Monday, July 19, 2010

Sick of the Progressive Games

One more example of our wonderful Government's march towards Socialism is the recent rejection of the Amendment #032 proposed by Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) to the Clear Act (HR 3534) bill as reported on Daily Events .

Nancy Pelosi, who less than ½ of 1% of US Citizens can vote for, can apparently do whatever she wants in the House to either stop legislation she does not agree with or ensure that her legislative preferences are hook or crook. Let's examine how she killed the Cassidy Amendment:

US Territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Northern Marianas and the Virgin Islands are all represented by one NON-voting member in the House of Representatives (None in the Senate).

In 2007, H. RES. 78 was passed in the house allowing those NON-voting representatives to have their votes counted in committees of which they are members. They all vote with, who else, the Democrats. It sure does not seem that allowing Non-voting representatives the right to vote could possibly be constitutional, but since when have these Progressives ever worried about the Constitution?

How are memberships in committees, like the Committee on Natural Resources which killed Rep.Cassidy's proposed amendment assigned? Well, they are appointed by her Highness, Queen Nancy that's not fair to the other Queens of the world since they do not enjoy half the power that our smiling (she has no choice but to grin stupidly due to the numerous plastic surgeries she has endured and one more should result in her ears rubbing behind her back) gavel toting House Speaker enjoys.

So what can we do about the apparent Unconstitutional practice of allowing NON-states to vote in our House of Representatives? Well, that decision needs to be left to the Constitutional lawyers and Attorney Generals of the afflicted states. One thing I do know is that the action of this government in the Gulf Oil crises is not accidental but a deliberate, calculated attempt to ruin our offshore oil drilling capability. Why do I make this assertion...because Harry Reid just announced today that "Cap and Trade" is officially dead. What does the disposition of "Crap & Tax" have to do with the Gulf Oil crisis? Well if our offshore oil drilling is eliminated, then what will we replace this loss of oil with (and remember petroleum is not just for fuel and heating)? Well, even without "Crap & Tax", we are stuck with the EPA and pollution limits so replacing the fuel and heating of Oil with coal would not be allowed. So either we have to buy more foreign oil or develop more "Green Fuels" or, in all probability, both. Eventually, as this administration has already illustrated, they will enact "Cap and Trade" one way or another and since we will be well on the way to producing cleaner energy, that part of their scam for selling smoke will have already been implemented.

The sad facts are:

These oil rigs for drilling cannot sit idle and are already being moved to other shores like Russia, Brazil and Venezuela to name a few.

It is expensive to move these rigs and the rentals are generally long term; they won't be coming back to our shores in the near future.

Even if the courts finally decide that the Moratorium can be lifted once and for all, it will take too long to do any good. The oil and the jobs will be gone.

Losing the jobs will just add more to our welfare roles and this is what this administration wants. They are executing the Cloward-Piven strategy to collapse our republic onto itself reducing the USA to a third world power that they feel can then be more easily transformed into a Marxist state. Of course a side benefit is the redistribution of wealth without implementing "Crap & Tax" to Obama friendly countries like Brazil, Russia and Venezuela. If you do not believe me, just follow the money and see who wins if I am correct. I'll give you a hint; check for large stock holders in Petrobras

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