Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mike Peters Glenn Beck Cartoon

Obviously Mike Peters is a progressive. I can assume this by the Cartoon he created entitled “If Jesus returned as Glenn Beck”. It is also obvious that either Mike Peters has never listened to Glenn Beck himself or he is passing along the same lies that have been spread by the Left-wing Liberal Progressive Nuts. First, Glenn Beck is as strong a Christian as I have ever seen. Christians do not spout the drivel attributed to him in this horrendous cartoon. Second, none of the crap in this so called “Health Care” bill has anything to do with Christian Kindness as this cartoon implies. Lastly, let’s look at the actual facts of the matter:

• Glenn Beck and his followers, of which I am proudly one, do not believe the lie that Health Care is a right. Health Care is a commodity that is bought and sold by people and only God bestows rights…just as the Constitution declares.
• Glenn Beck does not say anyone in Obama’s administration is a communist except the Self Avowed Communist, Van Jones. Glenn Beck calls them what they are, Progressives and Marxists. Of course it doesn’t help when many of Obama’s Administration cite rights from the Communist Constitution of the USSR.
• Glenn Beck does not encourage people not to help their neighbors. In fact he talks only about the generosity of Americans and that the Government has no Constitutional right to demand charitable donations.

Just because the Obama Administration is attempting to employ the collapsing of the government tactics of radicals Ala the Cloward and Pivons philosophy and have verbally communicated their beliefs, do not accuse him of name calling. He is just informing us of their actions. Glenn Beck is touting Faith, Hope and Charity, all Christian Values. You see he has Faith in the American way and Constitution. He has Hope that Americans can peacefully return to the path that our Founding Fathers charted for us. And finally, he believes in the Generosity of Americans to provide charity as they always historically have. By the way, Mr. Peters needs to thank God that Glenn Beck is not Muslim and the cartoon was not entitled “If Mohammad returned as Glenn Beck”.

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