Saturday, July 31, 2010

Answering a Progressive

Before I begin, I want to explain three things; The first is why I placed this particular Blog entry under "Religion and Philosophy" instead of "News and Politics". Although the statements I am responding to are indeed political; they exhibit the philosophy of Left-wing Politics as well as the "religion" of Evolutionism and there is no category of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, so I chose the class label which contains two out of three.

Secondly, the Progressive disease which has infected All Political parties with a fatal pestilence that threatens to destroy our Republic, is not limited to the far left wing of the Democrats, although the Democratic Party has been hijacked by this Progressivism movement.

The third and final point I need to make is that Progressives label All conservatives, including Independents, (the few remaining) Democrats, Tea Party and Republicans simply as "Republican", a term they have equated with "Fat-Cats".

Now that you have been dutifully educated as to the Political atmosphere of America today, here are the venomous statements which require a humble response from me.

"It is tempting to begin a sentence about today's Republican Party
with the words, 'Just when you thought they couldn't get any
dumber,' but then you realize you're talking about a group that
actively thwarts benefits for the unemployed while pimping tax
cuts for rich people, a group that champions a political base
which by and large doesn't believe dinosaurs existed because
they're not in the Bible but can't stand the thought of stem cell
research making people whole again, who attack the ideas and
policies of the majority with vehemence but absolutely refuse to
offer any of their own, and you come to the realization that you
can't begin a sentence with those words, because there really is
no bottom to this particular barrel."

It is tempting to respond to your malicious verbiage with the words: "Just when you thought it was safe to listen to a Left Leaning Progressive Liberal again", they surprise you with comments that just makes blood shoot out of your eyes. Let me begin by requesting that before making comments about the Bible, perhaps people should read it first. To quote the scriptures: Job 40:15 "Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox.". This verse is generally interpreted by Christians and Jews alike to mean that Dinosaurs Did exist...they just existed in a later Epoch than the Evolutionists would have you believe.

Statements such as: The Republican Party just want to give money to the rich (e.g.: Fat Cats) while denying benefits to the unemployed without offering alternative solutions is the kind of Propaganda regurgitated by these Progressives in spite of their make that in spite of their awareness of the truth. Re-stated in simpler, laymen terms that even I can understand, they lie. This statement is deceptive in its assertions because:

1. The reason for Conservative opposition to Extending Unemployment is the expansion of this entitlement that tends to result in reduced job searches

2. They oppose taxing individuals making $250,000 and above because not all these are “Rich People” and in fact includes 90% of the Small Business owners (who file their taxes as Individuals) ~ Since the small businesses are the engine of our economy, this taxation is stifling job growth.

3. Conservatives do have an alternate plan; reduce Taxes, allowing more money to flow into our economy and reduce spending because history has proven the only way to recover a sagging economy is to reduce both taxes and spending. Name the country (and there are many) that have tried to recover their economy by employing massive spending measures and then name the ones that succeeded…I’ll save you the trouble; the answer is None.

4. Stem cell research is Not opposed by Conservatives; new, Embryonic stem cell production is opposed because we believe that a human life is sacrificed to create these stem cells. What is asinine is the assertion by Progressives that these new stem cells are required; they are not. Not yet because the on hand supplies of these are far from being exhausted and Afterbirth can provide many more stem cells, so prudent use of existing stem cells, augmented by those which can be created from discarded Placentas, should last a long time into the future.

5. The United States is and has been politically, a center right country with a majority of its population identifying itself as either Conservative (42%) or Moderate ( 35%) and only 25% as Liberal ( as reported in Wikipedia’s Definition of Political Ideologies in the United States which contains the Progressives since they cannot be Conservative nor can they abide Moderates (just ask the Moderate Democrats that have been pushed out of the Democratic part like Joe Lieberman)

I am sorry for taking so much time to respond and that my response is so wordy, but the progressives have been eating away at the fabric of our Republic for over 100 years, so trying to cram in enough facts to expose their prevarications takes time. Besides, as we Conservatives have discovered, once we expose a lie they just go on to another without ever apologizing for the exposed one; regardless of whether the lie was intentional or not. What makes it even more difficult to get these wild eyed fanatics to understand they are actually In the minority is the actions taken by Congress. The Progressives in Congress hold a majority (when you add the Non-progressive Left Wing Nuts to their numbers) and no matter what we "little" people try to tell the 'Wackos" running our government, they continue to follow the Progressive agenda. This only instills the belief in that part of our country that has been brain-washed via a progressively infested Public and Collegiate school system that they are in the majority.

