Monday, September 10, 2007

What don’t Americans understand?

I am offended by statements such as: “America is under attack by Islamic Terrorists because it doesn’t understand...The Palestinian Issue…the Middle Eastern Mind set…Muslim values and has brought this trouble down upon itself because Americans just don’t realize that they are part of the problem”. People insist that if we would only take the time to understand these issues and negotiate in good faith with the terrorists instead of trying to destroy them, peace will prevail.
To this line of reasoning I respond “HORSE FEATHERS and BULL HOCKEY!” I will explain my position and reasoning through a series of rants and my first deals with the assertion that Muslims are a peaceful, religious people who do not advocate terrorism; Islam is a religion of peace; terrorism is not a part of Islam.
I won’t argue with that reasoning; most religions claim the same. However, more people have been massacred for religious reasons than any other. If you don’t believe me just look at the Genocides inflicted upon…Native Americans by Spanish Christians; Jews by Nazi Atheists through the Holocaust; the Armenians, Assyrians and Coptic Greeks due to “relocations” perpetrated by Turkish Muslims. Are not all the deaths caused by all the Crusades attributable to religious beliefs? What about the deaths incurred due to clashes between Irish Catholics and Protestants? Did you know that after Catholicism was outlawed in England, you could be killed just for being a Catholic? Even the Jews cannot be exempted from this discussion if you believe in the Bible’s Old Testament or the Torah in their treatment of the Philistines and Canaanites.
So to simply state that your religion does not condone “Terrorism” (even when that is true) does not absolve a group from practicing terrorist tactics. This is an important point to be made because most Muslims do not believe that the attacks on Israel or Coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan or anywhere where Muslims are fighting falls under the umbrella of terrorism. What Americans DO understand is that we are lumped in, as “The Great Satan”, with everything Israeli by most Muslims, and anything done to the Israelis and their supporters is not terrorism, merely justifiable actions.
So what do we Americans have to learn about this Middle Eastern mind set? Are we to sever all ties with Israel? Are we to let Israel be destroyed? I pray to God we never cut Israel adrift, but I am worried it may happen. I believe that one reason for the assault against Christianity in America is to facilitate cutting bonds with Israel because that is one thing no true Christian can ever do. Why? Because if you believe in the bible, then you believe that it is a Christian’s duty to stand by the Jews. So what we need to teach the World is that just because we believe that Israel has the right to exist (and we will never waiver on this point) doesn’t mean that we are fair game for Terrorists. We need to show the world what happens to those who kill our citizens and allies and friends. And we did this by declaring war against terrorism so attempting a truce with these assholes is only a show of weakness, which is not good in the Middle East. My next edition will cover the “Palestinian Issue”. Please feel free to comment.

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