Monday, October 4, 2010

Progressives go too far ***CORRECTED

Somehow I showed a picture of a woman who was horrified at what the Agony Aunt was saying instead of the actual perpetrator of the disgusting verbiage. I will replace the incorrect picture with an actual video so you can hear her for yourself. I apologize for the error

Here's a video that caused all kinds of  horror and revolution in the UK(and now here as well) that is supposed to be promoting "Cap and Trade" [or as I identify it "Crap & Tax "or nothing but "Smoke & Mirrors" without the mirrors]. Caution, this video contains extremely disgusting and disturbing images:

Another repugnant, repulsive and totally obscene piece of propaganda being vomited out of the extreme far left can be viewed by visiting this link or you can see and hear for yourself as this woman, Virginia Ironside one of Britain's "Agony Aunts", spews her disgusting venom.

I thank Glenn Beck for showing this to me and as a follower of his TV/Radio shows, I am attempting to provide this data to everyone I possibly can. Together we can make a difference and hopefully put an end to this blatant propaganda to support murder of children, as the Agony Aunt, and the lie of president Obama's push for Crap & Tax so that his supporters of Carbon Trade (as Al Gore, the Clinton's & George Soros, etc.) can make billions of dollars selling smoke.

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