This is dangerous...this is quite dangerous to the survival of our beloved Republic. Why you ask, well this turning of a deaf ear to the people was one of the main reasons for our Revolutionary War. Do you not recall the phrase "No taxation without representation". We "little" people feel that we no longer have representation in our you get my drift?

Signed one of the few, remaining Conservative Democrats,
Paul D Garber

PS - I just heard one of the best examples of Propaganda being force-fed to the American people example that everyone should be able to relate to and comprehend. A spokesman, no make that a Shill for the Obama Administration was on the News responding to accusations concerning the sad lack of action concerning the Arizona border by those who are supposed to be providing Border Security stated "...the facts are that the borders are more secure now than they have ever been". This was the favorite tool of Joseph Goebbels, the man credited with perfecting "...the 'Big Lie' technique of propaganda, which is based on the principle that a lie, if audacious enough and repeated enough times, will be believed by the masses". The Borders cannot be "safer than they have ever been"...why? Well because our Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano who, has expressed this exact same fabrication herself, was appointed to her position directly from the Governorship of Arizona where she, a fact conveniently forgotten perhaps, was constantly begging Congress and the White House for more and better border security.,

Monday, July 26, 2010

Congress should have listened to Glenn Beck

Even before the Bill or whatever they want to call it today was passed Glenn Beck questioned why it was even called a Stimulus package" in the first place. Remember Obama's comments about the original Stimulus Package?

Here's the final law from this fiasco:
Public Law 111-5 Date Approved: February 17, 2009 Full Title: An act making supplemental appropriations for job preservation and creation, infrastructure investment, energy efficiency and science, assistance to the unemployed, and State and local fiscal stabilization, for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2009, and for other purposes.

Did you catch that last part; "and for other purposes"? Who writes a law with ambiguous verbiage like that...only someone who is planning on using the money in ways other than what was intended; indeed what had promised to the American People.

And finally there is the Financial Reform Bill that was enacted Jul 24, 2010. In the PDF search field enter "FOIA"; find the second occurrence and then read until you discover that the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been authorized to deny Freedom of Information ACT requests. That means the power (which is very great) of the SEC cannot be questioned. Therefore, the ability to sell Smoke (with out the mirrors) cannot be investigated by ANYONE. Yeah this is the same SEC that failed to catch Bernie Madoff. The same SEC that failed to notice the games that Enron was playing with investors money. But cheer up because this is the SEC that does not have to explain anything to us, the Peons , anymore, so they won't look so bad when they miss all the dirty tricks this this Administration will be pulling on us by pushing through Crap and Tax without requiring any legislation and our SEC "watchdog" will "Transform" into a Pit Bull that growls in the dark.

Oh, did I happen to mention that since Congress has delegated so much of its power in the Stimulus, Obamacare and Financial Reform bills that Cass Sunstein, our Regulatory Czar can bypass it entirely and they will find themselves out on the same branch with us, the "Little People" that are too stupid to know what the right thing do is unless the Government tells us.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Monday Attitude Adjustment Story #151

State of Irony
Just up through today, Monday July 26th, I have helped my Brother Grant and Brother-in-law Julian with computer problems; my Grandson Stephen with his request for Online Schooling; my Son Paul with stuff (I won’t discuss here); my Son Ryan with faxing data; my Mother with AT&T & Medical Billings and my Daughter Julie. Why do these acts fall under a state of irony? Well, if all these people knew I was being treated, along with everything else, for depression (and they should know being my relations), would they trust me with handling their affairs? To be honest, I myself do not feel that I am suffering from depression these days, but when Kaiser Permanente first started treating me for this problem, I was depressed…but more on that later.

My doctor at Kaiser wrote prescriptions for anti-depressants and a three month’s leave of absence from work. When that produced no appreciable results, he repeated the actions chiding me and telling me to straighten up and act like a man. Problem was I had to stop driving because I was falling asleep driving and during meetings at work. The second time he told me I had to see a psychiatrist (just once) so I went to see the guy (no couch so I was not sure of his actual abilities). He asked me what the hell my problem was and I told him I keep falling asleep and just want to be left alone. Then he leaned forward across his desk and with his best rat-boy like impression he sneered, “I didn’t ask you how you felt or what was bothering you; I asked what your problem was!” After waking up (because I kept falling asleep, remember?) I asked him to repeat the question. He was not amused but repeated it anyway in the same, rat-like manner. I reiterated that I couldn’t stay awake…and then proceeded to fall asleep again. Waking up one more time, I caught him telling me that “…there has to be more to it…you can’t sleep due to the depression”. I won’t tell you about falling asleep during this interrogation anymore; just picture it occurring within a time span of about every 30 seconds to one minute.

