Sunday, March 7, 2010

Climate Gate

I have posted this Blog under Religion and Philosophy because the advocates of “Climate Change” (formerly known as “Global Warming”) remind me of the Evolutionists. Their “science” is their religion and woe to the non-believers. They are so sure in their convictions that they can distort the facts to fit their views without repercussions. Al Gore, High Priest of the Climate Change Society, should be required to wear a headdress containing the plumage of an endangered species bird and register this religious group with the Federal Government. Then no one can make fun of his chant “The debate is over” or they could be called just atheistic buffoons. For any of you who do not agree that Evolutionists and Climate Changers should be categorized together remember these facts: Climate Change believers insist that the Polar Bear is in danger of becoming extinct even though statistics indicate their population has increased five-fold. Add to this the Evolutionists insist all life began when nothing exploded (yeah, the Big Bang Theory). Any idiot who can believe that nothing, I repeat NOTHING can explode could also argue that a population increase of 500% was indicative of an “Endangered Species”. I rest my case.

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