Monday, September 21, 2009

A Discussion of Health Care

Most of the people talking about Health Care have had nothing but company provided Health Insurance. I however, have experienced the entire spectrum and now exist on Medicare/Medicaid. Prior to 1968 I was, for the most part, covered by my Parent’s Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. Between 1968 and 1984, I worked for General Tire in Akron, Ohio, and had wonderful health insurance. In 1968 once I met personal medical expenditures ($100 @ individual or $300 @ family) I was reimbursed 100% for any further costs. When I left in 1984 to work in California, I don’t remember if the limits had changed, but the reimbursement was changed to 80%. I had just recovered from a major shoulder operation; I was 37 years old and in great physical shape.

While I was in California, from 1984 until 2000, I worked for three different companies and had a couple of choices but the best for the money was always the HMO, Kaiser Permanente. I found out that you had to be careful about which Doctors treat you. I found some really good ones but I also seemed to be lucky enough to usually get the ones that wanted the large bonuses available to those doctors who could save the company money. When I left California I had gained 100 pounds and therefore developed Sleep Apnea (diagnosed when I was almost dead according to the ENT that initiated my testing); I had been treated for depression during this time when the depression was caused by lack of sleep; I had type II diabetes, which had not been diagnosed, I had a skin infection that they treated as a rash (I still have this but not as bad due to the diabetes). I also had a ruptured disc in my back that had been misdiagnosed as a sprain for six months and a punctured eardrum from having a tube put in my ear that has never healed. I had been diagnosed has having bronchitis two times when I actually had pneumonia and had been treated for an ulcer when I had GIRD (never had X-rays).

When I came back to Ohio in 2000, I was sick (Pneumonia again) but had no insurance at all. I went to the Free Clinic in Akron and was checked for Diabetes; for Pneumonia; and Gird. In Columbus, Ohio I finally got insurance though the State of Ohio and it was good, but I became disabled because of all the health problems along with a knee that had been operated upon twice that got diagnosed (when I had the State Insurance) as having Degenerative Joint Disease and recommended for knee replacement. That was in 2006 just before my being certified as unable to work by State of Ohio Doctors and released (I had until 2009 to get better and return to the same post I had held, but I got worse instead).

I was not qualified for Medicare at that time, so I was placed on Medicaid. I could not afford the Spenddown each month to receive Medicaid Benefits because it was set at everything I made over $420 @ month (which was wrong I found out later). Since my rent alone was $500 @ month, I applied and got accepted to a waiver part of Medicaid that offered more benefits for a lot less and eventually I qualified for Medicare and now that is my primary insurance with Medicaid as my secondary.

Since I am married and my wife is not on Medicare or Medicaid, I had to provide for her. We found Doctor’s, in both Columbus & Akron, Ohio) that charge based on the ability to pay and we pay $20.00 per visit for her. I carry a $127.00 per month major medical policy for Emergency Hospitalization and we purchase her medications at $4.00 a month each for five prescriptions.

I gave all of this background to show you I have been under all types (including none) Health care. I found out about some facts that many people do not know because it is not information freely given. One fact is that since the Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement is something like 67% of the billing, most hospitals and doctors pad their bills (for all patients) and if you tender them 75% of your bill (when you have no insurance) in one payment they will consider the bill paid in full. That’s because everyone’s bill is padded because the Hospitals, Doctors and Technicians do not know what your insurance (if you have it) will actually pay and they actually get more when you pay them 75% of the bill in one payment. Therefore, when Politicians suggest cutting reimbursements, yes, the will save that money but the providers will either pass the difference on to the patient or stop taking Medicare/Medicaid patients. This affects the President’s pledge that you can keep your same doctor because no one knows if your doctor will take the reduced reimbursements (for either Medicare or Medicaid). If the cost is passed on, people will either have to pay higher co-payments or States will discontinue what they cannot afford. So either the patient pays more out of pocket (another promise that Barack Obama cannot make) or the patient has to opt for the Government plan which is the Left Wing radicals’ hidden agenda to move to a single payer plan.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stop the Corruption

