Friday, April 30, 2010

The Oil Rig Explosion in the Gulf

The main question being asked now by both the Press and the Obama Regime is "What caused the Oil Rig Explosion in the Gulf. Well, I believe that the timing of this event, as are so many of today's coincidences occurring in the Obama Administration's favor, a great bit of fortune. Why do I say this?...Well for two reasons:

First reason: Too much attention was being paid to the Puerto Rico Statehood scam (Thanks solely to Mr. Glenn know the ultimate Liberal Whipping Boy) and to the Arizona "Illegal Alien" problem. Notice he is giving a televised comment on the Oil Spill? Did he give such a speech on the "Tennessee Plan" Boondoggle?

Second reason: This tragedy makes Off Shore Drilling a taboo activity when discussing energy independence from OPEC on oil. In fact, it has already put a stop to proposed offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico by Louisiana and Florida.

Okay, now my main question is not how did this happen but can anyone account for Bill Ayer's Activity and Location at the time of the Oil Rig Explosion? I sarcastically tweeted this question on the day of the explosion but now, considering the benefits the Obama Administration reaps from this event, I am not so sure that question is sarcastic. Besides, the fishing and Tourism industry in that area have been drastically affected and this would require even more, "Bigger Government" action...Yikes and Egad.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Immigration Fix

I believe that Glenn Beck has the right solution for fixing our Illegal (Illegal being defined as: "against the law"; NOT a sick bird) Immigration problem. His idea is to deport those without jobs and fine both the Illegal Aliens and the Companies that hire them. By the way, I will not refer to these lawbreakers as Immigrants because, although stated differently by the far left, they are not immigrants. Aliens in the phrase "Illegal Aliens" was replaced with Immigrants by the progressives to imply a legal status (normal Progressive word play); if they were Immigrants they would have followed the "Lawful Immigration Process" and these Aliens have not done so. For companies that knowing hire Illegal Aliens then the fines need to be of the company existence threatening type (I feel that there should also be criminal charges as well as fines applied to those company executives responsible for the Illegal hiring). Mr. Beck indicated that any back taxes owed should be paid (and I assume all normal penalties associated with the nonpayment). He also indicated that he doesn't know what to do after that point, but I have some ideas:

#1 - Ensure, by law, that all immigration fines levied be allocated to ONLY immigration issues.
#2 - Open up Ellis Island and create at least two more immigration centers; one in the south and one in the west (a fourth could be along the Canadian border if needed and FUNDED).
#3 - Make the Illegals with Jobs apply for green cards and perform strict background checks on them (similar to the FBI NICS firearms check).
#4 - Confine Illegals in one of the Immigration centers pending verification.
#5 - If no room exists in the Immigration Centers then they are to be deported until the green card verification is done at which time they will be contacted.
#6 - If they do obtain green cards, they must wait until a job (including the one they had) becomes available. NO jumping to the front of the line here either

I believe the biggest reason for Americans not working jobs "beneath" them, thereby opening up the job market for Illegal Aliens, is due to the fact that many people can make more money on Welfare than by working available jobs. Rescind Welfare and replace it with Workfare and the only pay scale for Workfare should be at the minimum wage rate. Jobs would be the type that prisoners (chain gangs) currently perform; no work, no pay.

I also believe that if an Illegal Alien is found to have used any falsified documents or broken other laws (outside of the normal, Immigration laws) they need to be charged, detained and tried in criminal court for those unlawful activities. If convicted, they need to be fingerprinted, photographed, deported and placed on a Federal "No immigration list" for a period of at least five years (negotiable and in accordance with the crime committed) or (if the crime is serious enough) go to a US prison.

In closing I must add that I do NOT favor asking anyone to prove either their Citizenship or legal status unless they are being charged with a crime or have been apprehended attempting to sneak across the border. I feel that ICE raids on companies (like the ones that were working before the current administration stopped them), border security and possibly rewards for reporting Illegals should be the enforcement methods for Immigration Laws. We in the US are fond of traveling freely within our country and it is a precious freedom that MUST be protected.

