Friday, July 1, 2016

Cummunism in our Government

Our government is riddled with Communists. Most of these purveyors of Socialism call themselves Progressives, with the notable exception of Van Jones who openly admits he's a Communist Revolutionary and explains Progressivism without naming it. Make no mistake Progressivism is Communism and all Communists are Socialists but not all Socialists are Communists (prime example being Fascism which is not Communist but is  Socialist)  True Progressivism is just the implementation of Communism a little bit at a time. Glenn Beck defines the difference between the two as being an "R"; Communism is Revolution and Progressivism is Evolution.

Another tidbit of knowledge you should keep in mind is that the Communists don't identify themselves as Communists or Socialists (too much of a stigma attached to these terms), so in the past they called themselves Progressives. However, when the meaning of that term because too obvious to people, they dropped it and used the "Liberal" label instead. They were not true Liberals but they cloaked themselves in that term and they looked upon true Liberals  as "useful idiots". Once they turned the Liberal label toxic, they reverted back to the term "Progressive".

Another issue we have with the current administration is the number of Muslims pervading our government, the worst case is the main advisor (puppeteer is a better term) to Barack Hussein Obama, Valerie Jarrett. You wonder why the Iran deal was so bad? Look no further than to this woman's country of birth, Iran.  I know this post is about Communists in our government, but the Communists and the Extremist Muslim Fanatics   , although they don't really get along as the Chechens in Russia demonstrate, they will unite to achieve a shared goal of destroying the United States of America. Then and only then will they fight each other for supremacy and the winner will not be relevant to Americans as either one will rule with an iron hand over a Democratic Republic which will no longer exist. When push comes to shove, Barack Obama, Van Jones and Loretta Lynch need to be very wary as many Muslims(especially extremists) believe Muhammad was a white man who owned black slaves.

Returning to the original discussion of Communism in our Government, we need to ensure that "We The People" regain the reins of governance and kick out all those who pose a danger to our Republic This would include more "useful idiots" that have not been discussed as of yet; Those in our Federal Government that do not care about the people or states they are to represent; they only care about power, control and money they command.  They also don't care about their own political parties as long as the status quo can be maintained.

What relay pulls my chain is this Anti-Trump movement being waged by members of the GOP! What they hell are they thinking? Apparently only about their own situations. These "Traitors" apparently don't give a damn about Kill...I mean Hillary Clinton winning this election. OK, so maybe we don't know what we'll get from Donald Trump but you sure as hell know what you'll get from that woman; more of the same as we've been getting since Obama's swearing into office in 2009. She proudly proclaims that she is a progressive woman and we all know what that means.

We must make sure this Communist woman does not get control of our country. All Conservatives must get behind and support Donald Trump. He won the nomination fair and square; he also pledged, as did all his sixteen of his GOP opponents, to support the eventual winner. What happened to that pledge? All I can say we must replace those hypocrites who pressed so hard to get Mr. Trump's pledge and now that Trump has won, have gone back on their word. Mr. Trump was not my first choice; not even second or third, but now that he's won, I support him whole-heartily. No wonder Congress has such a poor approval rating from our citizenship; we are tired of lying, cheating, hypocritical, self-centered crooks who only strive to see what they can get, or get away with, as government officials. We need better non-legislating Supreme Court Justices as well and if Clinton becomes Potus we'll have more radicals legislating from lifetime appointments. We'll lose our Constitution completely as well as all of our true liberties.

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