I watched the Glenn Beck 9/12 program Saturday, September 12th and I agree that he hit the nail on the head about the biggest problem in our government; corruption. I feel that this corruption is being facilitated by the greed of Congress for money and power along with obfuscation and manipulation of actual legislation. In order to help remove this corruption from Washington, DC, we must implement the following changes as soon as possible:

First, we need to install real election reforms that limit the money that can be spent on all Federal campaigns and eliminate the “coffers” of individual candidates. Each candidate is to have the same resources as any other and must adhere to spending limits. Also, I really don’t see the validity of the “Two Party” system anymore. Since there are so many small, independent parties, we need to lump all Independents into one “party” and run a primary to select one independent candidate for each office just as we elect one from the Democrats and Republicans. Campaign monies need to be provided and regulated by the Treasury department and funded by taxpayer dollars only, no more “Hard” or “Soft” monies. No individual or group political commercials should be allowed to be broadcast during defined, election periods. This is not squashing freedom of speech any more than not allowing political posters within polling areas. The details need to be determined by a nation-wide, non-partisan vote to be reviewed prior to every Presidential election; every four years.

Second, since all election funds will be supplied by taxpayers and have spending limits, there will be no reason for allowing Lobbying of any kind in any area of our government; Congressional, Judicial and Executive. There should be punishments defined and enforced for both Government Employees and Lobbyists since it should be considered bribery.

Third, there needs to be term limits applied to the House and the Senate just as there is for the president. Also, their whole compensation and benefit packages need reforming. I realize that the idea was to compensate good people enough to attract and keep them in the government but it has, unfortunately, attracted too many corrupt people interested in accumulating wealth and power. Why should people accumulate fortunes in Government service when their “Bosses” are mired in low wages, suffer reduced or lost benefits and are more limited in their pension or SSA qualifications and payments? The position of “Speaker of the House” needs to be a single term limit, period. Otherwise this position needs to be voted by the people not the house majority party. This is too powerful a position to be appointed through politics.

Fourth, there needs to be moral statutes to which our Government officials should be held accountable. This should also apply to all presidential appointees.

Fifth, there will be no presidentially appointed “Czars”... The president can appoint as many individuals as he deems fit to be special advisors but the appointment of advisors that wield power is unconstitutional. Therefore, all advisors should be required to pass Senatorial scrutiny and investigation.

Sixth there needs to be extensive bill reform. Since, by the Constitution, all laws must originate in the House, no outside entity, such as the Apollo organization should be allowed to contribute to any bill let alone author them. The bills should be required to be written at a third grade level (I learned this in management classes). There can be no earmarks…these should be separate bills so nothing can be hidden in a bill and it can stand on its own merit. It needs to be restricted to a small number of pages and also to a small number of amendments (which would also be limited to a 3rd grade language level and number of pages; again, introduce new bills instead). All bills and amendments must be available for viewing and printing online for at least 10 working days prior to any discussion. This site must be available to the general public so people can read and submit their views and wishes to their representatives.

There are many more changes required, but I feel that these should be the first areas addressed and I feel that implementing these changes would do a lot to limiting corruption in our government. I left out change I believe need to be made to the Supreme Court but this area must be scrutinized as well but I would defer to the Judges, Lawyers and Constitutional Watch Dogs for guidance in this arena.

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Conspiracy Theory

Why is there always such a rush to push huge, unreadable bills through Congress? Especially since Senator Barack Obama complained about the Bush administration for the exact same thing. The answer is easy; he has hidden items that he does not want anyone to discover before it is signed into a bill. Look at the “Stimulus” (now called “The Recovery”) bill. It had to be rushed through (according to the administration) to get the almost one trillion dollars to the needy areas. Well, it is about six months later and still only about 10% has been released and the reason? Well, now we are told that the “Stimulus” was not to fix the economy immediately, it was to take years and the administration has started calling the Stimulus the Recovery.

In the six months since his inauguration, Barak Hussein Obama has been changing Washington into his idea of a perfect organization. He is on tape claiming that he will have ACORN’s help in changing the political environment in Washington, DC. He has appointed at least 34 Czars and if they have any actual power, they would be unconstitutional. He used TARP funds to takeover AIG, Banks, GM & Chrysler (when the Toxic Assets Recovery Program was only to be used for banks). He has a huge Cap and Trade bill awaiting the Senate’s approval which he himself is on record stating will naturally cause energy prices to sky rocket. He also is pushing for a speedy passage of his Health Insurance (no longer termed Health Care.