At the time, my wife, now a recovering alcoholic God love her, was still filling most of her days with extremely unique and imaginative ways of how to acquire money for purchasing liquor…so in self-defense (I kept depicting this small rat-like creature sinking his fetid tooth into my arm thereby giving me rabies) I blurted out something about her drinking being a problem. Keep in mind that we had been married about 25 years at the time when I tell you his final disposition (since my 45 minutes were up already) was “Get a divorce.” I answered, “Excuse me?” …and he repeated himself. To keep from squashing him like the little toad he was I just stood up and told him to perform a sexual act upon himself and crawled out of his office (I found myself on the floor after falling asleep again).

Now here’s the Irony in the suggestion that my lack of sleep was causing my depression; it turns out that once I found an actual qualified ENT at Kaiser, he diagnosed my Obstructive Sleep Apnea. He explained that my weight gain and lack of sleep (which he indicated had almost killed me) were caused by the Sleep Apnea and therefore, my depression was caused by lack of sleep not the other way around. Unfortunately, no one monitored me and my condition worsened again causing me to evolve from a C-Pap machine to a Bi-Pap (much stronger version) after I became the sole support for 9,000+ users; 24 hours a day; 7 days a week at work, but that’s another story for another day. I wouldn’t even state that this MAAS qualifies as a feel good story for you except for the fact that people seem to feel better about their own lives when they hear how much someone else’s sucked.

Next week's 08-02-2010 (#152) title: TBD

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sick of the Progressive Games

One more example of our wonderful Government's march towards Socialism is the recent rejection of the Amendment #032 proposed by Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) to the Clear Act (HR 3534) bill as reported on Daily Events .

Nancy Pelosi, who less than ½ of 1% of US Citizens can vote for, can apparently do whatever she wants in the House to either stop legislation she does not agree with or ensure that her legislative preferences are hook or crook. Let's examine how she killed the Cassidy Amendment:

US Territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Northern Marianas and the Virgin Islands are all represented by one NON-voting member in the House of Representatives (None in the Senate).

In 2007, H. RES. 78 was passed in the house allowing those NON-voting representatives to have their votes counted in committees of which they are members. They all vote with, who else, the Democrats. It sure does not seem that allowing Non-voting representatives the right to vote could possibly be constitutional, but since when have these Progressives ever worried about the Constitution?

How are memberships in committees, like the Committee on Natural Resources which killed Rep.Cassidy's proposed amendment assigned? Well, they are appointed by her Highness, Queen Nancy that's not fair to the other Queens of the world since they do not enjoy half the power that our smiling (she has no choice but to grin stupidly due to the numerous plastic surgeries she has endured and one more should result in her ears rubbing behind her back) gavel toting House Speaker enjoys.

So what can we do about the apparent Unconstitutional practice of allowing NON-states to vote in our House of Representatives? Well, that decision needs to be left to the Constitutional lawyers and Attorney Generals of the afflicted states. One thing I do know is that the action of this government in the Gulf Oil crises is not accidental but a deliberate, calculated attempt to ruin our offshore oil drilling capability. Why do I make this assertion...because Harry Reid just announced today that "Cap and Trade" is officially dead. What does the disposition of "Crap & Tax" have to do with the Gulf Oil crisis? Well if our offshore oil drilling is eliminated, then what will we replace this loss of oil with (and remember petroleum is not just for fuel and heating)? Well, even without "Crap & Tax", we are stuck with the EPA and pollution limits so replacing the fuel and heating of Oil with coal would not be allowed. So either we have to buy more foreign oil or develop more "Green Fuels" or, in all probability, both. Eventually, as this administration has already illustrated, they will enact "Cap and Trade" one way or another and since we will be well on the way to producing cleaner energy, that part of their scam for selling smoke will have already been implemented.

The sad facts are:

These oil rigs for drilling cannot sit idle and are already being moved to other shores like Russia, Brazil and Venezuela to name a few.

It is expensive to move these rigs and the rentals are generally long term; they won't be coming back to our shores in the near future.

Even if the courts finally decide that the Moratorium can be lifted once and for all, it will take too long to do any good. The oil and the jobs will be gone.

