Sunday, February 28, 2010

Health Care Summit Fiasco

What was the real reason behind the Progressive's televised Health Care Summit? If you even watched just the first hour (all I could stomach) you realized it was not a "Summit". Was it a photo-op? Maybe, but I think that it was all part of the "Smoke & Mirrors" distraction of Obama the Magician's show. Why, well first there was and still is no acknowledgement from the Progressives that the GOP was left out of the whole Health Care Legislation crafting within both the House and Senate. All I hear is how the GOP only wants to include their ideas and scrap all of Obama's because they insist on stating anew, as the majority of Americans wish. Just more propaganda from the left.

Let's state the facts...Until Brown won AND was sworn in as the 41st GOP member in the Senate, the GOP might as well have not existed as far as the Obama Administration was concerned (Except of course as a well-worn whipping boy). The GOP could not have successfully filibustered any Legislation because they did not have the required votes without a Democratic defector. The House and the Senate Democrats could not even agree on the same items and if Obama just wanted the Senate bill to go through because he truly believed it was needed by the American people he would have used the Reconciliation process at that point and not threaten to use it now. But that would prove to the People that the Democrats themselves were spilt between the Progressive party members and others.

So, we had this Dog and Pony show where the GOP did not even get as much time to speak as the President alone and where there were lies spewed by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, The President and others about only the GOP holding up the progress on this issue. Don't fall for the lies any more. Remember, the Progressive motto is "You are too dumb to know what is good for you and that the ends justifies the means". If this law is passed I for one will not obey it because it is unconstitutional in the first place and against the wishes of the American people in the second.

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