Thursday, August 4, 2016

Analyzing Hillary Clinton's Acceptance Speech and continuing falsehoods

Before we can discuss  Hillary Clinton's
DNC acceptance speech, here's a YouTube video that contains her entire oration if you need to jog your memory or if, like Bill Clinton, you may have nodded off and missed some of it. If you don't need to refresh your memory or if you are finished brushing up on it, let's start with a fact checking of Hillary's speech
   Next up is an excerpt of the House query of FBI Director James Comey on the Clinton email investigation. This clip contains questioning by Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC)

Now judge for yourself, in the answers supplied by Mrs. Clinton, if she was truthful in her interview Sunday July 31st by Chris Wallace on his FOX News Sunday show:  
Let's change gears now and talk about the Lame Stream Media. When Donald Trump says something about a Gold Star Family, it is reported on and talked about ad Nauseum, but you never hear about Hillary Clinton basically calling Sean Smith's mother and the families of the rest of the Benghazi four liars. Listen to more from FOX News Sunday:
   This is where I need to point out the differences between Hillary's lies to Gold Star family members and Trump's response to Khizr Khan's speech at the Democratic convention. First we need to look Khan's speech featured below:

Here's a summary video of  Mr. Trump's response and further condemnation from Democrats and Clinton.

Before I go on it might help people to better understand the man, Khizr Khan. Checking out this website should provide some clarity. I might add that although Mr. Khan suffered tremendously by his courageous son's death, a father does not necessarily share views with his offspring (a prime example is Benjamin Franklin and his son William).

Now, let's see how Hillary Clinton treats Gold Star families. Keep in mind she voted for the Iraq war that killed Capt. Humayun Khan,

Then you need to see Hillary Clinton's sparring with  the Benghazi families:
Now we need to point out a few differences between Donald Trump's views and Hillary Clinton's actual record:
  1.  Donald Trump has only talked about restricting refugees from entering the US, so I fail to see the relevance of Mr. Khan's Constitutional question. The Constitution does cover all legal residents, not just citizens, living in America; but it does NOT provide coverage for persons seeking entry into the USA.
  2. Mr. Trump had NOTHING to do with the Iraq war so why was he singled out by Khan?
  3. Hillary Clinton did vote for the Iraq war, so shouldn't Mr. Khan take exception to  her rather than with Donald Trump?
  4. Hillary Clinton had EVERTHING to do with the Libyan war that left the country in shambles allowing Al-Qaeda, and subsequently ISIS, to control their government.
  5. Hillary Clinton also had the diplomatic staff at he CIA annex in Benghazi...Why? The US embassy is in Tripoli NOT Benghazi.
  6. The following probably outlines why the Benghazi location was used, keeping the embassy out of proceedings, and why all security requests were denied lest attention be drawn to Hillary's gun running operation.
  7. Donald J Trump has been mercilessly attacked, by both sides of the aisle, for his comments about stopping Muslim refugees from entering our nation until a proper vetting procedure can be established.
  8. Barack Obama's administration has already allowed over 2000 Syrian refugees into our county, without any vetting at all, with 2500 more to join them. DHS director Jeh Johnson has declared all Syrians, no matter their legality of entry, Sanctuary under the 2012 TPS (Temporary Protected Status). As an aside, no one has ever lost their "temporary" status. This protection means anyone covered can obtain a green card and permanent residency...even though they may be Jihadists. The application of this status must be changed to include approval of congress and Potus. The DHS Secretary should not have unfettered access.
  9. Not satisfied with Obama's number of un-vetted Syrians 5800 plus 2500 new arrivals), Hillary proposes to cover 65,000 a year additional Syrians under TPS
I was almost ready to post this rant when I found this little goodie that illustrates the zombie-like morons, including Warren Buffet (seated on her right; screen left), who support Hillary Clinton...