Thursday, February 17, 2011

Left Wing Progressive Gaffes

For that group of Bush, Palin & Tea Party Bashers who have claimed, at one time or another, that all these people are just idiot rednecks who don't have the the mental capacity of a rotten tomato [Al gore take note: tomato is not spelled with an"E" at the end ~I stand corrected on this mistake; it was Dan Quayle who misspelled tomato; so this was a Right Wing Gaffe] , I offer my tribute, not paraphrased or embellished by my own interpretations but as a Teabagger just smart enough to watch and listen to them awing us with their higher level of education and superior intellect as spoken, unaltered, in their own words. I will present these pearls of wisdom in categories and the first category is  Barack Obama:.

Of course at the top of the list must be president Barack Obama when he was running for the office he now holds:

...Or how about this "Failure to Geogrophate" example:

How about this Obama Gem in Montana ~ Losing 700 jobs a month...That would be Great!

Then there's what happens when the Teleprompter is broke or can't be used...

...And could someone please tell me how Colonoscopies prevent Prostrate cancer?

Oh, and this one explains our President's grasp on Mathematics:

How would the press have reacted if Bush had made this Boo-Boo?

How about The President & his Press Secretary Disagreeing about $ 100 Million dollars:

Then, what year did America begin? Don't believe Obama on this one...

I'll end this blog with this Obama Gaffe...from a Christian? No wonder people are confused about his faith. Even he doesn't seem to know. By the way, there are many, many more  Obama-isms as well as some pretty stupid comments from others in this president's administration and if I get enough comments requesting more I will put out another blog on this subject...

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