Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Rules of Congress and the Constitution

The Constitution states that each house of congress makes its own rules for operation under Article 1: Section 5:
Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behavior, and, with the Concurrence of two-thirds, expel a Member.
Politicians we have elected through the years have abused this power, in both the House and Senate, and we need to get more constitutionally oriented Senators and Representatives elected into both houses of Congress.  When this happens, power needs to be stripped from the leaders of both houses. Why you ask…well why should one person, which only an extremely small percentage of the Voting public can actually vote for or against, wield so much power. These leaders have almost destroyed our Republic on their own as a Republic implies “Representation” and that representation has been missing.

If you have been following any of the sneaky tricks employed by the leaders of the Senate and the House you should be enraged. They determine what bills get into committees for discussion (as well as appointing the committee members reviewing said bills); they control whether a bill gets tabled thereby denying even consideration; they control holding bills they favor until such time as they have the votes to pass them…etc. and Ad Infinitum.. Let me ask you, how many of you have the ability to vote for against the Senate Leader Harry Reid? I can answer that; only residents of Nevada can vote him in or out of the Senate. How many of you had the ability to vote Nancy Pelosi or John Boehner out of the House of Representatives? This is even more disturbing because only one District within a state can vote for a Representative and the Speaker of the House is only two heartbeats away from the presidency!

The Congress, as well as our other two branches of government, was given limited powers because the founders did not want the majority (as in a Democracy) to have the capability to “Rule with an Iron fist”.  Their intent was NOT to bestow that power upon the Minority and yet Minorities are now running our country!  Minorities such as Left and Right wing extremists; Atheists; Socialists; Unions (not the union members) and even Communists have more power than the majority of Americans and now, this Administration, is attempting to provide Illegal Aliens more power than Legal Residents or even American Citizens! There are many more examples but my fingers would drop off attempting to list them.

This administration has attempted to bypass the constitution in the area of writing and enacting laws. The power to create and establish laws is strictly limited to Congress; however since the implementation of “The Executive Order” process, which was established in 1789, successive Presidents have increasingly abused this power which has NO constitutional provision. Most presidents cite the phrase "take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed" that is found in Article II Section 3 of the Constitution as well as the phrase “The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America” found in Article II Section 1. How either of these phrases can be interrupted as allowing ‘Executive Orders” is well beyond my obviously low level of elitism to comprehend, but this President is using this, along with the EPA (which is to have NO powers of enforcement) to effectively bypass this restriction.  This President is on record as saying that the Constitution is just a document of “Negative” rights and he does not like it, but when he was installed into the presidency, he was forced to declare under oath; "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." The way he has circumvented this obligation alone should have landed him in an Impeachment trial.

Next Rant will cover only the EPA and Cass Sunstein

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Breaking my Word

**** Updates Below ****
A little over three months ago I published my “Final” blog for a while pledging to use the extra time I would gain for book writing again. Sorry to say I feel that I must get something off my chest right now; before it is too late and the Obama Election Money Machine helps the “Lame Stream Media” wash this Progressive, Marxist Big Government loving Liberal “Lilly White” again…Oops? Is that a racist remark? If you think so, you can go to hell and stop wasting your time reading my blog.

I have decided that I would just confine my blog entries to one subject at a time. This Administration is throwing so many items at us all at once that they are bound to get some through just as carpet bombing is almost certain to kill someone; if you drop a tremendous amount of bombs from a humongous number of aircraft over an ever widening location of the Earth. Therefore, I am going to limit this particular rant to the current “Debt Crisis”. Funny thing about this is that our fearless leader, “Emperor” Obama, in his public broadcast of July 22, 2011, blamed everything except for the real reason we have this debt; Government Spending!

Even a lowly peon such as myself, can identify Government departments that not only could be cut but should be cut to help abate Government spending. First department that comes to mind is the United States Department of Education. This Cabinet Level department was signed into law by Jimmy Carter in 1979. Its current annual budget, for 2011, is estimated to be $71 Billion, which is a drop in the bucket compared to our massive $14.5 Trillion debt, but it is a start. Funny thing about this useless Cabinet Post is that today, July 25, 2011, President Obama, in his address to the Radical group La Raza, made a statement expressing his wish to “Invest” more money in Education. Why throw good money after bad?

Next another equally useless Government Agency is the Department of Energy, which has an annual budget of $27 Billion. This organization can be totally eliminated with the exception of a couple of agencies (e.g.: Departments of Nuclear waste disposals) which could be become arms of other departments (e.g.: Department of the Interior and Department of the Navy).

