Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Progressives & Socialists Rule The Repuiblic

I know that I promised my next tirade would be focused on the EPA and Cass Sunstein, but after seeing, listening and watching the news lately, I feel the need to write about the state of our Republic instead as what I had feared from the EPA and Sunstein has, apparently, already occurred.

Since the election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 and witnessing his cabinet, Czars and Court [especially Supreme Court] selections, it has been apparent that this President is a Socialist,  Progressive at best and Muslim, Communist [like his buddy Van Jones ] at worst, and probably most accurate. 
Then there's Hillary Clinton who proclaimed "I consider myself a modern Progressive..." in a quote dated Jul 24, 2007 . This progressive is in  the middle of attempting to invalidate our 2nd Amendment Constitutional Right by signing the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).. For my final example of President Obama's Advisers I present you with our current Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta. Before I talk about this man, let me briefly state why I didn't include our Illustrious Attorney General, Eric Holder in this description of Obama Cronies. I was using the people seemingly intent upon destroying our Constitution. Holder is merely an incompetent thug...But I digress. I had always thought of Leon Panetta as a "No threat to our country" type of fellow until I heard about his [as well as Hillary's] support  for the UN's  Law of the Sea Treaty , aptly dubbed Lost. Oh and for those of you who complain that I had previously only used people with ties to Marxism here's a little detail that was blogged about our head of the DOD. Want more proof,..?Read this BLOG.
Now I must add another Progressive to this list which who signals
the complete takeover of our Government by these people;
 anyone in Congress since it has been made irrelevant by itself, with
the eager help of the Obama Administration].  Gleefully ignoring the
fact that this mandate he declared Constitutional forces all Citizens
to purchase a service from the Government that was formally their
choice in a free market, this man declared it a Constitutional Tax
provision when Emperor Obama himself had proclaimed it not to be a Tax 

Even the other Progressive taxes, Income Tax, SS Tax, Medicare, Medicaid, all apply ONLY if you earn wages. This is the first time even the Progressives have had the ability to tell the American people that not only will we tax you on a purchase of a service but what service you HAVE to buy...Next it will be another commodity or goods [I'm  sensing an edict instructing Americans to purchase ONLY GM products]. This ruling implies that taxes can be assessed in any manner that the presiding President desires. To say that Justice Roberts just followed his confirmation vows, as suggested by some, is absurd. He very conveniently and by slight of hand ignored the issue of the government requiring its Citizens to purchase a commodity and left the door open to ignore the commerce clause of the constitution by just declaring ANY imperial edict a tax. Roberts didn't just join the Progressives he was already a member and Barack Obama knew it. He knew Roberts would tip the scales along with Obama's newly appointed, Progressive women. The takeover of our Republic is now complete.

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