Tuesday, April 6, 2010

President Obama's Next Steps

Instead of ramming through Cap & Trade (or if you prefer Crap & Tax); instead of providing the EPA with the power to implement C&T policy (thereby bypassing Congress); instead of demanding hybrid & electric automobiles and instead of setting unreasonable and expensive goals to implement Gasoline mileage requirements, we should be studying ways to First make our country independent from Foreign Oil (Off-shore Drilling, Shale Oil etc.); Second improve our aging Energy Infrastructure; Third review and improve our current energy consumption (best done the Capitalist way such as charging more for usage during peak hours or seasons of the year); Fourth, challenge Private Industry to discover cleaner coal burning and then Lastly study feasible alternative energy sources (Natural Gas, Hydrogen, Wind and/or Solar Power etc.) I for one refuse to believe, if Government gets out of the way, that the Private Business Sector cannot discover cleaner methods for burning coal. Keep in mind that 50 to 75% (I have heard a wide range of statistics) of US Electricity is generated by burning coal. I have also heard that the US has huge (if not the Largest) Natural Gas reserves and since the technology already exists and is very clean, why not focus on using Natural Gas for transportation instead of Petroleum or Electric fuel sources? Remember, when the Government got out of the way, the private industry developed a viable Space craft, so why not Hydrogen powered transportation?

Giving the EPA enforcement power for policy not authorized by Congress is unconstitutional. The Congress cannot delegate powers granted to it by the Constitution and the Obama administration is both circumventing Congress as well as "delegating" its powers to the EPA. It is just another way to implement C&T even when it can't get Congressional approval and this is flatly wrong. President Obama has already made his cabinet irrelevant through the empowerment of his many Czars and now has done the same thing to Congress. Next to marginalize are American Citizens (and their voting clout) by granting the multitude of illegal aliens currently residing in the US with amnesty. I guarantee that if Obama's job destruction policies (which swell the Welfare Rolls with devotees) and amnesty plan do not sufficiently increase his voting base to ensure re-election, he will use the Tea Party and Conservative "Radical" uprisings as an excuse for declaring Marshal Law and suspending elections for an indefinite period.

All this man has done, since gaining power, has been to to increase that power; recklessly spend masses sums of money to suffocate us with unsustainable debt and attempt to"Transform" America to a mere pawn under a world power organization of socialism. Oh, and let's not forget the third part of our Government, the Supreme Court. If President Obama cannot install sufficient numbers of radical, Progressive Justices, I assume that he will orchestrate some ridiculous reason for disbanding the entire Court, but more of this
in a separate rant.

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