Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stop the Corruption

I watched the Glenn Beck 9/12 program Saturday, September 12th and I agree that he hit the nail on the head about the biggest problem in our government; corruption. I feel that this corruption is being facilitated by the greed of Congress for money and power along with obfuscation and manipulation of actual legislation. In order to help remove this corruption from Washington, DC, we must implement the following changes as soon as possible:

First, we need to install real election reforms that limit the money that can be spent on all Federal campaigns and eliminate the “coffers” of individual candidates. Each candidate is to have the same resources as any other and must adhere to spending limits. Also, I really don’t see the validity of the “Two Party” system anymore. Since there are so many small, independent parties, we need to lump all Independents into one “party” and run a primary to select one independent candidate for each office just as we elect one from the Democrats and Republicans. Campaign monies need to be provided and regulated by the Treasury department and funded by taxpayer dollars only, no more “Hard” or “Soft” monies. No individual or group political commercials should be allowed to be broadcast during defined, election periods. This is not squashing freedom of speech any more than not allowing political posters within polling areas. The details need to be determined by a nation-wide, non-partisan vote to be reviewed prior to every Presidential election; every four years.

Second, since all election funds will be supplied by taxpayers and have spending limits, there will be no reason for allowing Lobbying of any kind in any area of our government; Congressional, Judicial and Executive. There should be punishments defined and enforced for both Government Employees and Lobbyists since it should be considered bribery.

Third, there needs to be term limits applied to the House and the Senate just as there is for the president. Also, their whole compensation and benefit packages need reforming. I realize that the idea was to compensate good people enough to attract and keep them in the government but it has, unfortunately, attracted too many corrupt people interested in accumulating wealth and power. Why should people accumulate fortunes in Government service when their “Bosses” are mired in low wages, suffer reduced or lost benefits and are more limited in their pension or SSA qualifications and payments? The position of “Speaker of the House” needs to be a single term limit, period. Otherwise this position needs to be voted by the people not the house majority party. This is too powerful a position to be appointed through politics.

Fourth, there needs to be moral statutes to which our Government officials should be held accountable. This should also apply to all presidential appointees.

Fifth, there will be no presidentially appointed “Czars”... The president can appoint as many individuals as he deems fit to be special advisors but the appointment of advisors that wield power is unconstitutional. Therefore, all advisors should be required to pass Senatorial scrutiny and investigation.

Sixth there needs to be extensive bill reform. Since, by the Constitution, all laws must originate in the House, no outside entity, such as the Apollo organization should be allowed to contribute to any bill let alone author them. The bills should be required to be written at a third grade level (I learned this in management classes). There can be no earmarks…these should be separate bills so nothing can be hidden in a bill and it can stand on its own merit. It needs to be restricted to a small number of pages and also to a small number of amendments (which would also be limited to a 3rd grade language level and number of pages; again, introduce new bills instead). All bills and amendments must be available for viewing and printing online for at least 10 working days prior to any discussion. This site must be available to the general public so people can read and submit their views and wishes to their representatives.

There are many more changes required, but I feel that these should be the first areas addressed and I feel that implementing these changes would do a lot to limiting corruption in our government. I left out change I believe need to be made to the Supreme Court but this area must be scrutinized as well but I would defer to the Judges, Lawyers and Constitutional Watch Dogs for guidance in this arena.

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