Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where I disagree with Glenn Beck

For the most part, I agree with almost everything Glenn Beck says...with only three exceptions. First, Mr. Beck does not believe that our President is deliberately leading our country down the path of Socialism. He believes that presidential advisers and czars are the culprits. He doesn't believe that a president would deliberately ruin American. I whole heartily disagree with this belief . Second, I believe Mr. Beck poo-poos the importance of money (as it relates to Washington Corruption) as an issue that needs to be resolved...again I believe money (and Lobbying)is one of the largest problems in our government today. Third, and lastly, Glenn Beck states that we can restore our country with ballots and not bullets. Although this is my strongest wish and I pray to God Glenn is absolutely correct on this point, I am not so sure that we can recover our country with ballots and what other option does that leave us?

FIRST: I believe that President Obama IS intentionally leading us down the path of financial ruin and a large, socialized government. As Glenn Beck himself said, President Obama is not dumb...he is very intelligent. The President is a community organizer and life long Socialist (I am being kind here because I could have said Marxist and been even more accurate). As Barack Obama himself quoted, his Grandmother "People will know you by the company you keep"; and "If you remain friends with people up to no good, you are bound to become like them". Look at his friends and the company he keeps and they are almost all evil. Most are either Marxists, Socialists or even Communists, many are tax evaders and most are radicals from the 60's. He is merely following his own beliefs and the game plan of George Soros; World Socialist government. Why is Obama amassing such debt...he wants our system to collapse upon itself so he can establish his World Socialist Government. He is following the Saul Alinsky inspired Cloward-Piven Strategy which is to overload the Government with welfare entitlements to hasten it's collapse. As Glenn is promoting these days "There are no coincidences" and President Obama, his administration cronies and Progressive members of Congress are trying to "Fundamentally change" the USA into the USSA (United Soviet States of America). They are duping liberal left members of Congress, even more than their disgusted supporters, into thinking that the Progressive agenda is the Liberal Left agenda. Wrong, the Left Liberals are still wanting a Constitutional Capitalist Government, not Marxist Socialism. I can only take solace in the fact that I believe Barack Obama is a very ambitious guy and my guess is that if the US is transformed into a Socialist Nation, he will turn on Andy Sterns, George Soros ET AL, and try to rule like Chairman Mao. If he does, at least he will be easier to overthrow than if he conforms to the Global Socialist Government principal being orchestrated by Soros.

SECOND: I totally agree with Glenn Beck's proposals to institute Congressional term limits and tie Government salaries to either the medium or average (not the same) American wage. However, we also need to completely reform the Political money handling process in America today. I am not talking about the lip-service "reforms" Congress has instituted in the past; soft versus hard money, Bull Hockey! I am talking about making our Government responsible to the people they are supposed to represent and not the Special Interests that buy support via Lobbying. I firmly believe we need to treat Lobbying as the crime that it is, bribery. I would also take away many of the perks enjoyed by the President and Congress (I feel the Supreme Court needs to be examined separately). If they had to pay for the fuel they used themselves, then maybe they would pay more attention to the price of gas. We also need to stop providing Airplanes and Automobiles for their travel; especially from home to work. They need to be limited to the same, Corporate and IRS rules that American workers observe. That would mean filing expense reports with a certain limits; personally paying out of pocket expenses exceeding those allowable limits. Cost allowance for Airline Tickets would be based on the price of coach tickets, so if the person wants to upgrade or take along non-essential personnel, could pay for themselves. Not only will this reduce costs for the Military (Planes, Maintenance, Pilots & Fuel etc.) but would also help the economy by pay private industries for Congressional travel. Additionally, we must remove the role money plays in our elections. This is no easy task and there are people smarter than I am who should devise a method by which donated money can be allocated evenly to all candidates. The time and efforts expanded seeking election funds would be much better used to perform legislative tasks, like reading bills for example. Money, our Government has so aptly demonstrated, is the "root of all evil".

Third: My last disagreement with Mr. Beck is not that I have any problem with his avocation of Martin Luther King Jr.'s and Mahatma Gandhi's peaceful nonviolence philosophies but I am not convinced that their strategy will succeed under this administration. I must remind everyone that Peaceful Protests do not always work; their success depends upon the times, places and circumstances. No protests of any kind are allowed in many places of the world today (Iran seems to be the perfect poster child). The Tiananmen Square Massacre did not occur in the Dark Ages (1989) and do you honestly believe that Stalin or Hitler or Mao would condone any "unauthorized" protests, even peaceful ones? Because if you do I would ask if you would be interested in buying acreage in the Lost Continent of Atlantis. Remember, Gandhi was protesting the British rule in India and Mr. King was protesting for Civil Rights in a still, Constitutionally protected America. Neither would qualify as a Marxist, Socialist or Radical Islamic environments. So, although I strongly endorse the Peaceful Protests Glenn advocates, I am not so sure it will succeed, but the peaceful path must be followed until the Progressives in our Government turn to violence. That is why our Founding Fathers gave us the Right "...to keep and bear Arms" as second only to the First Amendment because, to quote President Jefferson:

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government"

"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."

I'd like to suggest a poem (obviously pirated from Glenn Beck) for all Conservative signs, clothing and flags until our own Government betrays us:

"Neither Hatred nor Violence or Mandated Silence,
Will be used to ensure total Federal Compliance;
The people have stated in a loud and firm voice,
Make the Government smaller for that is our choice!"

PS - Before publishing this blog entry we have been notified to the latest trick employed by the Barack H. Obama regime, to ensure their version of a thousand year Reich, on the Glenn Beck Show. This is the attempt the use of the Tennessee Plan to establish Puerto Rico as the 51st state. With Illegal Alien Amnesty; statehood proposal for the Washington DC area and this Puerto Rico boondoggle, Comrade Obama will have enough votes to carry "Democratic" elections for eternity.

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