Thursday, June 23, 2016

24 Islamic Terrorist Attacks and Counting

Under the Obama and Clinton Administration we have suffered from 24 Islamic Terrorist attacks. Going back to Bill Clinton that number increases by even the 911 attacks ( read this ) Remember, 911 took years to plan and George Bush was sworn in late due to recount demanded by Al Gore.

Hillary Clinton is like having Bill on steroids (as far as foreign policy) is concerned. She shares Commissar Obama's view that Assault Weapons should be banned, at least for American patriots. Both are too stupid to realize two vary important items concerning the AR-15 weapon used by Omar Mateen:
  1. It is NOT an assault rifle since true assault rifles have a selective fire switch. (The gun grabber Progressive made up their own definition just so they could ban more guns. Under their definition: semi-automatic with a removable magazine, a Ruger 10/22 is an Assault weapon.) A true Assault rifle also needs to fire an intermediate rifle cartridge (NOT a .22 LR which is also a pistol cartridge).
  2. The Libiots (Liberal plus Idiots equal Libiots) claim Mateen purchased an Assault Rifle LEGALLY. That is only due to the Gun Grabber's agenda. If a woman claims spousal abuse, the accused (on the accuser's word alone) has any firearms confiscated and cannot legally purchase a firearm (violating about half of our Bill of Rights). So, why is it that someone being watched or investigated  by Any government agency i.e.: FBI, NSA, Military Intelligence, Homeland Security etc., is not awarded the same benefits as a spousal abuser?
Not only are we now allowing 10,000 Syrian refugees to enter the US with no way to effectively vet these people, but Hillary Clinton wants to increase that number to 65,000. I guess she's not satisfied with only four patriot's blood on her hands, she's striving to increase that number. Using her "The ends justify the means" logic, if Americans die (no matter the number), it'll be a good thing if she can advance her gun grabbing agenda. Make no mistake friends, all Obama has done and what Clinton wants to continue have nothing to do with protecting citizens of the USA. They are both ideologues with two main goals in position of Potus:
  1. Abolish all guns and all portions of the Constitution they vehemently oppose such as the second amendment; the first amendment as it applies to we peons; the tenth amendment etc.
  2. Retain Democratic control of our government since only radical progressives now run that party to which I used to belong (no conservatives or plain liberals wanted or allowed).
I'll end with this statement of Charlie Rangel (D,NY) that proves the arrogance and designs of Democrats when it comes to firearms. Looks like they treat the second amendment like the first...That is you can say it if they agree with you, otherwise es ist verboten!

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