Saturday, July 31, 2010

Answering a Progressive

Before I begin, I want to explain three things; The first is why I placed this particular Blog entry under "Religion and Philosophy" instead of "News and Politics". Although the statements I am responding to are indeed political; they exhibit the philosophy of Left-wing Politics as well as the "religion" of Evolutionism and there is no category of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, so I chose the class label which contains two out of three.

Secondly, the Progressive disease which has infected All Political parties with a fatal pestilence that threatens to destroy our Republic, is not limited to the far left wing of the Democrats, although the Democratic Party has been hijacked by this Progressivism movement.

The third and final point I need to make is that Progressives label All conservatives, including Independents, (the few remaining) Democrats, Tea Party and Republicans simply as "Republican", a term they have equated with "Fat-Cats".

Now that you have been dutifully educated as to the Political atmosphere of America today, here are the venomous statements which require a humble response from me.

"It is tempting to begin a sentence about today's Republican Party
with the words, 'Just when you thought they couldn't get any
dumber,' but then you realize you're talking about a group that
actively thwarts benefits for the unemployed while pimping tax
cuts for rich people, a group that champions a political base
which by and large doesn't believe dinosaurs existed because
they're not in the Bible but can't stand the thought of stem cell
research making people whole again, who attack the ideas and
policies of the majority with vehemence but absolutely refuse to
offer any of their own, and you come to the realization that you
can't begin a sentence with those words, because there really is
no bottom to this particular barrel."

It is tempting to respond to your malicious verbiage with the words: "Just when you thought it was safe to listen to a Left Leaning Progressive Liberal again", they surprise you with comments that just makes blood shoot out of your eyes. Let me begin by requesting that before making comments about the Bible, perhaps people should read it first. To quote the scriptures: Job 40:15 "Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox.". This verse is generally interpreted by Christians and Jews alike to mean that Dinosaurs Did exist...they just existed in a later Epoch than the Evolutionists would have you believe.

Statements such as: The Republican Party just want to give money to the rich (e.g.: Fat Cats) while denying benefits to the unemployed without offering alternative solutions is the kind of Propaganda regurgitated by these Progressives in spite of their make that in spite of their awareness of the truth. Re-stated in simpler, laymen terms that even I can understand, they lie. This statement is deceptive in its assertions because:

1. The reason for Conservative opposition to Extending Unemployment is the expansion of this entitlement that tends to result in reduced job searches

2. They oppose taxing individuals making $250,000 and above because not all these are “Rich People” and in fact includes 90% of the Small Business owners (who file their taxes as Individuals) ~ Since the small businesses are the engine of our economy, this taxation is stifling job growth.

3. Conservatives do have an alternate plan; reduce Taxes, allowing more money to flow into our economy and reduce spending because history has proven the only way to recover a sagging economy is to reduce both taxes and spending. Name the country (and there are many) that have tried to recover their economy by employing massive spending measures and then name the ones that succeeded…I’ll save you the trouble; the answer is None.

4. Stem cell research is Not opposed by Conservatives; new, Embryonic stem cell production is opposed because we believe that a human life is sacrificed to create these stem cells. What is asinine is the assertion by Progressives that these new stem cells are required; they are not. Not yet because the on hand supplies of these are far from being exhausted and Afterbirth can provide many more stem cells, so prudent use of existing stem cells, augmented by those which can be created from discarded Placentas, should last a long time into the future.

5. The United States is and has been politically, a center right country with a majority of its population identifying itself as either Conservative (42%) or Moderate ( 35%) and only 25% as Liberal ( as reported in Wikipedia’s Definition of Political Ideologies in the United States which contains the Progressives since they cannot be Conservative nor can they abide Moderates (just ask the Moderate Democrats that have been pushed out of the Democratic part like Joe Lieberman)

I am sorry for taking so much time to respond and that my response is so wordy, but the progressives have been eating away at the fabric of our Republic for over 100 years, so trying to cram in enough facts to expose their prevarications takes time. Besides, as we Conservatives have discovered, once we expose a lie they just go on to another without ever apologizing for the exposed one; regardless of whether the lie was intentional or not. What makes it even more difficult to get these wild eyed fanatics to understand they are actually In the minority is the actions taken by Congress. The Progressives in Congress hold a majority (when you add the Non-progressive Left Wing Nuts to their numbers) and no matter what we "little" people try to tell the 'Wackos" running our government, they continue to follow the Progressive agenda. This only instills the belief in that part of our country that has been brain-washed via a progressively infested Public and Collegiate school system that they are in the majority.

This is dangerous...this is quite dangerous to the survival of our beloved Republic. Why you ask, well this turning of a deaf ear to the people was one of the main reasons for our Revolutionary War. Do you not recall the phrase "No taxation without representation". We "little" people feel that we no longer have representation in our you get my drift?

Signed one of the few, remaining Conservative Democrats,
Paul D Garber

PS - I just heard one of the best examples of Propaganda being force-fed to the American people example that everyone should be able to relate to and comprehend. A spokesman, no make that a Shill for the Obama Administration was on the News responding to accusations concerning the sad lack of action concerning the Arizona border by those who are supposed to be providing Border Security stated "...the facts are that the borders are more secure now than they have ever been". This was the favorite tool of Joseph Goebbels, the man credited with perfecting "...the 'Big Lie' technique of propaganda, which is based on the principle that a lie, if audacious enough and repeated enough times, will be believed by the masses". The Borders cannot be "safer than they have ever been"...why? Well because our Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano who, has expressed this exact same fabrication herself, was appointed to her position directly from the Governorship of Arizona where she, a fact conveniently forgotten perhaps, was constantly begging Congress and the White House for more and better border security.,

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