Friday, September 22, 2017

North Korea Counterfeitting

Why should the United States worry about a preemptive strike on North Korea when that rouge nation has already declared war upon us? You didn't hear about it? Well friends believe me when I tell you when one nation counterfeits another countries currency it is viewed the same as "A declaration of War" and North Korea has been doing it to , not only the United States but other nations as well, including China. Kim Jong-il. I'll start this blog with "Inside North Korea's Most Secret Room" If you watch this short YouTube video, you should know what "Bureau 39" is when mentioned in "N. Korean counterfeiting surges as Bureau 39’s checks bounce" (you might also notice how the Irish Government did not  cooperate fully in this matter). This blog entry was written over a year ago by author,  Joshua Stanton , so he might have changed his mind about North Korea being a bigger threat to China than the US given today's situation.

Enter Kim Jong-il's son, Kim Jong-un. aka "Rocket-man" per President Trump, but an overweight person in a country where grass is designated as a vegetable, should be called "Fat-Boy". First because he's Grossly Obese and second his actions don't the description of a "Man" because he's neither an Adult or a Human Person...I rest my case. Anyway, his father was afraid to be dropped by China, but this refugee from a funny farm doesn't care, and so he's desperate to acquire and be feared for his Nuclear arsenal. He found a way to increase his Nuclear Playthings, watch  how North Korea's Counterfeiting Operation Funded Its Nuclear Program  Finally, to see how good these counterfeit dollars are, watch he YouTube video: These Counterfeit "Supernotes" Almost Tricked the Secret Service


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