Monday, June 8, 2009


I know that Barack Obama did not invent the process of creating posts designated as “Czars”, but he is, no doubt, the largest user…no make that Abuser of the tradition. It appears he is attempting to fulfill his promise to create new jobs by appointing more Czars than Russia endured in its entire history. Well I guess a job is a job but there is a danger here. Although no one in the Obama administration will admit it, these posts are just a way to circumvent Congressional oversight.

Since a Czar answers to no one other than the President himself, any domain overseen by a Czar, does not seem to adhere to Obama’s “transparent” government promise. We, as well as Congress, do not even know how many peasants work for these Czars or what anyone’s salary is, including the Czar himself. Since these appointments are at the President’s whim, there is no congressional investigation into an appointee’s background. Is Obama using this because he has no faith in his own cabinet choices or is he just tired of having so many nominees rejected for Income Tax reasons? At any rate, the last count I heard was 16 Czars and there has to be more to come. We haven’t heard of him appointing a Stupid Study (SS) Czar as of yet.

How do we get the Supreme Court to stop defining law and start enforcing Constitutional Law? That’s the only way put a clamp on Barack Hussein Obama.

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