Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stop Picking on Al Gore

Poor Al Gore, people have been making disparaging remarks about his becoming Significantly Weight Challenged. He is actually not over-weight; he is the perfect weight if only he were some four feet taller. I guess you could call him vertically challenged in lieu of horizontally challenged, but whatever adjective you choose to apply in his description, the fact is any recent weight gain is only due to his massive efforts he has exerted supporting "Climate Change".

Oh, I know that many of his detractors have belittled him for the huge volume of red meat he continues to consume (especially of steak) after espousing the benefits of being a Vegan. In fact, even his fellow "Save the Earthers" have questioned his commitment to Vegetarianism. Well, I'm here to tell you that he only continues to eat steaks cut from Cows in his effort to reduce the volume of Methane Gas being spewed into our atmosphere by these horribly destructive animals.

His critics have argued that even Al knows the validity of the science involved to calculate Global Warming is bogus and they use the fact that he paid 9 million dollars for a seaside home in California. Boy did they ever take this out of context. If they would have looked more closely at the home's pool and yards they would have discovered the terrible disrepair of these items. All Al did was to anticipate the flooding due to the melting of the Polar Icecap and purchase a building that is sufficiently large enough to serve as a cabana to enable him to enjoy his new underwater park, Dizzy Land.

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