PS - Why not pass a Federal Law, as part of the Green Card procedure, requiring all driver's licences to be marked as "resident alien" & require proof of green card? We require proof of automobile insurance (and probably will require proof of Health Insurance real soon) so why not proof of residence for Non-citizens?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Political Party

I know that everyone alleges America has a two party political system but there is nothing in the Constitution restricting the number of parties or their designation. In fact many parties exist today, if you count all of the Independents; there are just two major parties. The Tea Party is not and should not be a political party but what is wrong with establishing a new, Conservative Party? Oh, I know what you are thinking, that’s the Republican Party but I submit that the Republican and Democratic Parties have been designated with different adjectives in the past and will probably be associated with others in the future. In fact, the reason there are so many new, Independent parties is due to the changing values of the GOP and Democrats. It seems that the Republicans have become more Liberal while the Democrats have rejected its Conservative membership.

What is wrong with establishing a Conservative Party (Has the National Independent American Party already done that?) to accommodate the disaffected members from the other parties? In fact instead of naming it the Conservative party we could call it the “Constitutional Party”. Either way, I feel that this new party could be established in a unique way, with Divisions…like certain “rights”, as described in the Constitution, or by Amendment. That way, members could declare themselves as Constitutionalists from the 1st Amendment Division or 2nd Amendment Division or Bill of Rights Division or Right to Live Division or All Divisions etc.

Whatever the name, even using an existing one with no divisional designations, the most important change is to get the new party recognized and added to all state primary elections. Of course, a three major party system would mean there could no longer be any “Bi-Partisanship”, but what the Hell, none exists now.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where I disagree with Glenn Beck

For the most part, I agree with almost everything Glenn Beck says...with only three exceptions. First, Mr. Beck does not believe that our President is deliberately leading our country down the path of Socialism. He believes that presidential advisers and czars are the culprits. He doesn't believe that a president would deliberately ruin American. I whole heartily disagree with this belief . Second, I believe Mr. Beck poo-poos the importance of money (as it relates to Washington Corruption) as an issue that needs to be resolved...again I believe money (and Lobbying)is one of the largest problems in our government today. Third, and lastly, Glenn Beck states that we can restore our country with ballots and not bullets. Although this is my strongest wish and I pray to God Glenn is absolutely correct on this point, I am not so sure that we can recover our country with ballots and what other option does that leave us?

FIRST: I believe that President Obama IS intentionally leading us down the path of financial ruin and a large, socialized government. As Glenn Beck himself said, President Obama is not dumb...he is very intelligent. The President is a community organizer and life long Socialist (I am being kind here because I could have said Marxist and been even more accurate). As Barack Obama himself quoted, his Grandmother "People will know you by the company you keep"; and "If you remain friends with people up to no good, you are bound to become like them". Look at his friends and the company he keeps and they are almost all evil. Most are either Marxists, Socialists or even Communists, many are tax evaders and most are radicals from the 60's. He is merely following his own beliefs and the game plan of George Soros; World Socialist government. Why is Obama amassing such debt...he wants our system to collapse upon itself so he can establish his World Socialist Government. He is following the Saul Alinsky inspired Cloward-Piven Strategy which is to overload the Government with welfare entitlements to hasten it's collapse. As Glenn is promoting these days "There are no coincidences" and President Obama, his administration cronies and Progressive members of Congress are trying to "Fundamentally change" the USA into the USSA (United Soviet States of America). They are duping liberal left members of Congress, even more than their disgusted supporters, into thinking that the Progressive agenda is the Liberal Left agenda. Wrong, the Left Liberals are still wanting a Constitutional Capitalist Government, not Marxist Socialism. I can only take solace in the fact that I believe Barack Obama is a very ambitious guy and my guess is that if the US is transformed into a Socialist Nation, he will turn on Andy Sterns, George Soros ET AL, and try to rule like Chairman Mao. If he does, at least he will be easier to overthrow than if he conforms to the Global Socialist Government principal being orchestrated by Soros.

SECOND: I totally agree with Glenn Beck's proposals to institute Congressional term limits and tie Government salaries to either the medium or average (not the same) American wage. However, we also need to completely reform the Political money handling process in America today. I am not talking about the lip-service "reforms" Congress has instituted in the past; soft versus hard money, Bull Hockey! I am talking about making our Government responsible to the people they are supposed to represent and not the Special Interests that buy support via Lobbying. I firmly believe we need to treat Lobbying as the crime that it is, bribery. I would also take away many of the perks enjoyed by the President and Congress (I feel the Supreme Court needs to be examined separately). If they had to pay for the fuel they used themselves, then maybe they would pay more attention to the price of gas. We also need to stop providing Airplanes and Automobiles for their travel; especially from home to work. They need to be limited to the same, Corporate and IRS rules that American workers observe. That would mean filing expense reports with a certain limits; personally paying out of pocket expenses exceeding those allowable limits. Cost allowance for Airline Tickets would be based on the price of coach tickets, so if the person wants to upgrade or take along non-essential personnel, could pay for themselves. Not only will this reduce costs for the Military (Planes, Maintenance, Pilots & Fuel etc.) but would also help the economy by pay private industries for Congressional travel. Additionally, we must remove the role money plays in our elections. This is no easy task and there are people smarter than I am who should devise a method by which donated money can be allocated evenly to all candidates. The time and efforts expanded seeking election funds would be much better used to perform legislative tasks, like reading bills for example. Money, our Government has so aptly demonstrated, is the "root of all evil".

Third: My last disagreement with Mr. Beck is not that I have any problem with his avocation of Martin Luther King Jr.'s and Mahatma Gandhi's peaceful nonviolence philosophies but I am not convinced that their strategy will succeed under this administration. I must remind everyone that Peaceful Protests do not always work; their success depends upon the times, places and circumstances. No protests of any kind are allowed in many places of the world today (Iran seems to be the perfect poster child). The Tiananmen Square Massacre did not occur in the Dark Ages (1989) and do you honestly believe that Stalin or Hitler or Mao would condone any "unauthorized" protests, even peaceful ones? Because if you do I would ask if you would be interested in buying acreage in the Lost Continent of Atlantis. Remember, Gandhi was protesting the British rule in India and Mr. King was protesting for Civil Rights in a still, Constitutionally protected America. Neither would qualify as a Marxist, Socialist or Radical Islamic environments. So, although I strongly endorse the Peaceful Protests Glenn advocates, I am not so sure it will succeed, but the peaceful path must be followed until the Progressives in our Government turn to violence. That is why our Founding Fathers gave us the Right " keep and bear Arms" as second only to the First Amendment because, to quote President Jefferson:

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government"

"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."

I'd like to suggest a poem (obviously pirated from Glenn Beck) for all Conservative signs, clothing and flags until our own Government betrays us:

"Neither Hatred nor Violence or Mandated Silence,
Will be used to ensure total Federal Compliance;
The people have stated in a loud and firm voice,
Make the Government smaller for that is our choice!"

PS - Before publishing this blog entry we have been notified to the latest trick employed by the Barack H. Obama regime, to ensure their version of a thousand year Reich, on the Glenn Beck Show. This is the attempt the use of the Tennessee Plan to establish Puerto Rico as the 51st state. With Illegal Alien Amnesty; statehood proposal for the Washington DC area and this Puerto Rico boondoggle, Comrade Obama will have enough votes to carry "Democratic" elections for eternity.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Separation of Church and State

Let's get one thing straight, the phrase "Separation of Church and State" is NOT in the First Amendment of the Constitution or anywhere else in the document for that matter. What the First Amendment actually says is "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof:...". That is it and it is pretty clear, both in language and knowing the religious situation that existed in Europe at the time, the founders said nothing about keeping religion out of our Government. Somewhere in the past, Progressive Supreme Court Justices have re-defined our Constitution which is NOT their job...they are just supposed to apply the law in a Constitutional manner.

We should turn the tables on the Atheists and Tea Party detractors by actually applying the real First Amendment Guarantees. Let's consider those attempting to stifle all religion by shooting back that they are infringing on our First Amendment right to "freely exercise our religion". Erecting religious signs and objects is NOT prohibiting Atheists free expression of their religion but denying Christians the right to display our Icons IS denying our right to free expression. As for the Tea Party opposition, just remind those Progressive Zombies, including those in the current administration, that the First amendment states that we have the right to peaceably assemble and to petition the Government "... for a redress of grievances". Oh, and by the way, isn't the US Navy infringing on FOX News' right to free speech and denying the Freedom of the press, both rights defined in the First Amendment? FSN should sue the Navy on these grounds. Isn't Cass Sunstein's call for "infiltrating" demonstrations,both physical and virtual, Unconstitutional and shouldn't he lose his job based upon this fact? Conservatives need to fight back using the REAL Constitution.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fair Income Tax

Okay, we need to have (pa-tooey) Income Tax and a smart politician once said taxes should hurt (that way they should be harder to increase). But that politician never met the current Congress or Presidential Administration or he would know these people don't care if it hurts us especially since Government workers owe about $1,000,000,000 (that's a Billion dollars folks) and the IRS doesn't seem inclined to "...relentlessly pursue" these deadbeats as the TV ad claims. Hello...Since the Secretary of the Treasury (boss of the IRS Tim Geithner), doesn't pay taxes why should they make any of his Cohorts in Friends pay taxes? But I digress into a morality discussion. None of these problems would exist if we would just employ my old (ask anybody who worked with me in the 1960's), espoused Flat Tax system. Back then, I proposed a 10% income tax rate for everyone, but now I would have to say about 18%. Before all you people that believe we should tax the rich more and that the current, progressive tax system is what you want, just remember this; No tax system will support the unsustainable debt (only after passing Obamacare you heard this from Paul Vokel, Ben Bernanke and The CBO to name a few) caused by our current expenditures without raising taxes on everyone and almost everything. Haven't these clowns been watching Glenn Beck? I know they do so they can't claim that they never heard of reducing expenditures (Spending). When you try to comprehend the current debt (which only increases when you employ a philosophy of "Deficit Spending") it becomes so mind-boggling it seems to numb the senses.

I believe that only two Income Tax Strategies are fair. One is a tax on Consumption (or National Sales Tax, NOT the VAT) and the other is a flat rate tax for everyone. The National Sales tax only taxes people that have and spend the money on goods and services. I prefer the flat rate income tax because that way everyone pays their "Fair" share. For the rich it is more dollars and for the poor it is less dollars but everyone pays the same percentage, EVERYONE. My taxation system would contain no credits, no exemptions, no non-taxable income and therefore no tax filings or refunds. I would tax everyone including the poor, the people receiving Welfare and even church personnel (like Priests or Nuns) that currently work for non-taxable income (which as I said does not exist in my system). Even I would have to pay 18% tax on my SSD income, as everyone else receiving Social Security would have to pay. If I need assistance after the tax, then the government should provide it, at which point I would pay 18% of that too. That way, the only tax cheats would be those not reporting income and IRS resources could be better allocated to discover those people.

Think of the money the IRS could save. No Tax Publication costs, or having to hire programmers to design screens or other costs associated with providing and processing returns. This also facilitates a balanced budget by knowing that all tax revenues received are actual, spendable income for the Government. I know there are downsides associated with this system. One is that Tax agencies (like H&R Block), Tax Attorneys, Paper and Ink producers and Publication Printers and Deliverers that will either have their businesses slashed or put out of business altogether, but this is a small percentage of the American people compared to those that it will help. Also, these jobs, with the exception of the Tax Specialty Attorneys, are seasonal, like department store Santa Clauses and Easter Receipts.

Think of the savings for the IRS in auditing individuals and companies. Right now, reporting agencies who have to notify everyone with tax forms that require explanations and need to have programs that calculate interest, for example on savings, or any instrument (and the infamous 1099-INT statements which would now only go to the Government). Therefore, only the reporting agency needs to notify the IRS about interest and only they need to be audited. Since everyone pays the same rate, the banks can pay out the interest but only pay out the interest to the individuals after 18% is deducted and reported to the IRS. When companies pay employees, they do the same. When they deduct the 18% Income tax they send it to the Government and their Taxation on payroll is completed for that period. No W2's or 1099's required (which always have printing and form changes required) since the money sent was all reported and taxes paid at the same rate already. The main IRS job would now be to both protect consumers (making sure their taxes are dutifully processed) and audit the reporting agencies/companies to discourage tax cheating by under or non reporting income. Makes tax cheating a lot harder on Interest doesn't it?