All of these programs are going to put our economy into debt for the life of our grandchildren and maybe even great-grandchildren. He is on record stating that he favors a single payer health Care system but tells the people that he apposes a single payer system. If he gets anything through the house, it will automatically pass, just like the “Climate” bill once Joe Biden declares these two bills as Budgetary. Once that is done, it will only take 51 votes to pass and there can be no filibuster. He can get around the Cash for Clunkers monetary short fall by taking money from the Recovery Funds. Who needs Congress anyway?

The Fourth Estate (the Liberal Press) is helping Barack Obama by downplaying tea parties and reporting ten thousand protesters as about only 300. They go along with anything this man does, so he does not have to take over the press; they are already in his back pocket and now he has asked the people to watch for anything “Fishy” being said about the Health Insurance bill. This includes any emails they get; tweets they receive or read and any Blogs that they discover. No other US President has ever asked the people to inform on other people. Does this sound like 1984 or Nazi Germany in the thirties? You bet.

Now comes the Conspiracy part since everything else is actually factual. Eventually, I see a total takeover of all major business by the Government. The next thing to go will be the Congress as they are just getting in the way of the Chosen One to fix all our problems. He already has his Czars in place to replace his cabinet and why would he take the chance of being inhibited by the Supreme Court? He will either have it dissolved or have a majority of his people in place. Of course he can’t be expected to fix all our problems in only one or two terms in office and will change that to read “When the job is done”. Of course the Second Amendment has to be revoked before the people wake up to what he is actually doing. I can’t tell you the precise sequence these events will occur, but I am afraid that they will occur.

Barack Obama has his “Civilian Army” already in place with ACORN, SEIU and AmeriCorps. Does this remind anyone of A Hitler’s SA or SS? I assume that the Gestapo members will probably come from SEIU. Yes, I think Barack Obama is attempting to clone the power acquired by Adolph Hitler.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Latest Conspiracy Theory

Okay, I know this is going to sound weird but here goes anyway. This has to do with the torture pictures that the ACLU sued to get released to the public. These photos were used to prosecute the offenders and they were punished.

Here’s the setup:

When Barack Obama first came into power, he said he was reversing the Presidential policy on this issue and would, in fact, release all of the photos they had, not just the 40 some requested because we have nothing to hide.

Later, after much protesting from Military commanders, he changed his mind and declared that no pictures would be released after all.

He also releases the CIA memos detailing enhanced interrogation methods.

In the meantime, Nancy Pelosi gets involved in the water boarding “Torturing” hot potato described in these memos and ends up blasting the CIA by accusing them of lying to her. She ends up refusing to talk to the press about it anymore (and the spineless Press core acquiesces to her demands).

Obama administration declare that the information gleaned by using the enhanced interrogation techniques could have been obtained through normal, Military defined methods. Muslim world agitated by memos.

Dick Cheney rebuts administration claims and requests release of document notes that detailed who were told what and when they were informed. Also arguing that the notes indicated what information was gleaned and the fact that the normal Military interrogation techniques were ineffective on the three terrorists that were water boarded. Request is denied and as of the date of this editorial has not been released.

President Obama tells Israel it must stop all further settlements on the West Bank to ensure a peace process can begin. He voices approval of Iran’s Nuclear Energy program say that no one nation has the right to stop another nation from the right to pursuing Nuclear power (although he will not allow further Nuclear energy development in the US!).

Barack Hussein Obama makes a trip to Egypt to speak to all Muslims and snubs Israel.

The Senate adds a rider to the Military expenditure bill that is to support our troops in the field which dictates that these photos could not be released for five years. The bill passes the Senate unanimously.

Bill only passes the House when the Senate picture rider is removed. The objection to the rider was championed by Nancy Pelosi.

Here’s the Conspiracy theory:

Barack Obama only reversed his release of the pictures to further agitate extremist Muslims by giving them reason to believe that, contrary to his comments, he had a lot to hide. He never intended to do nothing but release them, only at his good time.

