Monday, June 24, 2013

Securing our Borders

A lot of discussions have been floating around concerning how to close our borders and I have been one of those people, seemingly crying in the wilderness, saying that our borders need to be secured as the first step in any immigration reform discussion but now I see that is not entirely correct. What good does it do to secure or even completely seal all of our borders if our immigration policies are so bad that we allow easy entry into the USA for our enemies? That part of Immigration reform must be addressed before anything else. The following are steps I argue should be completed prior to any "Immigration Reform Bill"::

  1. Delete the "Trusted Traveler Programs"  except for those pertaining to Diplomats because contrary to what the Government wants you to believe, these programs have nothing to do with "Securing America's Borders". These programs only open the floodgates to allow faster access to America and when that access is provided to countries like Saudi Arabia, it only facilitates the ease of entry for American enemies. Remember 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were citizens from Saudi Arabia.
  2. Replace the Trusted Traveler Programs with a new, "Scrutinize Travelers from these Countries Program" and immediately place all Islamic nations on this list, even if they are our Muslim friends i.e.: Jordan. If your country is on this list your background Must be checked.
  3. Reinstate the quota system that was in place prior to Lyndon Johnson's "Hart-Celler Immigration Bill " and repeal the 1965 bill. Tie the quotas into the , "Scrutinize Travelers from these Countries Program" to ensure only cases of Asylum.
  4. Re-instate the ICE program that was working when the President shut it down which was catching illegals. If it did not include punishment for the employer of illegals then a bill should be passed to fine and/or provide for jail terms for those hiring Illegal immigrants.
  5. Some of the 9/11 attackers were also in America via the Student VISA Program which is currently being reviewed. We need to establish a tracking system to determine once a person is in our country, whether on a student or work visa, they are where they are supposed to be & performing the actions they are in the US to perform.
  6. Full Installation of the E-Verify System [as determined by each state & Congress].
These issues must ALL be in place, along with the fence building [already OK'd] , border agent surge & equipment allocation  before any bill to handle Illegals already in our country. Each task needs to be a small bill unto itself written at the 3rd grade English level so anyone [even Politicians] will be able to read and understand them. These bills should each contain provisions for no riders or amendments.and every Senator and Representative must read the bill prior to voting [must abstain if not read]. Also, the Constitution, as defined in Section 7,  Must be followed by originating [includes writing the bill by Congressmen] in either the House or Senate not ANYWHERE else

NOTE: Updated 6/27/2013 to add E-Verify  point I had omitted

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