Do we really need the Environmental Protection Agency? Everything this ill advised Department does either could be done in other, existing Agencies or Should only be performed in Congress. The current administration is using this $10.5 Billion agency, which is only supposed to suggest fines, for enforcing Laws in order to circumvent the duties of Congress.

If you look up the 2010 United States Federal Budget, you will find that the Government’s Revenue is more than the Government’s Mandatory Spending, even though Unemployment/Welfare/Other mandatory spending is up over 58%.

Next Rant will cover the Rules of Congress

**** Updates ****
Forgot to mention that all "CZAR" positions be disbanded and allow to be re-established only if it can pass four criteria:

  1. It has no enforcement powers
  2. It has a life expectancy of six months or less
  3. It does not fall under the auspice of any established Government Agency
  4. Total budget cannot exceed $500,000
If a proposed "CZAR" position doers not meet all four of these criteria, then it either has to be a new proposed government agency or an arm under an existing government agency and must be approved by both houses of Congress.

Another proposed change would be to stop issuing ALL Congressional and Executive Paychecks, along with suspending all perks they enjoy, when the debt ceiling is reached until all expenditures, both Mandatory and Discretionary fall well below the established Debt Ceiling without increasing that Debt Ceiling.

The Department of Homeland Security was ostensibly originated to better share information between agencies and yet has actually made the sharing worse. The department must be re-worked and made to be the overall supervisory group of all agencies it is supposed to cover (e.g. CIA, FBI, Military Intelligence, Coast Guard etc.) Only if everyone has the same boss can that boss control the flow of information.

And one final change to help reduce our debt would be to remove all Departments in the Federal Government that do not either affect the original stated purpose of the Federal Government, which is to protect the United States and the control of inter-state commerce.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Final Editorial (for a while)

I have just a final comment to post to my Blog about the current conditions in Libya. Since I want to devote more time on writing a book or two and my audience seems to be a very small one (judging by my followers and posted comments), I will suspend my Blog postings for the time being. Hey out there, there is actually no need for a standing ovations, I did use the term “Suspend” not “Quit”, so save your applause. Now for my problems with our country’s “No fly zone” participation…Oops; I meant to say “A Kinetic Military Action” ~ WTF? It’s a WAR dummies! Just like our “WAR on Terrorism” which has been redefined as an “Overseas Contingency”. This administration has no problem waging war…just problems with defining it.

What bothers me the most about the state of the Middle East right now, only proves what Glenn Beck has been saying all along would happen…even Glenn stated that he hoped he was wrong. Well, roll over Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus…there seems to be a better Fortune (or should that be Un-fortune) Teller in town. He had warned about everything that is happening right now and been called Crazy for it…well that must have been “Crazy like a Fox”, because everything he has said is sadly coming true. My only disagreement with Mr. Beck’s theories has been that he believes that we can overcome the rolling tidal wave aimed at our country peacefully…I feel we have already hit the tipping point and I do not believe that our country can peacefully retain our Republic and pray to God that I too am wrong but that I can be prepared when the wave rolls over us.

Now, as to Libya today; I am waiting for President Obama’s 7:00 PM explanation (or at least the definition) for our “quick to Jump” response on the UN’s Libyan resolution for a “No fly zone” but until then I’d like to share a few items I have already discovered…

• The President is for a “World Ruling Organization”

• Our Secretary of State also wants one “World Ruling Organization”

• The “Puppet Master” George Soros wants one “World Ruling Organization”

• The President’s “Spread the wealth” doctrine applies to Countries as well as individuals

• The President seems to be intentionally contributing to the US Financial Situation

• Instead of reducing the debt the President’s proposed 2012 budget plans to add to it by Trillions

• This President’s administration is mimicking Josef Goebbels’s work in 1930’s Germany, to a “T”

• Everyone in this President’s Administration (along with progressive Senators and Congressmen) have no use for the Constitution.

• George Soros said, “America is the biggest roadblock to an Open Society” and of course that would include the US Constitution.

I could continue but the President has concluded his “Why we are in Libya and how we will get out” address to the Nation. He burned up a whole lot of air time to tell us what we already knew which is that we are bombing and strafing in Libya and we were going to get out…someday…somehow. What was never explained is why he wouldn't even make a Statement when the same was taking place in Iran. It is clear, at least to me, that the reason he was so swift to put American lives in danger by participating in the “No Fly zone” activities (which included a whole of “No Drive Zone” enforcement) in Libya was that he did it under the auspices of the UN, which he is attempting to legitimize as a world protection (and governing) agency.

