Friday, June 12, 2009

Latest Conspiracy Theory

Okay, I know this is going to sound weird but here goes anyway. This has to do with the torture pictures that the ACLU sued to get released to the public. These photos were used to prosecute the offenders and they were punished.

Here’s the setup:

When Barack Obama first came into power, he said he was reversing the Presidential policy on this issue and would, in fact, release all of the photos they had, not just the 40 some requested because we have nothing to hide.

Later, after much protesting from Military commanders, he changed his mind and declared that no pictures would be released after all.

He also releases the CIA memos detailing enhanced interrogation methods.

In the meantime, Nancy Pelosi gets involved in the water boarding “Torturing” hot potato described in these memos and ends up blasting the CIA by accusing them of lying to her. She ends up refusing to talk to the press about it anymore (and the spineless Press core acquiesces to her demands).

Obama administration declare that the information gleaned by using the enhanced interrogation techniques could have been obtained through normal, Military defined methods. Muslim world agitated by memos.

Dick Cheney rebuts administration claims and requests release of document notes that detailed who were told what and when they were informed. Also arguing that the notes indicated what information was gleaned and the fact that the normal Military interrogation techniques were ineffective on the three terrorists that were water boarded. Request is denied and as of the date of this editorial has not been released.

President Obama tells Israel it must stop all further settlements on the West Bank to ensure a peace process can begin. He voices approval of Iran’s Nuclear Energy program say that no one nation has the right to stop another nation from the right to pursuing Nuclear power (although he will not allow further Nuclear energy development in the US!).

Barack Hussein Obama makes a trip to Egypt to speak to all Muslims and snubs Israel.

The Senate adds a rider to the Military expenditure bill that is to support our troops in the field which dictates that these photos could not be released for five years. The bill passes the Senate unanimously.

Bill only passes the House when the Senate picture rider is removed. The objection to the rider was championed by Nancy Pelosi.

Here’s the Conspiracy theory:

Barack Obama only reversed his release of the pictures to further agitate extremist Muslims by giving them reason to believe that, contrary to his comments, he had a lot to hide. He never intended to do nothing but release them, only at his good time.

He released the “Torture” techniques memos to incite the Muslim world and to give Muslim Extremist the impression the two items were connected (torture allowed and many, many disgusting photos of these torture methods being applied). The result was to provide ammunition for extremists to press their hate against the US.

He will never agree to release the interrogation memos that VP Cheney is requesting thereby protecting Nancy Pelosi.

He also quietly rescinded the CIA’s investigation powers and gave this responsibility to the FBI. This also further protects Speaker Pelosi as the argument that she feels they lied to her would be rendered mute since they no longer perform investigations.

Speaker Pelosi’s action against protecting the photos in the Military bill is just her payment to Obama for the protection…Chicago politics at its finest.

I believe that the photos will be released and will cause an increase in assaults on US and Allied troops. If he did not want the photos release he could have invoked Presidential privilege and the photos would have been protected. Although he stated he would do all in his power to protect the photos when the rider was stripped, he did not invoke this action.

The conclusion:

Why do I believe in this conspiracy? Well, at best I mark him as a true left wing radical extremist who believes that the ends justify the means and damn the collateral damage. He does not care about how many lives may be lost as long as it causes the uproar required to remove all US involvement in the Middle East.

Additionally, he is setting up Israel to be on its own as far as Iran and the rest of the Middle East is concerned. He has absorbed Rev. Wright’s Hatred of Israel and everything Jewish.

What is the worst case scenario? Well, I won’t go there for now.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I know that Barack Obama did not invent the process of creating posts designated as “Czars”, but he is, no doubt, the largest user…no make that Abuser of the tradition. It appears he is attempting to fulfill his promise to create new jobs by appointing more Czars than Russia endured in its entire history. Well I guess a job is a job but there is a danger here. Although no one in the Obama administration will admit it, these posts are just a way to circumvent Congressional oversight.

Since a Czar answers to no one other than the President himself, any domain overseen by a Czar, does not seem to adhere to Obama’s “transparent” government promise. We, as well as Congress, do not even know how many peasants work for these Czars or what anyone’s salary is, including the Czar himself. Since these appointments are at the President’s whim, there is no congressional investigation into an appointee’s background. Is Obama using this because he has no faith in his own cabinet choices or is he just tired of having so many nominees rejected for Income Tax reasons? At any rate, the last count I heard was 16 Czars and there has to be more to come. We haven’t heard of him appointing a Stupid Study (SS) Czar as of yet.

How do we get the Supreme Court to stop defining law and start enforcing Constitutional Law? That’s the only way put a clamp on Barack Hussein Obama.