Friday, August 7, 2009

New Conspiracy Theory

Why is there always such a rush to push huge, unreadable bills through Congress? Especially since Senator Barack Obama complained about the Bush administration for the exact same thing. The answer is easy; he has hidden items that he does not want anyone to discover before it is signed into a bill. Look at the “Stimulus” (now called “The Recovery”) bill. It had to be rushed through (according to the administration) to get the almost one trillion dollars to the needy areas. Well, it is about six months later and still only about 10% has been released and the reason? Well, now we are told that the “Stimulus” was not to fix the economy immediately, it was to take years and the administration has started calling the Stimulus the Recovery.

In the six months since his inauguration, Barak Hussein Obama has been changing Washington into his idea of a perfect organization. He is on tape claiming that he will have ACORN’s help in changing the political environment in Washington, DC. He has appointed at least 34 Czars and if they have any actual power, they would be unconstitutional. He used TARP funds to takeover AIG, Banks, GM & Chrysler (when the Toxic Assets Recovery Program was only to be used for banks). He has a huge Cap and Trade bill awaiting the Senate’s approval which he himself is on record stating will naturally cause energy prices to sky rocket. He also is pushing for a speedy passage of his Health Insurance (no longer termed Health Care.

All of these programs are going to put our economy into debt for the life of our grandchildren and maybe even great-grandchildren. He is on record stating that he favors a single payer health Care system but tells the people that he apposes a single payer system. If he gets anything through the house, it will automatically pass, just like the “Climate” bill once Joe Biden declares these two bills as Budgetary. Once that is done, it will only take 51 votes to pass and there can be no filibuster. He can get around the Cash for Clunkers monetary short fall by taking money from the Recovery Funds. Who needs Congress anyway?

The Fourth Estate (the Liberal Press) is helping Barack Obama by downplaying tea parties and reporting ten thousand protesters as about only 300. They go along with anything this man does, so he does not have to take over the press; they are already in his back pocket and now he has asked the people to watch for anything “Fishy” being said about the Health Insurance bill. This includes any emails they get; tweets they receive or read and any Blogs that they discover. No other US President has ever asked the people to inform on other people. Does this sound like 1984 or Nazi Germany in the thirties? You bet.

Now comes the Conspiracy part since everything else is actually factual. Eventually, I see a total takeover of all major business by the Government. The next thing to go will be the Congress as they are just getting in the way of the Chosen One to fix all our problems. He already has his Czars in place to replace his cabinet and why would he take the chance of being inhibited by the Supreme Court? He will either have it dissolved or have a majority of his people in place. Of course he can’t be expected to fix all our problems in only one or two terms in office and will change that to read “When the job is done”. Of course the Second Amendment has to be revoked before the people wake up to what he is actually doing. I can’t tell you the precise sequence these events will occur, but I am afraid that they will occur.

Barack Obama has his “Civilian Army” already in place with ACORN, SEIU and AmeriCorps. Does this remind anyone of A Hitler’s SA or SS? I assume that the Gestapo members will probably come from SEIU. Yes, I think Barack Obama is attempting to clone the power acquired by Adolph Hitler.

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