Friday, April 30, 2010

The Oil Rig Explosion in the Gulf

The main question being asked now by both the Press and the Obama Regime is "What caused the Oil Rig Explosion in the Gulf. Well, I believe that the timing of this event, as are so many of today's coincidences occurring in the Obama Administration's favor, a great bit of fortune. Why do I say this?...Well for two reasons:

First reason: Too much attention was being paid to the Puerto Rico Statehood scam (Thanks solely to Mr. Glenn know the ultimate Liberal Whipping Boy) and to the Arizona "Illegal Alien" problem. Notice he is giving a televised comment on the Oil Spill? Did he give such a speech on the "Tennessee Plan" Boondoggle?

Second reason: This tragedy makes Off Shore Drilling a taboo activity when discussing energy independence from OPEC on oil. In fact, it has already put a stop to proposed offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico by Louisiana and Florida.

Okay, now my main question is not how did this happen but can anyone account for Bill Ayer's Activity and Location at the time of the Oil Rig Explosion? I sarcastically tweeted this question on the day of the explosion but now, considering the benefits the Obama Administration reaps from this event, I am not so sure that question is sarcastic. Besides, the fishing and Tourism industry in that area have been drastically affected and this would require even more, "Bigger Government" action...Yikes and Egad.

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