Losing the jobs will just add more to our welfare roles and this is what this administration wants. They are executing the Cloward-Piven strategy to collapse our republic onto itself reducing the USA to a third world power that they feel can then be more easily transformed into a Marxist state. Of course a side benefit is the redistribution of wealth without implementing "Crap & Tax" to Obama friendly countries like Brazil, Russia and Venezuela. If you do not believe me, just follow the money and see who wins if I am correct. I'll give you a hint; check for large stock holders in Petrobras

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Monday Attitude Adjustment Story #150

Home front Status
Okay. I give up. From now on I will always entitle next week’s MAAS…TBD. That way I never have to stay on script because everything always changes around here on an hourly basis. Our Daughter Julie, along with her significant other Frank, has moved to Wisconsin to become a Cheese Head. I guess that’s better than being known as an Airhead but not quite sure about that. The Grandson that lives with us, Stephen, just announced he wants to attend an online school next year. Great, he now goes to Firestone Middle school (which is right across the street from our house), but for high school he want to attend Firestone High which is, as luck may have it, right across the street from us. Don’t ask me his reasoning because I do not believe there is any. He is basically an A/B student who does his homework…unlike his grandfather; his reasoning powers are definitely a gift from his grandmother.

I must be feeling better because I am doing a lot more now. I even went outside to help Sylvia, who had been trying to start the lawn mower for about an hour. She came in and said that neither she nor Stephen could get it running and she was going to have to wait until Ryan got home. So I gallantly hobbled outside and began acquainting myself with this foreign, to me, piece of mechanical equipment. I found and primed the choke and started yanking on the cord…to no avail. I decided that maybe I’d have to put my cane down so to better position myself for pulling the string. The ^%%$@#! thing would not even turn over and just as I was about to suggest we get a new spark plug, Sylvia advised me, after 10 minutes of unsuccessful yanking, that I had to hold down the bar (which I had thought was just a brace) running below the top of the handle bar to start the mower. So I held it, pulled once and the machine burst into live, purring like a lion…well make that a large cat…uh…as Maxwell Smart would say, “Would you believe a three week old kitten?” After explaining to my adoring, grateful wife she could have been mowing 10 minutes sooner if she had only told me about this nifty little trick BEFORE I started yanking my arm off. I didn’t think it was too much to ask for since I had never even seen this piece of equipment before, but it’s not important now. I’ll know what to do the next time; I’ll just tell her to wait until Ryan comes home.

I will have to make this a short MAAS because I was not able to spend as much time getting the old imaginative juices flowing this week, so I could not remember all the funny things, that I intuitively know occurred. Therefore this MAAS is at an end. In the future I will endeavor to try harder even if I have to make some of this true stuff up.

Next week's 07-26-2010 (#151) title: TBD

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Monday Attitude Adjustment Story #149

Cardiac Abolition
Okay, okay…I know I said I was going to write Miscellaneous Catch up Stories #3 today, but Friday I had my Catheter Ablation outpatient procedure and there was just too much material not to write a MAAS story about it and if I wait too long, at my age, I will forget too many of the juicy details. Now as you may notice I entitled this story as “Cardiac Abolition” which is not the same as the real procedure “Catheter Ablation” but it does have the same initials “CA” so if I want to refer to it in this esoteric representation you will not realize what I am really talking about.

Well, this story starts off, for those of you old enough to remember Robert Mitchum movies, like the final action scene of Thunder Road…you know where the car flips over crashing into the power station exploding into a ball of fire. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration, but Sylvia was driving you know. Anyway, we got to the right entrance on the first attempt (I will be applying to either the Guinness Book of World Records or Ripley’s Believe it or Not as it was the first time [with Sylvia driving] this has ever happened) and there was a line of cars backed up. Apparently Old Age has taken a toll on Sylvia; it just doesn’t show on her like it does on me. I must digress long enough to express an observation concerning male and female aging. As the years accumulate on us I have noticed that as I grow fatter, balder and uglier, Sylvia, on the other hand, seems to be growing slimmer, more shapely and even sexier. Oh, she’s constantly reminding me that without the copious amount of dye applied to her lustrous locks, she would never dare to stand holding a broom for fear of being penalized by the FAA for flying without a pilot’s license. Of course she is always whispering this fact into my left ear, which she knows is practically useless, so I question her affirmation. She also tells me that my eyesight must be failing, but always respond that I can see she has the same hourglass figure that she had when we married…of course if I just wouldn’t add that part about holding a lot more sand, I wouldn’t have to keep telling the doctor that I am falling down (walking into doors is a woman’s story).