Once the UN is legitimatized as a World Protection Agency, then Hillary Clinton can rationalize signing s UN Small arms treaty which would negate our 2nd amendment. And of course, the whole administration can replace our US Supreme Court with the World Court in Hague. Finally, since Mr. Obama feels he can rule…er…govern through Executive order, having marginalized our Legislative body; he will have totally destroyed the Republic, which was his goal all along for “Transforming” our Government into just another puppet participant of the UN; that is after all of America’s wealth has been “Redistributed” across the globe.

My last comment is a question; why are we involved in Libya when we have no interest in the country? We only get a minuscule amount of oil from this area and no help in the fight against Terrorism. Yemen, on the other hand, is the back door to Suez which is our concern. We did not support regimes in Egypt or Yemen…is it because they are allies in our war against Al Qaeda? Looks like the only beneficiaries in this Middle revolt are the extreme Islamists and of course, George Soros and all others supporting a worldwide governance.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Left Wing Progressive Gaffes

For that group of Bush, Palin & Tea Party Bashers who have claimed, at one time or another, that all these people are just idiot rednecks who don't have the the mental capacity of a rotten tomato [Al gore take note: tomato is not spelled with an"E" at the end ~I stand corrected on this mistake; it was Dan Quayle who misspelled tomato; so this was a Right Wing Gaffe] , I offer my tribute, not paraphrased or embellished by my own interpretations but as a Teabagger just smart enough to watch and listen to them awing us with their higher level of education and superior intellect as spoken, unaltered, in their own words. I will present these pearls of wisdom in categories and the first category is  Barack Obama:.

Of course at the top of the list must be president Barack Obama when he was running for the office he now holds:

...Or how about this "Failure to Geogrophate" example:

How about this Obama Gem in Montana ~ Losing 700 jobs a month...That would be Great!

Then there's what happens when the Teleprompter is broke or can't be used...

...And could someone please tell me how Colonoscopies prevent Prostrate cancer?

Oh, and this one explains our President's grasp on Mathematics:

How would the press have reacted if Bush had made this Boo-Boo?

How about The President & his Press Secretary Disagreeing about $ 100 Million dollars:

Then, what year did America begin? Don't believe Obama on this one...

I'll end this blog with this Obama Gaffe...from a Christian? No wonder people are confused about his faith. Even he doesn't seem to know. By the way, there are many, many more  Obama-isms as well as some pretty stupid comments from others in this president's administration and if I get enough comments requesting more I will put out another blog on this subject...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Problems Confronting The US Today

No one should be fooled by the “Bi-Partisan” rhetoric spewing from Obama’s lips. What kind of idiots does the Progressive far left think we are? Do they think we have already forgotten all the broken promises this man made during his campaign? Do they think that we can’t remember how eloquently he said exactly what we wanted to hear but his actions belied those statements? Why would anyone believe that things will be different now? Oh, and thank our Lucky Stars that he just signed an executive order banning all illogical; irreverent legislation. And to what kind of legislation do we think he will apply this executive order? How about that which his brain trust deems to be irrelevant? My guess would be the new “Repeal Obamacare” bill once it has passed the house and looks like it may pass the Senate (which I, unlike other political pundits, believe may have a chance because of the looming 2012 elections). If the president gives the nod to Democratic senators to vote for this legislation to preserve their seats, his “Czars” will use the executive order to inhibit this (as well as any other) legislation contrary to his own agenda. This way he doesn’t risk his veto being overridden, which would really be a slap in his face as well as a roadblock to implementing his Socialist government.

Then we have the issue of the debt ceiling. Personally, I think the GOP should tell the Obama Administration that they will raise the debt ceiling just enough to take us through the next fiscal quarter IF the President will abolish the Department of Education and 15 “Czar” postings along with their entire infrastructure. The other caveat is that none of the people or structures involved can be shifted or posted to any other organizations and none of the money saved can be used for any purpose other than reduction of the debt. Why I mentioned the Czars should not require any explanation, on the other hand I probably do need to explain my proposed abolishment of the Department of Education. You may think this is an old cabinet level department, but no, it was established by Jimmy Carter in 1979 and did not begin operations until May 16, 1980. The department’s 2011 budget was $71 billion which is only a drop in the debt bucket but it’s not exactly chump change either and the truly sad fact is that the level of American Education has diminished ever since this office started operating, so what good is it? And the reason I said 15 Czar Positions is because at the end of the next fiscal quarter I feel we should abolish another 15 positions at the end of that quarter. And that will still leave about 6 of these posts in place. At that time we need to look at legislation to either abolish this practice or place a limit on these kinds of appointments.

