Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The 2nd Amendment

I realize that the Constitution requires changes (living document treatment) due to changing factors, but I always wondered why the Radical Left was, and still is, so determined in its attempts to de-fang the 2nd Amendment. They cannot get it repealed, so instead, they attempt to neutralize its power to enable their efforts to impose strict, ridged gun control. I think I have figured out the reason behind their efforts and why gun control is so crucial to their interests.

First we must understand the founding father’s reasoning behind making the right to own and bear arms so high on their list of priorities. I assume that the amendment’s number is reflective of its importance, so being the 2nd Amendment indicates the Founding Fathers believed the right for citizens to own firearms was only subservient to our freedom of speech. Forget whatever you have heard from the Radical Left, the reason the Constitution upholds the right to own firearms is because without the Colonists ownership of guns, the revolution would probably have failed. Also remember, in Europe at the time only the upper class could own guns and hunt; thereby ensuring they could never be seriously challenged by the Hoi-Polloi.

Second, to eviscerate the 2nd Amendment, the Radical Left will distort, spread lies and even fabricate facts concerning the terrible events directly related to gun ownership. A good example is the 90% of guns used Mexico’s Drug Cartels recovered come from the US. Even after the ATF invalidated this figure, as it was being used, it has been repeated, without serious challenge, by every gun control advocate and Radical Left Politico such as the Secretary of State and even the President of the United States.

Third we have to realize that although Janet Napolitano apologized to the Military Veterans who were characterized as potential terrorists in her Homeland Security report, there was no apology to the Gun owners and 2nd Amendment proponents who were similarly slandered.

Fourth we need to scrutinize Janeane Garofalo’s and Nancy Pelosi’s comments about the Tea Parties. They viewed the participants with disdain, but the important thing here is that this is the attitude of ALL the Radical Left. They consider Right Wing Radicals to be a threat to the nation and with the current administration; Left Wing Radicals get to determine who comprises the Radical Right. So far it includes returning US Military veterans, Believers in God, all gun owners and anyone not sharing the views of the Radical Left.

Putting everything together, I believe that the Radical Left is pushing America into a 21st Century Revolution and they want to ensure that it will not become a shooting Revolution, which no sane person wants anyway. However, they will not hesitate to use force to subdue the “Radical” Right, when they deem it is appropriate and they get to determine if, when and where it is appropriate.

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