving Liberal “Lilly White” again…Oops? Is that a racist remark? If you think so, you can go to hell and stop wasting your time reading my blog.

I have decided that I would just confine my blog entries to one subject at a time. This Administration is throwing so many items at us all at once that they are bound to get some through just as carpet bombing is almost certain to kill someone; if you drop a tremendous amount of bombs from a humongous number of aircraft over an ever widening location of the Earth. Therefore, I am going to limit this particular rant to the current “Debt Crisis”. Funny thing about this is that our fearless leader, “Emperor” Obama, in his public broadcast of July 22, 2011, blamed everything except for the real reason we have this debt; Government Spending!

Even a lowly peon such as myself, can identify Government departments that not only could be cut but should be cut to help abate Government spending. First department that comes to mind is the United States Department of Education. This Cabinet Level department was signed into law by Jimmy Carter in 1979. Its current annual budget, for 2011, is estimated to be $71 Billion, which is a drop in the bucket compared to our massive $14.5 Trillion debt, but it is a start. Funny thing about this useless Cabinet Post is that today, July 25, 2011, President Obama, in his address to the Radical group La Raza, made a statement expressing his wish to “Invest” more money in Education. Why throw good money after bad?

Next another equally useless Government Agency is the Department of Energy, which has an annual budget of $27 Billion. This organization can be totally eliminated with the exception of a couple of agencies (e.g.: Departments of Nuclear waste disposals) which could be become arms of other departments (e.g.: Department of the Interior and Department of the Navy).

Do we really need the Environmental Protection Agency? Everything this ill advised Department does either could be done in other, existing Agencies or Should only be performed in Congress. The current administration is using this $10.5 Billion agency, which is only supposed to suggest fines, for enforcing Laws in order to circumvent the duties of Congress.

If you look up the 2010 United States Federal Budget, you will find that the Government’s Revenue is more than the Government’s Mandatory Spending, even though Unemployment/Welfare/Other mandatory spending is up over 58%.

Next Rant will cover the Rules of Congress

**** Updates ****
Forgot to mention that all "CZAR" positions be disbanded and allow to be re-established only if it can pass four criteria:

  1. It has no enforcement powers
  2. It has a life expectancy of six months or less
  3. It does not fall under the auspice of any established Government Agency
  4. Total budget cannot exceed $500,000
If a proposed "CZAR" position doers not meet all four of these criteria, then it either has to be a new proposed government agency or an arm under an existing government agency and must be approved by both houses of Congress.

Another proposed change would be to stop issuing ALL Congressional and Executive Paychecks, along with suspending all perks they enjoy, when the debt ceiling is reached until all expenditures, both Mandatory and Discretionary fall well below the established Debt Ceiling without increasing that Debt Ceiling.

The Department of Homeland Security was ostensibly originated to better share information between agencies and yet has actually made the sharing worse. The department must be re-worked and made to be the overall supervisory group of all agencies it is supposed to cover (e.g. CIA, FBI, Military Intelligence, Coast Guard etc.) Only if everyone has the same boss can that boss control the flow of information.

And one final change to help reduce our debt would be to remove all Departments in the Federal Government that do not either affect the original stated purpose of the Federal Government, which is to protect the United States and the control of inter-state commerce.