Enough digression for now…so we pulled into the queue of cars and Sylvia went inside to get a wheelchair for me because it is so far to go to get to the operating, not to mention the distance to the Hospital entrance. I mention this because it proves that all further surgeries or appointments I must insist be made, I repeat must be made no earlier than 10:00 AM to allow her time to fully wake up. Why do I say this; because she taught me that Hospital wheelchairs come in convenient, not just for obese adults but also in small, children’s sizes. Oh, did I mention that we were in the Valet Parking line? You know the place where you can ask the attendant, no matter how long of a line you are in, to provide a wheelchair for the patient? Thank God, there was an attendant who took control and wheeled me us to the waiting room because Sylvia drives wheelchairs even worse than cars and I had just about had enough crashing and burning for one day. All the way to the elevator I kept my shaking head down, to avoid disclosing my identity, and had to listen to the guy complaining “…this wheelchair is terrible.” I had to agree when he started steering me out of the elevator and the damn thing stuck in the door tracks and I had to grab the door to keep from being unceremoniously dumped onto my face. Once we got to the waiting room he suggested I sit in a chair and he said he was going to get a better chair. Not only was he trembling with laughter on his way out but everyone he paused in front of on his way out broke into uproarious laughter. When Sylvia was not looking, I motioned towards he and mouthed “…it was her!” I think I’ll skip the narrative about walking to the prep room as it is too painful to recall…not the journey but the giggling, snickers and outright laughter I had to endure along the way.

I got to the prep room and was told that I had to strip off everything and put on the Hospital gown. Must have been the look I gave her because she proceeded to explain the “You have to be shaved for the operation”. Once I finished disrobing she and another nurse, hooked me up to every monitoring machine known to man plus the obligatory IV. Imagine my surprise when the same nurse entered my room with shaving paraphernalia and announced she was going to shave me now…I was expecting a male nurse. As she peeked under my robe at my boyhood (since entering my 2nd childhood I do not refer to it as my manhood…and besides, it seems to have shrunk in old age and manhood just doesn’t seem to apply any more). When she started actually shaving, after taking about 20 minutes to apply the shaving cream (which she seemed to enjoy a little too much), I had to give her credit; she only left the room once to laugh (she claimed it was to get a new razor but I knew better). I did ask her not to shave me too close as Mr. Happy is small enough as is. Funny thing is after she finished saving and covering my groin with that anti-bacterial orange crap, she announced that she should probably shave the other side because sometimes they use both sides. I told her Okay but if Pvt. Dick stands at attention to receive his field promotion to Major General Richard the Lion-Hearted; United States Military Academy at West Point, New York; class of ‘69, not to worry as it was nothing personal. When she finished, I told her it was too bad you couldn't smoke any more in hospitals. She gave me a puzzled look saying, "But I thought you said you quit smoking?" I told her that indeed, I no longer smoked but that after her last activities, I sure could use a cigarette. When Sylvia came in to stay with me until the procedure (now I know why she wasn't allowed in earlier), she asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, "...So, did they shave you?" When I said yes, she didn't believe so I told her to look under the covers. "Oh my God it looks like a Hitler Elephant!" I thanked her for her kind words but corrected her by saying that I thought it looked more like Jimmy Durante as der Fuerher.

Later, when the laughter died done, the anesthesiologist came in to talk to me; she indicated they would be putting me into a “sleep mode” like they did under the Cardio version, but not quite so deep because the doctor may have to question me during the procedure. Funny thing is I heard the doctor talking but never remember him talking to me. I was introduced to another nurse, but never saw another man in the room. Every now and then, I could feel a hand fumbling around my groin and a sexy, female voice telling me not to worry as she was just taking my pulse. I told her Okay, but my heart is in my chest, not to mention that fact that I just swallowed my tongue. As I was being checked out and sitting in an Adult wheelchair (see Sylvia, I told you they had them) I was talking some of the nurse’s and told them that I was glad I could now really concentrate on getting back into shape and do some of the things I used to love but had given up. When one asked what that was I told her “swimming at the beach and laying in the sun. When they asked why I didn’t do it now, I replied that I was sick and tired of the hundreds of kids who would try to push me into the water as I was sun-bathing screaming “…save Shamu” or the snotty little brats (and not just my kids either) that would point at me in the water and scream “…thar she blows; Moby Dick the Great White Whale!”
There was more but that’s all I can remember…a true story, sort of.

