Monday, October 15, 2007

What don’t Americans understand? - Part III

“The Great Satan”

My final rant under this topic concerns the general conception that most Islamic nations have of the United States as “The Great Satan”. We have been told repeatedly by the Islamic Extremists (I consider them to be Terrorists) and the part of the Muslim world that deems them Freedom Fighters (I still consider them Terrorists) and the part of the Muslim world that does not condone their actions (since they are violent and Islam is a peaceful religion) but cannot seem to condemn their actions (I still consider them Terrorists; I hope you get my drift by now) because they are fighting against the “Great Satan”. Now, one reason we are dubbed as such is due to our unwavering support of Israel. Let’s assume for the moment that America finally accedes to the wishes of the Muslim world and cuts all ties to Israel. Will we still be considered the “Great Satan”? Yes…because although we may have cut our ties to Israel, we have not joined in the fight to eliminate the Israeli State. Okay, let’s pretend we even do that and Israel no longer exists.
Now will America still be considered the “Great Satan”? Yes…most definitely. Why? Well, let’s list the reasons:
· We eat pork
· We drink liquor
· We allow free speech
· We let women travel freely alone and uncovered in public
· We let women vote
· We do not beat women but try to treat them as human beings
· We tolerate all religions and even the lack of religion
(…and the Most important reason of all…)
· We are not all Muslims.
You see there is one principal that Islam, Christianity and Atheism have in common, which is not shared with Judaism, they all proselytize. In other words they actively attempt to convert other faiths to their own (I include Atheism as a “faith” and if you have been paying attention to conditions in America the past few decades you will understand why). The Jews (Judaism is a religion, not a race) do not actively seek converts even though they allow conversion. The attempt to proselytize, especially by Christians, resulted in major hardships and death on non-Christians (especially Muslims and Jews) during the Crusades; on everyone (especially non-Catholics) during the Spanish Inquisition; upon all Native Americans during the conquest of both North and South America and I thank God Almighty those bygone eras are in the past. However, today there is a more comprehensive and insidious movement afoot; the attempt to convert the entire world to Islam. Like Christians, it is the Muslim’s duty to preach and convert. Unlike Christians, who stopped using force in their conversion attempts centuries ago, the Islamic Extremists (Muslim Crusaders) have not realized that violence is no longer an acceptable tool of conversion.
The particularly vicious doctrine (Wahabism) espoused by the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other Extremist groups, was established in Saudi Arabia…one of the richest nations in the world, but hordes of its inhabitants languish in squalor. As long as the money was controlled by a select few, the Saudis were not worried about the terrorism Wahabism spawned. After all, it takes money to support terrorism and the ruling Saudis controlled which groups would get how much and when. To deflect attention from themselves, they nurtured the belief that the United States was the “Great Satan” and any country, especially Israel, allied with America fell under the “Great Satan’s” spell and was to be treated with equal harshness. Osama Bin Laden was one of those rich, ruling Saudis, a playboy and an appreciator of the “good life” until he was “awakened” by the Wahabis. Then he became an embarrassment to the Saudis and they even began, with justification, to fear him. They banished and disavowed him and now the irony of it all is that the terrorism the Saudis spawned is now being practiced upon them and since they pushed the theory of guilt by association with America, they are now, themselves guilty of being under the “Great Satan’s” influence. You see, in Wahabism, even other Muslims are targets as long as they do not adhere to their particular form of Islam. That means that any country not ruled by a Taliban-like authority or a Wahabi inspired leader is a legitimate target for terrorism and is actually no more than a pawn of America, the “Great Satan”.

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