Saturday, April 11, 2009

Europe’s “Love” for Barack Obama

It does seem that Europe has fallen in love with Barack Obama…at least in the way they treated and are still greeting him. This love does not translate into Europe adopting his ideas on financial recovery, which they have rejected out of hand. Why does Barack Obama garner love when George Bush only seemed to be treated with disdain and hatred?
Well first it appears that the treatment in the Press has a lot to do with the Aura for Obama and the Stigma for Bush. Examples:

“It will take President Bush less than a minute to take the oath of office next Thursday, but before the inaugural events are over some $40 million may be spent on parades, parties and pyrotechnics.” - By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS as Published: January 13, 2005 in the “New York Times”

“There was no shortage of powerful imagery on Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day, starting with the confident man who defied all political conventions — that he was too young, too inexperienced, too black or not black enough — to stand on the steps of the Capitol and take the oath of office in a city and a country that are still racially divided in many shameful ways. “…
…“In his Inaugural Address, President Obama gave them the clarity and the respect for which all Americans have hungered. In about 20 minutes, he swept away eight years of President George Bush’s false choices and failed policies and promised to recommit to America’s most cherished ideals.”…
…“As the day continued with a parade and parties and balls, the image that stayed with us was the way the 44th president managed to embrace the symbolism and rise above it. It filled us with hope that with Mr. Obama’s help, this battered nation will be able to draw together and mend itself. “- Editorial as Published: January 20, 2009 in the “New York Times” – Not a word about the over $100 million dollar cost! Also these Editorial headlines were also published on January 20, 2009. Additionally these four articles were published in the New York Times and also not one mentioned the exorbitant cost of his inauguration in any negative way…
“Nation’s Many Faces in Extended First Family”
“Obama Is Sworn In as the 44th President”
“Impressive Crowd in City Used to Pomp”
“Abroad, Many Hope for ‘New Chapter’”

I think the second and maybe most important factor is that the Europeans, having listened to Mr. Obama’s disgraceful rants about President Bush, figure that this was a man they could push around and so far that seems to be the case.

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