Monday, April 26, 2010

Immigration Fix

I believe that Glenn Beck has the right solution for fixing our Illegal (Illegal being defined as: "against the law"; NOT a sick bird) Immigration problem. His idea is to deport those without jobs and fine both the Illegal Aliens and the Companies that hire them. By the way, I will not refer to these lawbreakers as Immigrants because, although stated differently by the far left, they are not immigrants. Aliens in the phrase "Illegal Aliens" was replaced with Immigrants by the progressives to imply a legal status (normal Progressive word play); if they were Immigrants they would have followed the "Lawful Immigration Process" and these Aliens have not done so. For companies that knowing hire Illegal Aliens then the fines need to be of the company existence threatening type (I feel that there should also be criminal charges as well as fines applied to those company executives responsible for the Illegal hiring). Mr. Beck indicated that any back taxes owed should be paid (and I assume all normal penalties associated with the nonpayment). He also indicated that he doesn't know what to do after that point, but I have some ideas:

#1 - Ensure, by law, that all immigration fines levied be allocated to ONLY immigration issues.
#2 - Open up Ellis Island and create at least two more immigration centers; one in the south and one in the west (a fourth could be along the Canadian border if needed and FUNDED).
#3 - Make the Illegals with Jobs apply for green cards and perform strict background checks on them (similar to the FBI NICS firearms check).
#4 - Confine Illegals in one of the Immigration centers pending verification.
#5 - If no room exists in the Immigration Centers then they are to be deported until the green card verification is done at which time they will be contacted.
#6 - If they do obtain green cards, they must wait until a job (including the one they had) becomes available. NO jumping to the front of the line here either

I believe the biggest reason for Americans not working jobs "beneath" them, thereby opening up the job market for Illegal Aliens, is due to the fact that many people can make more money on Welfare than by working available jobs. Rescind Welfare and replace it with Workfare and the only pay scale for Workfare should be at the minimum wage rate. Jobs would be the type that prisoners (chain gangs) currently perform; no work, no pay.

I also believe that if an Illegal Alien is found to have used any falsified documents or broken other laws (outside of the normal, Immigration laws) they need to be charged, detained and tried in criminal court for those unlawful activities. If convicted, they need to be fingerprinted, photographed, deported and placed on a Federal "No immigration list" for a period of at least five years (negotiable and in accordance with the crime committed) or (if the crime is serious enough) go to a US prison.

In closing I must add that I do NOT favor asking anyone to prove either their Citizenship or legal status unless they are being charged with a crime or have been apprehended attempting to sneak across the border. I feel that ICE raids on companies (like the ones that were working before the current administration stopped them), border security and possibly rewards for reporting Illegals should be the enforcement methods for Immigration Laws. We in the US are fond of traveling freely within our country and it is a precious freedom that MUST be protected.

PS - Why not pass a Federal Law, as part of the Green Card procedure, requiring all driver's licences to be marked as "resident alien" & require proof of green card? We require proof of automobile insurance (and probably will require proof of Health Insurance real soon) so why not proof of residence for Non-citizens?

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