Friday, May 28, 2010

Letter to block Elena Kagan's Nomination

I composed and sent this letter to all Republican Senators in order to block Elena Kagan's Nomination to the Supreme Court. Please feel free to copy & paste this letter and use and/or change it as you wish. The URL I used to select the senators to email is: List of Senators

Here is my crude letter. If you choose not to use it at least compose your own and try to send it:
We are not residents of your state and not even Republican, but we are writing all GOP senators because of the Senatorial scrutiny of Elena Kagan required under Advise & Consent. We need to ensure that you block the nomination of this individual to the Supreme Court if only for actions she took as Dean of the Harvard Law School. In that position she petitioned for and obtained the removal of Constitutional Law study as a requirement for Graduation! She did however; make sure that three courses of study that were required for earning a Harvard law degree all pertain to Intentional Law. Are you kidding me? This is America and the Constitution is more important than ANY International law…period.

Please do not allow this Progressive Activist to infect our Supreme Court.

Thank you,

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