He released the “Torture” techniques memos to incite the Muslim world and to give Muslim Extremist the impression the two items were connected (torture allowed and many, many disgusting photos of these torture methods being applied). The result was to provide ammunition for extremists to press their hate against the US.

He will never agree to release the interrogation memos that VP Cheney is requesting thereby protecting Nancy Pelosi.

He also quietly rescinded the CIA’s investigation powers and gave this responsibility to the FBI. This also further protects Speaker Pelosi as the argument that she feels they lied to her would be rendered mute since they no longer perform investigations.

Speaker Pelosi’s action against protecting the photos in the Military bill is just her payment to Obama for the protection…Chicago politics at its finest.

I believe that the photos will be released and will cause an increase in assaults on US and Allied troops. If he did not want the photos release he could have invoked Presidential privilege and the photos would have been protected. Although he stated he would do all in his power to protect the photos when the rider was stripped, he did not invoke this action.

The conclusion:

Why do I believe in this conspiracy? Well, at best I mark him as a true left wing radical extremist who believes that the ends justify the means and damn the collateral damage. He does not care about how many lives may be lost as long as it causes the uproar required to remove all US involvement in the Middle East.

Additionally, he is setting up Israel to be on its own as far as Iran and the rest of the Middle East is concerned. He has absorbed Rev. Wright’s Hatred of Israel and everything Jewish.

What is the worst case scenario? Well, I won’t go there for now.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I know that Barack Obama did not invent the process of creating posts designated as “Czars”, but he is, no doubt, the largest user…no make that Abuser of the tradition. It appears he is attempting to fulfill his promise to create new jobs by appointing more Czars than Russia endured in its entire history. Well I guess a job is a job but there is a danger here. Although no one in the Obama administration will admit it, these posts are just a way to circumvent Congressional oversight.

Since a Czar answers to no one other than the President himself, any domain overseen by a Czar, does not seem to adhere to Obama’s “transparent” government promise. We, as well as Congress, do not even know how many peasants work for these Czars or what anyone’s salary is, including the Czar himself. Since these appointments are at the President’s whim, there is no congressional investigation into an appointee’s background. Is Obama using this because he has no faith in his own cabinet choices or is he just tired of having so many nominees rejected for Income Tax reasons? At any rate, the last count I heard was 16 Czars and there has to be more to come. We haven’t heard of him appointing a Stupid Study (SS) Czar as of yet.

How do we get the Supreme Court to stop defining law and start enforcing Constitutional Law? That’s the only way put a clamp on Barack Hussein Obama.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The 2nd Amendment

I realize that the Constitution requires changes (living document treatment) due to changing factors, but I always wondered why the Radical Left was, and still is, so determined in its attempts to de-fang the 2nd Amendment. They cannot get it repealed, so instead, they attempt to neutralize its power to enable their efforts to impose strict, ridged gun control. I think I have figured out the reason behind their efforts and why gun control is so crucial to their interests.

First we must understand the founding father’s reasoning behind making the right to own and bear arms so high on their list of priorities. I assume that the amendment’s number is reflective of its importance, so being the 2nd Amendment indicates the Founding Fathers believed the right for citizens to own firearms was only subservient to our freedom of speech. Forget whatever you have heard from the Radical Left, the reason the Constitution upholds the right to own firearms is because without the Colonists ownership of guns, the revolution would probably have failed. Also remember, in Europe at the time only the upper class could own guns and hunt; thereby ensuring they could never be seriously challenged by the Hoi-Polloi.

Second, to eviscerate the 2nd Amendment, the Radical Left will distort, spread lies and even fabricate facts concerning the terrible events directly related to gun ownership. A good example is the 90% of guns used Mexico’s Drug Cartels recovered come from the US. Even after the ATF invalidated this figure, as it was being used, it has been repeated, without serious challenge, by every gun control advocate and Radical Left Politico such as the Secretary of State and even the President of the United States.

Third we have to realize that although Janet Napolitano apologized to the Military Veterans who were characterized as potential terrorists in her Homeland Security report, there was no apology to the Gun owners and 2nd Amendment proponents who were similarly slandered.

