Friday, November 2, 2012

Fact Checking Lies Obama told

Wow, where do we begin on this one? Well let's start with the last debate when Governor Mitt Romney said that under President Obama's Administration, approved drilling permits were down 50%. Obama's reply? "Not True". When Mr. Romney then asked "What is the percentage Mr. President ?" The reply was we have produced more oil and gas than at any time in our history. Problem is Governor Romney was speaking about Federally Controlled Lands and although not 50%, it is apparent that the Private Sector produced increased oil and gas in spite of the Obama Administration. Unfortunately for President Obama, the information can be found online at The Bureau of Land Management website and "The Truth Will Set You Free" Blog which displays the following picture providing an indication of Obama's lack of Honesty. 

By the way, the BLM site is a Government site and contains a lot of information including graphs similar to this one, but going back to 1988. Check out the detail for yourself it is quite amazing.

Another untruth straight from the Emperor's mouth was the fact that he had nothing to do with the Military Budget cuts which are to , by law, take place January 1, 2013. According to our Avoider-in-Chief, it was all the fault of Congress and furthermore they weren't going to happen at all. Funny how Barack Obama claims that the Governor is suffering from Romnesia as reported on the Puffington Host  The real victim of Romnesia is Obama himself. As I remember his feeble attempt to shift all blame from himself to Congress was  by setting up a committee to pass a budget since his only proposal went down in flames without a single supporting vote. So President Obama, having failed to even work on the budget while he owned both house of Congress actually broke Constitutional Law and set up a committee to work on a budget; A "Super-committee" that was doomed from the start [and everyone knew that because of its composition]. Of course that was the to get a budget and take Obama off the hook. Then automatic cuts to Military budgets would take place in 2013. 

I wanted to include many more "Untruths" spoken by the President but I am sick and if I want to post this blog prior to the election, I better get it out today, even though no one reads the crap I write about,  Just ask yourself this, you Obama fans, are you going to fall for the same promises he made in 2008 and didn't follow though with? As far as I can see the only promise he did keep was to "Fundamentally transform the United States of America" ...problem is he is transforming it into the United Soviet States of America.