Now I hear that the Republicans are proposing to cut government pay by 10%. While I believe that this is a good start I also believe the main problem with government today is rooted in money. Too many “Career” politicians exist in the US today and they make way too much money. Why? Well during all the years I spent growing up, all I heard was how businesses were buying away our best politicians because government doesn’t pay enough. In my estimation, this was just to raise wages and benefits to the ludicrous levels they sit at today. No, I do not support a 10% wage reduction but rather I want to set all Federal government wages to the current Social Security maximum wage level. This may not be much but since they do not have travel expenditures or any regular business expenses, they should be able to subsist on this amount and then maybe only those wanting to serve the country will run for office. Oh, and I also propose that all Federal workers be rolled into the Social Security system, along with their pension monies and also pay into Medicare/Medicaid and get the same Health Insurance that the rest of us are stuck with.

One activity that needs to be curtailed immediately is the practice of Lobbying. The irony of Lobbying is that when you look up the definition on Wikipedia, one of the “See Also” subjects is “Bribery” and that is what I feel and have stated before, is all that Lobbying is…Bribery. ALL lobbying should be treated like the crime of bribery…It should considered a Felony, no matter on which side of the Lobbying equation the crime occurs. One change that needs to be in place, along with the removal of lobbying, is limits to the amount of money spent on elections per candidate. I do not believe that anyone should be able to “buy” an election.

My hope and belief is that by removing Lobbying and drastically slashing Federal Pay and Benefits while placing them into the same pools for retirement and medical care will remove a lot of the “Career” politicians infesting our Political System. Of course a side benefit will be the fixes of both the Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid systems. After all, do you think legislators would want the systems that cover them to be broken? Even though they should never be allowed to earn Pensions for serving our country, they would be credited with all payments they make into the system. Another probable fix for our system are term limits but that is a fix left for another blog.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Attitude Adjustment Story

Memories of Mom
Before I begin this post, in honor of my late mother Helen, I need to wish my wife Sylvia Ann Garber (nee Bank) a very happy 63rd Birthday...today, January 17th. I know she will be thrilled that I remembered her birthday but she will also probably kill me for remembering that it is number 63 and more than that...for telling all of you how old she is now! Oh well, I'll be seeing you soon Mom.

The first little anecdote occurred when my parents had been married for about two years. My Grandmother Araxy (Mom's mother whom we called Grandma Roxy) had asked how much money Mom & Dad had in their savings account. Mom told her that they had $5,000. Later, when Mom and Dad were alone, Dad puzzlingly said, "But Helen, we have less than $1,000. Why would you tell your mother that we had $5,000?" to which Mom replied, "Because that's how much we should have in the bank by now". 

An example of Mom's wit was demonstrated when she drove me home from the oral surgeon's after I had a molar cut out. My mouth was stuffed with gauze and I could not talk even though she seemed to enjoy asking me questions that she knew I couldn't answer. When we got home, Dad asked how things went and Mom cheerfully responded, "Oh Bill, it was wonderful. Paul didn't say one word the whole way home. Now I know how to keep him quiet...a trip to the dentist's!"

The next little blurb occurred when I was in High School. Mom wanted to replace a burned out bulb in the ceiling light of our dining room and started to use one of the wooden chairs at our table to stand on. I informed her that was a bad idea and that I would get the ladder but she insisted that since she "didn't weigh anywhere near as much as you do, there would be no problem." Of course, as soon as she stood on the wooden seat it split the chair in two and even though I caught her, she instinctively put her hand down to break her fall...and she did break something...her wrist. I informed her of this fact but she protested, "I've never broken a bone in my life and besides, it hurts too much to be broken.  I've always heard that sprains hurt more than breaks".  Somehow, I talked her into letting me take her to the emergency room and I was right...her wrist was broken and since my mother was blessed with a great sense of humor, she let me rib her about "Being Right" for years to come.

Finally, as an example of how her sense of humor never quavered even as she lay dying and knew it, comes these little gems. Just before becoming bedridden, Mom said she saw herself naked in the mirror and said she was so skinny and that "I knew I was a starving Armenian but I never realized that I was a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp too!" And then only  days before her passing, my wife Sylvia was helping Mom dress and seeing her emaciated state uttered out of pity , "Oh Poor Helen..." to which Mom sternly replied, "Listen you, I'm not poor!"

My only regret is that I never persuaded her that her favorite singer, Anthony Newly,  was a wonderful actor and song writer but also a piss-poor singer...And for proof I offer this little gem: