Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Political Party

I know that everyone alleges America has a two party political system but there is nothing in the Constitution restricting the number of parties or their designation. In fact many parties exist today, if you count all of the Independents; there are just two major parties. The Tea Party is not and should not be a political party but what is wrong with establishing a new, Conservative Party? Oh, I know what you are thinking, that’s the Republican Party but I submit that the Republican and Democratic Parties have been designated with different adjectives in the past and will probably be associated with others in the future. In fact, the reason there are so many new, Independent parties is due to the changing values of the GOP and Democrats. It seems that the Republicans have become more Liberal while the Democrats have rejected its Conservative membership.

What is wrong with establishing a Conservative Party (Has the National Independent American Party already done that?) to accommodate the disaffected members from the other parties? In fact instead of naming it the Conservative party we could call it the “Constitutional Party”. Either way, I feel that this new party could be established in a unique way, with Divisions…like certain “rights”, as described in the Constitution, or by Amendment. That way, members could declare themselves as Constitutionalists from the 1st Amendment Division or 2nd Amendment Division or Bill of Rights Division or Right to Live Division or All Divisions etc.

Whatever the name, even using an existing one with no divisional designations, the most important change is to get the new party recognized and added to all state primary elections. Of course, a three major party system would mean there could no longer be any “Bi-Partisanship”, but what the Hell, none exists now.

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