Fourth we need to scrutinize Janeane Garofalo’s and Nancy Pelosi’s comments about the Tea Parties. They viewed the participants with disdain, but the important thing here is that this is the attitude of ALL the Radical Left. They consider Right Wing Radicals to be a threat to the nation and with the current administration; Left Wing Radicals get to determine who comprises the Radical Right. So far it includes returning US Military veterans, Believers in God, all gun owners and anyone not sharing the views of the Radical Left.

Putting everything together, I believe that the Radical Left is pushing America into a 21st Century Revolution and they want to ensure that it will not become a shooting Revolution, which no sane person wants anyway. However, they will not hesitate to use force to subdue the “Radical” Right, when they deem it is appropriate and they get to determine if, when and where it is appropriate.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A guide to fix America

In order to correct the problems that our country suffers from, I believe that we must take the steps listed below (in the order listed):

#1 - Acknowledge God's place in the United States…and announce we support freedom of religion, but get it through the thick skulls of the radical left that our constitution does NOT guarantee freedom FROM religion.
#2 - Take back control of our Constitution.
#3 - Remove all government employees who have sworn to uphold the constitution but have not. Then immediately hold special elections to replace them.
#4 - Withdraw from the UN and kick it out of New York.
#5 - Take over the military arm of NATO and move it into the New York area vacated by the removal of the UN.
#6 – Beef up border patrol and homeland security with funds saved from monies no longer being paid to UN. Resolve “ILLEGAL” alien situation once and for all…preferably by national vote to decide actions to take.
#7 - Scrutinize all foreign aide and remove any sent to our enemies. Review aide sent to any belligerent allies and remove as deemed proper both military and monetary.
#8 - Replace current Income Tax with straight either a National Sales Tax or a straight percentage with no deductions or exemptions for anyone (structure the system based upon race track payouts). Bottom line is to achieve zero fillings and tax EVERYONE (including Welfare Recipients).
#9 - Replace Medicare and Medicaid with consolidated Medical Treatment for anyone that needs it, but do NOT nationalize health care. Add recouped Foreign Aide funds to the combined Medicare and Medicaid coffers.
#10 - Work on reducing National Debt. Set target date for balanced budget and stick to it. Stress removing debt from unfriendly countries first.
#11 – Review 1st amendment and make changes that would not allow burning of our flag. Base this action on a National Referendum.
#12 – Replace governmental mandates on businesses with fines instead. E.g.: Set up guidelines for clean air reduction and fine auto companies that do not comply. Quit telling them what cars to sell. Use fine money to fund EPA for researching clean air alternatives.
#13 – Set up congressional review online by constituents. In other words make all government bills and actions transparent to US citizens; Set up White House web site and only allow access to US Citizens. Also provide method for citizen impeachment for corrupt officials on same web site.
#14 – Get rid of the Electoral College and Elect Presidents based upon popular vote.
#15 – Add constitutional amendment to prohibit any government takeover of private business. In fact, make it unconstitutional for Governments to “bail out” any private business let alone have any control over operations of anytime (this should not be necessary, but apparently it is!)
#16 – Organize panel to review Monroe Doctrine and consider tightening control over the area defined. Maybe a little isolation is good…after all we don’t want to subject anyone to our arrogant, dismissive and derisive attitudes.
#17 – Remove and/or downsize Government agencies and reduce Federal Government size. Put in place online referendum to keep track of the Federal Government size.
#18 – Amend the Constitution to define marriage as a union between a man and a women, but provide the same benefits for all significant others.
#19 – Insert fourth group into the checks and balances system by creating a function to provide Citizenship vote to override Supreme Court decisions that affect the Nation as a whole.
#20 – Install rules that ban a President from nominating and judges from his own political party; maybe better judges will be selected.
#21 – Restore the separate election of Vice-Presidents (as was done in the past).
#22 – Remove current Presidential succession after the Vice-President to be that the Speaker of the House and Secretary of State only be temporary until successors from Congress can be elected. This election should adhere to the same process as other elections.

Numbers 21 and 22 above stem from my dread that my country can be governed by a person I did not vote for or even against; the Vice-President could be looked upon as a political appointee…the Speaker of the House was only voted for by one state,

I’m sure that there are other, significant steps that I have probably omitted, but I feel these step would be a good start.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where’s my Political Party?

