Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fixing Health Care, Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Everyone knows Health Care in the US is on its way to complete ruination caused by the Socialistic  ObamaScare health insurance (NOT health care) system. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are all Socialistic programs on their way to bankrupting America...SSA was begun by FDR, so it's been around long enough for my Grandparents to pay into it. Medicare and Medicaid, however,  began when I started working jobs other than paperboy; doing lawn work for neighbors; working as a Lifeguard/Custodian for a Tennis club etc...They began in the year I graduated from High School, 1965. Since Medicaid is in the worst shape and Potus44 put even more pressure on it through its expansion within ObamaScare by increasing its coverage and giving states more money to support the increase.  Of course, Congress, who saddles the tax-paying, middle class with these Bull Sh*t programs, are exempted from all of the garbage they create. Exempt from ObamaScare even though the law was written to include them. If these Socialists' wet dreams are so good, why does congress always try (and usually succeeds) in avoiding participation in these Cluster F**ks?

I know that Potus45, Donald J Trump, could write an executive order mandating congress, actually all government employees, to actively participate in Obama's pinnacle of achievement, his oxymornically entitled Affordable Care Act . That should spur Congress into immediate action on repealing and replacing the ACA, which is a very good start. And if they don't replace it, we'd just be back where we started before Progressives attempted to turn the USA into the USSA (United Socialst States of America). ObamaScare repealed and (maybe) replaced.

The next step should be concerning Medicaid. I fail to see why this POS should even exist. Hospitals and doctors usually won't refuse treatment based on your ability to pay. Most will accept payment plans of very small sums of money per month, for those who actually want to take personal responsibility for their debts. Besides, this does not even belong in the hands of a federal bureaucracy, which has the Midas touch in reverse (for those of you unfamiliar with that term it means everything they touch turns into sh*t). Best example is "The Mustang Ranch" in Nevada. A brothel that was seized for back taxes by the IRS and the FEDs ran it into bankruptcy. Anyone who can't run a business that sells sex and booze should keep out of any type of retail business. My suggestion is to let each state decide who and how much medical assistance its truly needy residents should receive. Then each state can collect whatever "Medicaid" it decides to provide with no funds or control from the Federal Government. That way, if California, New York, or any Progressively led state wants to subsidize laggards and Illegals, no other state will have their money wasted on such moronic behavior. Medicaid solvency accomplished.

Medicare is a slightly different problem. It started out as a Federally supplied health care system that workers and employers, other than government and its employees, were required to provide support by taxation. Upon attaining retirement age, 65 at first, these same employees would be entitled to receive these benefits as long as they lived. Medicare had one problem in common with Social Security, and that was neither took inflation into account for their respective funding. Therefore, early tax revenues were almost always worth less than current dollar value. The only way I can see to fix this problem is to put all Federal employees, especially Congress, under Medicare for their health care. This would be too hard to accomplish for those retired already covered by their own, sweet health care, although it could be done, but for employees not retired it would be simple. First take all of their health care money and put it into Medicare. Then place those employees on Medicare with All of its rules. I'm sure if Congress had to rely solely on Medicare for their health care, a permanent, more equitable health care system would be forthcoming. Medicare solvency and limitations solved.

Finally, let's examine Social Security, the oldest "Entitlement" of them all. I agree that Social Security and Medicare are entitlements because we paid into them, therefore we are entitled to receive them. Medicaid would be an entitlement too, but only for those who paid into it, not the millions of recipients who never contributed a dime to it. The non-contributors and those who receive Welfare are NOT entitled to them, so why are they called "Entitlements"? They are "Freebies", ala Oblahblah cellphones. Things Social Security has in common with Medicare are:
  • No provisions for inflation's impact on revenues.
  • Both are true "Entitlements.
  • Both have Government exemptions.
  • Both, like all of the issues discussed today, are rooted in Socialism.
Yet Social Security funds, at first, were protected  because it was a "Trust" fund. Problem was many who paid into this fund never lived long enough to get any payments. This caused a lot of politicians heartburn and headaches. There was money accumulating that they could not lay their grubby little paws upon. Therefore, they decided to amend Social Security to provide survivors benefits, and then they could use peoples' own money to garner appreciation and, more importantly to them, votes.

But they miscalculated and the fund still grew, so they added college tuition to SSA benefits thinking that would certainly bankrupt the SSA Administration, But yet again their efforts were stymied, so then, under the Carter administration, they finally got what they wanted all along; access to the "Trust" fund. Now we have a Social Security fund that is nothing more than a bunch of IOU's and a floundering system. So I suggest we first put the "Trust" back into the Trust fund so no one could "Borrow" it again. Then I'd propose the same solution for Social Security as Medicare's fix; put all the retirement funds for Government (usually PERS) into the Social Security Trust Fund and then place all government employees on SSA with All of its rules. Again, I believe Congress will loathe being on SSA, with all its rules and regulations, so an amiable set of retirement options would be found. Social Security issues solved.

I'd like to close with this thought; The reason we have so many problems and seem to be on a sprint into Socialism is not due to the true Liberals but Progressives in all parties. Remember, they have been trying to 'progressively' change the American Government into a Marxist/Socialist Utopian State (a fantasy which has been attempted many times but never realized because it can't exist). They started in the late 19th century and by the time President Oblahblah was installed as Potus, he figured we had reached the tipping point and his Marxist/Socialist presidency would be the end of our Free Market system. We need to root out the deep-state trouble makers who are responsible for all the leaks and stop President Oblahblah from world governance via the United Nations; his enduring dream. In fact, if you've been blind for four years and haven't noticed, ALL his actions and proposals are base on Re-distribution of wealth. Just another way of taking from those who have (even though they worked for it) and give it to those who don't have (even though they have never worked and just want a free hand-out) which is a main tenant of Marxism. Now, people on ObamaScare say it's great and want to keep it, but those are only people either getting masssive subsedies or on Medicaid. Oblahblah and his cohorts knew that once people started getting free sh*t it's dman hard to get it back. No one talks about is the number of jobs grow, Employer provided Healthcare grows with it.