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Issues 2016 Candidates must Address

8 Issues to Address for 2016 Election

  • Restore America's Place in the World
  • "Entitlements"
  • Decrease the size of Federal Government
  • Restoration of the Constitution
  • Establish Term Limits
  • Improve Citizen Protection
  • Remove Obstacles to Business growth
  • Call it what it is
The above eight issues should be addressed by ALL candidates vying to become Potus in the 2016 Presidential Election. I did not number them as all are important and should be addressed as soon as possible, some possibly simultaneously. I will define these issues as I listed them above for simplicity not out of importance. It should be noted many of these issues may be addressed by solutions for other issues.

  • Restore America's Place in the World:
America has fallen from it's place as the most respected, listened to, trustworthy and feared Country in the world.  The only way to restore America's place in the world is to remove the Progressives. Islamic Radicals, Useful Idiots and restore our Military to it's rightful strength. It is important to know that military strength is not necessarily for waging war but it IS a deterrent to hostile, war-like actions as those taken by Russia against Ukraine; N Korea against S Korea etc. Do you actually believe Russia would have invaded the Ukraine if Barack Obama hadn't announced plans to remove missiles from Europe or that our A-10 wart hog (which the Russian military being tank heavy deeply fears) would be removed from production? Do you honestly believe ANY Middle Eastern country would worry about American intervention when Obama issued how many red lines crossed warnings to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad without EVER doing ANYTHING? What kind of faith does this install in our Allies in the region? Or anyplace else in the world for that matter?
  • "Entitlements":
Once and for all we need to set the record straight on the issue of what is an entitlement? Progressives in fact all politicians love to group Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare payments and Food Stamps all together. In fact only Medicare and Social Security are entitlements for those who paid into them. Why, because they did pay for it therefore they are entitled to receive it. All the rest are strictly handouts that no one is entitled to receive no matter what Politians may say. What's worse is the people entitled to received Social Security are the only ones entitled to receive Medicaid because they also paid into it. Furthermore, all the BS concerning the Social Security Trust Fund running out of money is due more to politicians changing the rules and borrowing from it. A drawer full of IOU's doesn't pay the bills. Being the brainchild of another progressive, FDR, it was mandatory for most poor slobs like me; didn't factor in inflation and wasn't meant for survivor benefits, just payees.
  • Decrease the size of Federal Government:
Our Founding Fathers had endured massive sized governments in Europe and were vehemently opposed to creating such humongous governing bodies here. That is one thing that our glorious "Constitutional Lawyer" of a Potus has correctly identified...The Constitution is based on Limiting the size and scope of the Federal government . How does a "Living Document" intend to interpret this? No change required thank you. Not even with the passage of Millenniums changes this purpose and scope. The larger a Federal Government grows, the less empowered are its people and the citizens should rule not by an oligarchy of self-centered, corrupt and greedy power mongers we currently endure. How many czars do we now have? How many illegal SWAT Teams? How many organizations that were only to advise that now have total control, like the EPA, which was not supposed to have any power to enforce or make laws, yet has its own SWAT Team? Why? The only logical explanation is Obama's stated wish to have his own civilian force as well armed and trained as the Military which progressives have been chipping away at for decades. Mussolini did this so did Hitler and Stalin and all other paranoid Socialists in the past. Hey, it worked for them; why not for Obama?
  • Restore our Constitution:
Why you mean you ask me? Our Constitution is OK. No friends, it's been perverted down through the years by Socialist, Progressive, Communist (whatever you choose to call them) enemies of the United States.  The Constitution is not a "living" document to be interrupted any way some activist judge wants. It says what it means and means what it says. Nowhere within its framing will you find the term "separation of church and state". Activist jurors who love to exceed their authority and basically legislate from the bench have decided this is to be the law of the land. It needs to be pointed out that not even the Supreme Court is allowed to defy the Constitution by enacting law. Neither they nor the President have that authority. It is strictly the job of Congress to enact legislation and therefore, any law enacted by the Scotus or Potus is unjust and is NOT the "Law of the Land". And using Federal authority to regulate interstate commerce does not include  our government's broadened, "out of scope" use to force Citizens to purchase a commodity as it did with Obamacare.
  • Establish term limits:
All branches of our Federal government need to have term limits applied, not solely the Presidency. I would suggest two terms for Senators which corresponds to a twelve year limit. Applying that logic to the House of Representatives would mean a six term limit or twelve years. The Supreme Court Judges should not be for life, but rather for a term of twelve years. That way activist and Ideologue judges would have to answer for their actions at some point in time. Finally, I see no reason to change the current term limit for the Potus. Too many terms seem to inspire delusions of grandeur as was evident with FDR and therefore the reason for establishing limits in the first place.