I am a registered Democrat who has not voted for a democrat since I voted for anyone but Richard Nixon…both times. I registered as a Democrat for the following reasons:

Ÿ There were only two parties to choose from
Ÿ My parents were Democrats
In my time the Republicans were known as the “White Collar” (Rich people) party while the Democrats were known as the “Blue Collar” (Working class) party.

I registered to vote in 1968 (we had to be 21 back then). I, as well as my parents, would be considered conservatives since we believe in traditional
Family values; marriage was a union between a man and a woman; gun ownership was okay as the 2nd amendment guaranteed; the 1st amendment protected our “Freedom of Speech” NOT “freedom of expression”” which allows the burning of our flag; the 1st amendment also provided us with “freedom of Religion” NOT “Freedom FROM Religion; we were anti-abortion…which was not an issue in my day since out-of-wedlock pregnancy was a stigma and the pregnant one would usually have the baby and either keep it or give it up for adoption. Only the true “Sluts” of the day would seek illegal abortions. We recited the pledge of allegiance and prayed to God and we were proud to do so. We paid our taxes and lived within our means. Parents were both morally and financially responsible for their children under 18 and therefore, were entitled to know what their kids were doing.

I do not know when the two parties started to change their designations…with the Democrats known as Liberals and Republicans referred to as Conservatives, that fact did spawn the “Independent” party and as the two parties became Radicalized, I became worried but still did not change my affiliation. It bothered me more when all of a sudden there were no more Conservative Democrats (only moderates) and no more Liberal Republicans (only progressives). And who leads my old, Democratic parties? Radical extremists like Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Dennis Kucinich, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Janet Napolitano, Rosa Brooks, Joe Biden and Barack Hussein Obama have hijacked my party and I am considered a Dangerous Right-Wing Radical Element because I do not agree with them.

When is this going to stop? When are “Normal” people going to wrest the reins from the malicious hands of these jerks? Hopefully before the completely ruin our country. I guess we asked for this by tolerating the radical left wing views of many collegian educators who were and are allowed to discriminate against young Republicans…or any young persons who do not believe as they believe. I hate to say this, but I can make analogies of these educators to propagators of the “Hitler Youth” movement.

Maybe Texas has it right. If they do secede from the union, it may be the only place to go and still be able to partake of the “American Dream”.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Europe’s “Love” for Barack Obama

It does seem that Europe has fallen in love with Barack Obama…at least in the way they treated and are still greeting him. This love does not translate into Europe adopting his ideas on financial recovery, which they have rejected out of hand. Why does Barack Obama garner love when George Bush only seemed to be treated with disdain and hatred?
Well first it appears that the treatment in the Press has a lot to do with the Aura for Obama and the Stigma for Bush. Examples:

“It will take President Bush less than a minute to take the oath of office next Thursday, but before the inaugural events are over some $40 million may be spent on parades, parties and pyrotechnics.” - By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS as Published: January 13, 2005 in the “New York Times”

“There was no shortage of powerful imagery on Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day, starting with the confident man who defied all political conventions — that he was too young, too inexperienced, too black or not black enough — to stand on the steps of the Capitol and take the oath of office in a city and a country that are still racially divided in many shameful ways. “…
…“In his Inaugural Address, President Obama gave them the clarity and the respect for which all Americans have hungered. In about 20 minutes, he swept away eight years of President George Bush’s false choices and failed policies and promised to recommit to America’s most cherished ideals.”…
…“As the day continued with a parade and parties and balls, the image that stayed with us was the way the 44th president managed to embrace the symbolism and rise above it. It filled us with hope that with Mr. Obama’s help, this battered nation will be able to draw together and mend itself. “- Editorial as Published: January 20, 2009 in the “New York Times” – Not a word about the over $100 million dollar cost! Also these Editorial headlines were also published on January 20, 2009. Additionally these four articles were published in the New York Times and also not one mentioned the exorbitant cost of his inauguration in any negative way…
“Nation’s Many Faces in Extended First Family”
“Obama Is Sworn In as the 44th President”
“Impressive Crowd in City Used to Pomp”
“Abroad, Many Hope for ‘New Chapter’”

I think the second and maybe most important factor is that the Europeans, having listened to Mr. Obama’s disgraceful rants about President Bush, figure that this was a man they could push around and so far that seems to be the case.