Saturday, July 23, 2016

Why Donald Trump need to be our next Potus

Why should America elect Donald J Trump President of our country this November? There are many reasons but first let me shed light  on one of the most important one for Conservatives, regardless of their party affiliation. That is the appointment of judges to the Supreme Court. Many have said they are not sure of Mr. Trump's conservative credentials. To these critics I say maybe that's true, although I take him at his word that he's looking for conservatives to replace the late Justice Scalia, but just contemplate the choices Hillary Clinton would be considering. Not only should we be concerned with the Scalia replacement, but also the possible openings due to the ages of Ruth Bader Ginsberg (83), Anthony Kennedy (79) and Stephen Breyer (77).
Coupled with Clinton's  Lies, corruption and incompetence (especially her handling of classified information) her Supreme Court Nomination(s) would lead to the complete destruction of the USA as a democratic Republic. We already possess an Executive branch of government that treats itself empirically and a congress that is totally ineffective and useless. The ruination of the Supreme Court would leave Americans with no branch of government representing them. As an aside, to the Trump detractors, I'd like to point out the depleted condition of our Armed Forces under Barack Obama. A Clinton administration would only be a third term for him. I shudder to think of the possibility of Hillary Clinton, President of the United States, working claw in claw with Barack Obama, Secretary-General  of the United Nations...Agenda 21 on steroids.

My next reason for explaining why Mr. Trump should become President Trump fits within the realm of National Security. This is an area that progressives, like Hillary, don't care about the results of their actions if the "ends justify the means". That end is to acquire more voters to swell the rolls of the "Democratic" Party. With such power gained by their bloated, zombie like voting blocs, no Conservative would ever hold sway in the USA again. No Republican or Independent could ever aspire to the country's lowest political position let alone its highest. Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate to ever earn the endorsement of the Border Patrol Agents Union. Not just for building walls and encouraging immigration law enforcement, but also for common sense practices such as restricting admission from enemy countries and by non-vetted asylum seekers. Donald J Trump has also pledged to strengthen our military and stop the insane attacks on our Police forces.  My biggest hope, in this area, is that we would return to, what Liberals have dubbed our old "Draconian", Immigration policies including quotas, restrictions on certain countries and the restoration of Ellis Island(s) for immigration points of access. We used to deny entry access based on a person's health as my maternal Grandmother, who entered via Ellis Island, told me. This may be over the top, but we should at least agree that if we cannot properly vet immigrants they should not be allowed to enter our country.

My final reason for needing The Donald for Potus is my desire to remove money as the primary tool in use for gaining an election win. Mr. Trump has proved that the most money spent is not the deciding factor for winning, but rather the opinion I have long held, and the Clinton campaign only reinforces my belief  that not only do Presidential Elections have strings attached to them, due to money donated, but also gives the impression that the position of Potus is bought, not elected. Of course, Hillary Clinton has no choice but to spend vast sums of money on negative ads condemning Donald Trump in order to win. That's because she has no "Good" record of her own to promote by advertising. What I really don't understand are the rabid supporters she seems to command. Getting away with crimes, bad judgment and lies is nothing compared to her hypocrisy in telling these zombies she'll "make the wealthy pay"  really? In her mind "wealthy" doesn't apply to her $100 million dollars. You can hardly blame her for feeling that way since everyone seems to give her a pass on everything. After all, she is part of the select, elitist company of the ruling class. What's this woman's next  atrocious, egotistical plan? If she has her way, it would be rewriting the Christian Religion.

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