Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What don’t Americans understand? - Part II

“The Palestinian Issue”

Muslim’s respond to inquiries concerning terrorist acts against the United States as self-inflicted because Americans do not understand the “Palestinian Issue”. Most of the Islamic world condemns terrorism, but characterizes their terrorists as freedom fighters. If America would only side with the Palestinians instead of always backing Israel (dubbed the “True Terrorists”) the terrorist attacks upon Americans would cease. In essence, the United States must agree to the fact that Israel has no right to exist. Muslims and/or Arabs imply that American handling of the “Palestinian Issue” is the main reason Islamic “Freedom Fighters” exist all over the world. Let’s look into this “Palestinian Issue” from the beginning shall we?
The trouble began in 1948 when the United Nations agreed to partition the area into Palestine and Israel. This could only happen because Harry Truman was finally convinced to acknowledge Israel as a nation. There was no Palestinian Kingdom at the time, just a UN Protectorate (consisting of Sheikdoms and Kibitzes) administered by Great Britain whose army was constantly besieged by Israeli terrorists (Freedom Fighters?). Once Israel was established, this allowed the British to “Get out of Dodge” and leave the Israelites to defend themselves. Syria, Egypt and Jordan announced they would wipe Israel from the map. Unfriendly Palestinians (who aligned themselves with these Arab countries) were forcefully driven out by the Israelis. Those who did not mind the partitioning remained friendly and either stayed (to be attacked along with the Jews) or fled to avoid the violence, bringing the total refugee count to 750,000. Camps were established in Arab counties to house these refugees and ever since these “temporary” camps have been maintained through money provided by the UN (about 33% coming from America and about 3% coming from the richest contingent, all the Arab countries combined.)
It is interesting to note that many refugee camps were established at the end of World War II, but none of them existed for more than a few years even though the map of the world had changed extensively after the war. Why are there still Palestinian “refugee” camps almost 60 years later? Well, Americans do understand that if these “refugees” (How many millions now?) were assimilated and the camps disappeared, there would be no Palestinian issue and therefore no reason to destroy Israel. Keeping these camps going also helps foster hatred for Israel, especially from those forced to exist in their squalor. There is also one more thing that we Americans do understand and that is that even if Israel was gone and the “Palestinian Issue” was resolved, America would still be considered “The Great Satan” by Islamic Extremists. Since these extremists are the driving force behind the terrorist attacks, the United States would still be a target. The reason we would be considered “The Great Satan” will be discussed in my third, and final, rant on this subject.

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