  • Improve citizen security:
I placed this security issue here, not for lack of importance but due to the fact it required prior bullets to be in place beforehand. Next we require border security. No country today has an open border policy except for The United States under our present administration. Progressives in our country are running rampant. Why such a push to foster policies so detrimental to America's Security? Well, there are many reasons. First let's examine those that are shared by the useful idiots in the Democratic party. Not necessarily those, like Barak Obama, who wish to destroy The United States or in his terms "Fundamentally transform" America. Those motive are really just one...And that is to ensure that the Democratic party rules the USA Ad Infinitum. Both parties would love that situation, but unfortunately, Liberals seem to adhere to the core philosophy of the Progressives, to wit: "The ends justifies the means".  This includes padding the voting rolls with illegals and ensuring no action be taken that would identify illegal voting which also includes the dead and multiple votes. Therefore, the Democrats vehemently oppose any kind of voter vetting so they can lock in all the illegal votes garnered by loose immigration policy. Unfortunately, this immigration policy or lack thereof, also fits into the plans of Ideologues, like Obama and Clinton, who actually WANT harm, via gun violence, to befall our nation to abet their Gun Grabbing agenda. Obama wants the UN small arms treaty to supersede our Second Amendment effectively neutering this part of our Constitution. Of course, this would have no affect on Criminals or Islamic Terrorists (remember harshest gun control lawed nations France and Belgium?). We need the following:
  1. Secure the borders (stop paying to return Illegals home)
  2. Re-open Ellis Island and install similar points country wide
  3. Enforce Immigration Laws
  4. Remove Unconstitutional "Sanctuary Cities" status
    • Fines (Communities and Ruling Officials)
    • Jailing of ruling officials
    • Removal of ALL Federal monies
  5. RE-establish Immigration rules covering Quotas and bans on certain countries
  6. Increase the number of Border Control agents
  7. Re-establish ICE enforcement which HAD been working
  8. Empower border community law enforcement to assist border agents
  9. Imprison Repeat offenders (using money saved by NOT paying to return Illegals)
  • Remove Obstacles to business growth
One of our problems today is the subject being touted by Donald Trump and that is the benefit companies receive from moving their operations (and OUR jobs) outside the USA. These include, but not limited to:
  • Lower wages
  • More favorable tax structures
  • No import tax liability (tariffs)
  • Monetary exchange rates
Another huge problem we have under the Obama Administration are the myriad of regulations thrust upon our Small Businesses which, as often quoted by Obama, are the backbone of our jobs growth, hinder and in some cases actually stop small business growth. Read this article posted by US News & World Report about the Obama Regulations.
Also killing Business growth in our nation are actions taken by the EPA to placate Militant Environmentalists without regard to the human suffering it may cause. I specifically refer to the draught in California exponentially increased due to protection afforded the small Delta Smelt. The original issue concerned the filters used when the water was turned on for farming had mesh comprised of openings that were too large for these fish entrapping them and as a result were killing or maiming a protected species. The EPA's solution was to turn off the water to the San Joaquin Valley reverting it back to the dessert it was prior to irrigation putting farms and farm workers out of business in the "Breadbasket" of America. That situation still exists today without any attempt to develop a better filter curing the original problem without the harm caused to the millions of Americans affected by this mismanagement of the situation by the EPA and consequently Obama's administration
  • Finally let's identify the existing situation by name
The current administration as well as Mrs Clinton refuse to name Radical Islamic Terrorists as a problem facing the very existence of our beloved (or is that beleaguered) country. Even the Department of Homeland Security is not allowed to use that phrase. You know, the same organization that classified our returning Veteran Heroes as Terrorists? The same department that classifies Tea Party Patriots as Terrorists?  The same department that views proponents of the Second Amendment as Terrorists?  And yet they won't identify Radical Islamists as Terrorists? The same radical group that vows and strives for America's destruction aren't Terrorists? What a crock of Horse dung. We didn't call Hitler or Mussolini an overseas contingency problem did we? No we called them what they were, fascists and not even our enemies called us Racists for that. I wonder why this administration, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are so focused on Gun Control when Barack Obama insisted that Global Warming was the biggest threat we faced today? Where were all the filibusters by the Democrats to get Republicans to enact legislation to prevent Global Warming? None to be found because Global Warming is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Did man cause the last Great Ice Age? No, in fact Man did not cause any of the ice ages as they were all due to cyclic Earth weather conditions. Obama, his minions and Hillary Clinton all refuse to identify this issue for what it is because that does NOT fit their false narrative that Gun Control is the answer. End of rant
***NOTE*** I started writing this rant when there were 17 candidates running for the GOP nomination. I was just now able to complete it.

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