Next week's 07-19-2010 (#150) title: Miscellaneous Catch up Stories #3

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

State of the Union: Sinking Fast

The State of our Union is either in "Disrepair" or "Confusion" or "Panic", but the Obama Administration wants you to think that everything is just peachy keen. Relax, the economy is going great; our debt is only an indicator of our wealth [per Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) the poster politician for term limits];

we have a wonderful Health Care System...just like the NHS (National Health Service of Great Britain) and our President just bypassed the Senates' mandate of Advice and Consent by appointing Dr. Donald Berwick as the head of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) over the holiday weekend.

Why? Well he was looking at a very hard confirmation fight with Congress over this choice. Fact is that Dr. Berwick in on record as saying, “I am romantic about the National Health Service. I love it". The department of the NHCS he seems to admire the most is the National Institute for Clinical Effectiveness (NICE), it's rationing arm. Citing Dr. Berwick this institution is a “global treasure.”

This is also akin to a "Death Panel" because if your life-prolonging costs are above a certain limit, chances are the procedure will be denied. Wow...this guy loves Rationing and "Death Panels' which critics of Obamacare said would happen while proponents, including Obama himself, laughingly asserted would never happen and were only lies and scare tactics. He and his (I won't even refer to them as his administration anymore; I'll call it like I see it) Henchmen are the ones spreading lies and in his arrogance just does whatever he pleases because in his mind we are just too stupid to know what is good for us. This post had been vacant since 2006; why the rush to appoint someone over a holiday weekend? Is it just a coincidence that this former Harvard acquaintance is also a proponent of Redistributive Wealth?

For all you "Lame Stream Media" as Bernie Goldberg has dubbed you, what did you call Glenn Beck when he told you that Obamacare was not about health care but was about Redistributive Wealth? If any other President had attempted this kind of Unconstitutional posturing and "Revolutionary" antics, well Congress would have had him impeached months ago. All Clinton did was lie about cheating on his wife; this man has cheated on the entire American public. Impeach Barack Hussein Obama before it is too late.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Attitude Adjustment Story 148

Miscellaneous Catch up Stories #2
Too busy over the weekend to bother with writing up one of these and besides, at my advanced age, I discovered that there are two things you lose right off the bat when you becomes a senior citizen. I forget what the first thing is but memory is the second. I asked Sylvia if she remembered was the first thing and she refused to even talk to me…said that she didn’t converse with older, strange men, so she was no help at all. Actually, I am looking forward to dementia or Alzheimer’s or whatever because it will take me back to my college days. You know those days when I could go to bed with one woman and wake up the next morning with a female stranger snuggling me. Okay, that’s just a stupid fantasy but it will become a reality in the not too distant future and the plus side is I will also be able to meet a whole lot of new people every day.
But I digress…I covered my siblings and now I need to cover my Mother, Mother-in-Law, my Brothers-in-Law, Children, Daughter-in-Law, Significant-other-in-Law & Grandchildren, but I am tired from just from communicating all of the people I have to cover. I can only hope that there will be no new entries in the Garber or Bank family trees before I can finish writing this update. For a while it seemed like they were spouting like weeds and at my age it will be hard to remember all of the names. However I have eight nieces and nephews (four of each) at the moment (see, I forgot to mention these already) and all are capable of spawning at any time…Oops, too late, I just remembered that I have two Grand Nieces and one Grand Nephew and my fingers are bleeding as I write.
However, before I delve into any family news, I’ll have to talk a little more about my wife, Sylvia. She actually is happy that my birthday is today because for six months now, she can say; “I married an ‘Older’ man” or “Did you what ‘my old man’ did now” or “Yeah, my husband robbed the cradle when he married me”; and feel she is being entirely truthful and honest. Today, for the first time in six months, when I referred to her as my “Trophy wife” she didn’t tell me to shut up. She just stuck a seductive pose and inquired, “Why…Because I married an ‘Older’ man?” I answered, “No because you are all for show but no touching is allowed”. Not to worry, the doctor told me I would recover in time to go through the Catheter Ablation scheduled for Friday, July 9, as long as my blood tests on Thursday come back Okay. Just reminded me, we are going to be alone in the house later today and I’ll have to try to use Sympathy to wheedle out a great birthday present for myself so I’ll have to wrap this up to plan my sneak attack…wish me luck. More (I hope) next week.

Next week's 07-12-2010 (#149) title: Miscellaneous Catch up Stories #3