Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm Madder than Hell

The VA "Scandal" is, to me, the latest and most infuriating scandal to date that the Oblahblah Administration has perpetuated on the American people. I even rank it above Benghazi because it not only killed more Americans but it killed the finest and bravest of us all, our Military Veterans. People who had been marginalized by Homeland Security when listing them as potential "Terrorists to monitor", which was a seemingly forgotten scandal of it's own.

Now we are to believe that once again President Oblahblah discovered this VA scandal by reading about it in the newspaper. WTF? How many times is this going to happen or did he ignore his Transition team's warning from the Bush Administration that the VA's "Books Were Being Cooked" or is everyone in his administration too ignorant or incompetent to equate that term with having two waiting lists? Might sound reasonable at first until you consider the phrase was first applied to companies that had TWO sets of books. Oh , wait...Maybe his Finance Manager should pay the cable bill so our Potus could watch ANY of the news channels. After all even his go to channel MSNBC had news on the VA problem.

How are we to believe our president when he says that those responsible will be held accountable IF the allegations are true? Twenty-six states reporting the same problem and the investigation is not over...Oh yeah and according to the President he is "Madder than Hell" about the whole VA scandal. Of course we've heard that line before as this video montage demonstrates , So I am "Madder than Hell" that the same results will be achieved as were garnered from the other "Phony" scandals under this administration...Fast and Furious; Benghazi; IRS; ObamaScare Roll-Out Screen; Secret Service agents with Prostitutes in Columbia; etc. To get more details click on this link   

And if all this impotent verbiage is not bad enough [the reason I refer to this President as Oblahblah] my next rant will demonstrate why my address and name for this Potus is Emir Oblahblah.  Why does the country seem to be persecuting Christians? Well, I guess Oblablah was correct when he stated that we were no longer a Christan country, but I am lost when he talks about our country's rich Muslim
 history. Of course I do know that if it weren't for the Barbary Pirates we would be missing the second verse of the Marine Corps Hymn. What really gets my goat is the preferential treat Islam gets compared to Christianity or any other religion for that matter. 

While Christian public prayers are prohibited in schools, prayer rooms for Muslims are provided. You can say whatever you want about Christians, we do have the first amendment, but if you slur Muhammad's name you are an Islamaphobe with a short lifelspan. Are Muslims concerned over our loss at ground zero on 9/11? No...They don't want the mention of Muslim involvement. Again WTF? They weren't Hindus or Buddhists that flew into the twin towers and the Pentagon they were ALL Muslims. Even Chaplains in the Military are told they can't proselytize And now to add insult to injury  a Christian Cop is forced to attend a meeting in a Mosque despite his objections...IN AMERICA! Where the hell is the ACLU on this?  And why, despite calls from Congress, has Emir Oblahblah refused to take action to try to save a pregnant Sudanese Christian woman from hanging?

I was born in 1947 and although the Progressives had already begun to try to "Fundamental Transform America"  most of our Constitutional Republic was still in tact. But Progressive change is slow; almost imperceptible at times. As Glenn Beck has said many times the difference between Communist Revolution and Evolution is only an "R". Progressives are Marxists with patience while Revolutionaries are Marxists who demand immediate change. Now for all you readers who might want to dismiss my ramblings as a "Right Wing Lunatic Fringe Conspiracy Theory" allow me to provide the foll0wing researched items to backup my position:

Q:  How many Government Departments have S.W.A.T. Teams?
A:  This Number was from 2013 and doesn't include the FDA or USDA

Q:  Why does thie Department of Education need a SWAT Team?
A:   Unruly students or hard to handle parents
        [ Sarcasm is required once in a while to lighten the atmosphere ]

Q:  Why is the USDA looking to arm with Submachine guns?
A:   Read the Answer Here

Q:  Why is this Government buying so much ammunition?

A:   This is a MYTH as reported on Breitbart News
          [ FYI: for those of you hearing about hollow point ammo it prevents accidental shootings of bystanders that Ball ammo (non-Hollow points or FMJ rounds) allow by passing through targets. A lessen taught in Concealed Carry Classes. Of course the  ]

Q:  Why did Obama push for Health Control over other, more serious issues?
A:   He took a page out of Vladimir Lenin's plans for Utopian government

Q:  Why did the Pentagon issue a 2010 memo granting Obama authority to use the Military in cases of "Civil Unrest"?
A:   Answered in This Article from The Washington Times
          [ Us of the Military on US soil is forbidden by the Constitution ]

 I must summarize here and now because each day new points of contention with the Administration continue to crop up and I keep getting madder and madder. If the 2014 election results in Conservatives retaining the House and winning the Senate and then Emir Oblahblah can be Impeached in the House and convicted in the Senate thanks to Sen. Harry "The Rat" Reid since he removed the rule for the Filibuster. Now it will just require a Simple Majority. I would hope that the rule would be re-instated after the Impeachment proceedings are completed.

By the way "Immigration Reform"  does NOT  include Amnesty nor open borders...And we don't need a President who refuses to enforce our Border Sovereignty [as well as any law he does not agree with; that is his true job as Potus...Enforce LAWS] and who effectively uses archaic legislation to designate desert wasteland as "National Parks" which just opens a corridor to drug and Human traffickers. Speaking of our Borders, why isn't this president demanding that Mexico treat our Marine, Andrew Tahmooressi, with the same regard the Oblahblah Administration has treated the Mexican Military.

That's all I can say and I better stop here before the next Scandal breaks. "I'm mad as Hell and won't take it anymore!" Where's this urgency from our Government? Why doesn't the Marine Corps just invade Mexico and free one of their own? That's how mad I am.

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