Racing tracks currently pays out winners by adding total wagers per race; deducting the track's cut (whatever that is) from the total and then allocating winnings. When Individuals cash those tickets they only have to report winnings over $600 on a $2 or $3 bet (used to be those limits). Since people know this, there are individuals who are low-income hanging around tracks to cash winning tickets for a price, which is usually less than the tax. Also, the winnings would not have to be added to the real winner's total income at tax time, which could possibly raise their progressive taxing rate. Now the race track can add up entire wages bet on a race; calculate the 18% interest and then report and send it to the IRS (the Individuals & Corporate tax rate are both 18%). Take the remainder and allocate it, after taking their cut, then allocate the winnings. Neither the Track nor the individual winner is not taxed on this income because it is already taxed and reported.

There are more benefits and downsides to my plan but I feel that to make the Tax fair and to also help balance the budget, we need a Flat Tax rate for Income tax.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

President Obama's Next Steps

Instead of ramming through Cap & Trade (or if you prefer Crap & Tax); instead of providing the EPA with the power to implement C&T policy (thereby bypassing Congress); instead of demanding hybrid & electric automobiles and instead of setting unreasonable and expensive goals to implement Gasoline mileage requirements, we should be studying ways to First make our country independent from Foreign Oil (Off-shore Drilling, Shale Oil etc.); Second improve our aging Energy Infrastructure; Third review and improve our current energy consumption (best done the Capitalist way such as charging more for usage during peak hours or seasons of the year); Fourth, challenge Private Industry to discover cleaner coal burning and then Lastly study feasible alternative energy sources (Natural Gas, Hydrogen, Wind and/or Solar Power etc.) I for one refuse to believe, if Government gets out of the way, that the Private Business Sector cannot discover cleaner methods for burning coal. Keep in mind that 50 to 75% (I have heard a wide range of statistics) of US Electricity is generated by burning coal. I have also heard that the US has huge (if not the Largest) Natural Gas reserves and since the technology already exists and is very clean, why not focus on using Natural Gas for transportation instead of Petroleum or Electric fuel sources? Remember, when the Government got out of the way, the private industry developed a viable Space craft, so why not Hydrogen powered transportation?

Giving the EPA enforcement power for policy not authorized by Congress is unconstitutional. The Congress cannot delegate powers granted to it by the Constitution and the Obama administration is both circumventing Congress as well as "delegating" its powers to the EPA. It is just another way to implement C&T even when it can't get Congressional approval and this is flatly wrong. President Obama has already made his cabinet irrelevant through the empowerment of his many Czars and now has done the same thing to Congress. Next to marginalize are American Citizens (and their voting clout) by granting the multitude of illegal aliens currently residing in the US with amnesty. I guarantee that if Obama's job destruction policies (which swell the Welfare Rolls with devotees) and amnesty plan do not sufficiently increase his voting base to ensure re-election, he will use the Tea Party and Conservative "Radical" uprisings as an excuse for declaring Marshal Law and suspending elections for an indefinite period.

All this man has done, since gaining power, has been to to increase that power; recklessly spend masses sums of money to suffocate us with unsustainable debt and attempt to"Transform" America to a mere pawn under a world power organization of socialism. Oh, and let's not forget the third part of our Government, the Supreme Court. If President Obama cannot install sufficient numbers of radical, Progressive Justices, I assume that he will orchestrate some ridiculous reason for disbanding the entire Court, but more of this
in a separate rant.

Makes you wonder

When I received this picture from my Daughter, I thought it was probably some photo shopped image.

However, after I watched the YouTube video of Michelle Obama...well it makes me wonder.

I'll leave you to your own conclusions but I myself now feel that maybe those "Birthers" aren't so crazy after all.