Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A guide to fix America

In order to correct the problems that our country suffers from, I believe that we must take the steps listed below (in the order listed):

#1 - Acknowledge God's place in the United States…and announce we support freedom of religion, but get it through the thick skulls of the radical left that our constitution does NOT guarantee freedom FROM religion.
#2 - Take back control of our Constitution.
#3 - Remove all government employees who have sworn to uphold the constitution but have not. Then immediately hold special elections to replace them.
#4 - Withdraw from the UN and kick it out of New York.
#5 - Take over the military arm of NATO and move it into the New York area vacated by the removal of the UN.
#6 – Beef up border patrol and homeland security with funds saved from monies no longer being paid to UN. Resolve “ILLEGAL” alien situation once and for all…preferably by national vote to decide actions to take.
#7 - Scrutinize all foreign aide and remove any sent to our enemies. Review aide sent to any belligerent allies and remove as deemed proper both military and monetary.
#8 - Replace current Income Tax with straight either a National Sales Tax or a straight percentage with no deductions or exemptions for anyone (structure the system based upon race track payouts). Bottom line is to achieve zero fillings and tax EVERYONE (including Welfare Recipients).
#9 - Replace Medicare and Medicaid with consolidated Medical Treatment for anyone that needs it, but do NOT nationalize health care. Add recouped Foreign Aide funds to the combined Medicare and Medicaid coffers.
#10 - Work on reducing National Debt. Set target date for balanced budget and stick to it. Stress removing debt from unfriendly countries first.
#11 – Review 1st amendment and make changes that would not allow burning of our flag. Base this action on a National Referendum.
#12 – Replace governmental mandates on businesses with fines instead. E.g.: Set up guidelines for clean air reduction and fine auto companies that do not comply. Quit telling them what cars to sell. Use fine money to fund EPA for researching clean air alternatives.
#13 – Set up congressional review online by constituents. In other words make all government bills and actions transparent to US citizens; Set up White House web site and only allow access to US Citizens. Also provide method for citizen impeachment for corrupt officials on same web site.
#14 – Get rid of the Electoral College and Elect Presidents based upon popular vote.
#15 – Add constitutional amendment to prohibit any government takeover of private business. In fact, make it unconstitutional for Governments to “bail out” any private business let alone have any control over operations of anytime (this should not be necessary, but apparently it is!)
#16 – Organize panel to review Monroe Doctrine and consider tightening control over the area defined. Maybe a little isolation is good…after all we don’t want to subject anyone to our arrogant, dismissive and derisive attitudes.
#17 – Remove and/or downsize Government agencies and reduce Federal Government size. Put in place online referendum to keep track of the Federal Government size.
#18 – Amend the Constitution to define marriage as a union between a man and a women, but provide the same benefits for all significant others.
#19 – Insert fourth group into the checks and balances system by creating a function to provide Citizenship vote to override Supreme Court decisions that affect the Nation as a whole.
#20 – Install rules that ban a President from nominating and judges from his own political party; maybe better judges will be selected.
#21 – Restore the separate election of Vice-Presidents (as was done in the past).
#22 – Remove current Presidential succession after the Vice-President to be that the Speaker of the House and Secretary of State only be temporary until successors from Congress can be elected. This election should adhere to the same process as other elections.

Numbers 21 and 22 above stem from my dread that my country can be governed by a person I did not vote for or even against; the Vice-President could be looked upon as a political appointee…the Speaker of the House was only voted for by one state,

I’m sure that there are other, significant steps that I have probably omitted, but I feel these step would be a good start.

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