Monday, July 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton and the FBI

OK, says the Lame Stream Media, so what if Bill Clinton waited on an airport tarmac for half an hour to speak privately aboard a public jet whose only occupant was
Loretta Lynch for thirty minutes. According to both, all that was discussed was G&G (Golf & Grandchildren). Let's forgot for now that Mrs.
Hargrove (nee Lynch) was appointed as a Federal Judge In 1999; she was nominated by then President, Bill Clinton , to serve as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Forget for the moment that we are supposed to take the word of a man who had his license to practice law suspended (and brother does he ever need the practice) because of admitted wrong practices and giving a false statement in a deposition (Perjury) during the Paula Jones sexual harassment trial?. Was his answer dependent on the definition of "what" "were" and the phrase "talking about" like he said what the "meaning of 'is' is" when asked about his sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky? Are we also supposed to ignore the fact that the FBI is also investigating the Clinton Foundation, and both Bill and Hillary's roles in any "quid pro quo" (or if you prefer "pay for play") process attached to donations?

So both Bill and Loretta knowingly violated prosecutorial ethics by said meeting, even if by chance or accident. If you don't believe it, you only have to go to  the American Bar Association's Standards on Prosecutorial Investigations Standard 2.2 Selective Investigative Tecnique (f) and Bill Clinton is a witness in the Clinton Foundation investigation. Not only should Loretta Lynch have recused herself after such contact, she actually should have done it when the Clinton's were first under investigation due to her history with Bill. If she is going to accept the FBI's decision to indict, why did she not recuse? Her laughing admission (I didn't get the joke; did you?) that the "chance" meeting took place and her Clintonesk response that fully expects to take the FBI recommendation. Wiggle room if ever there was.

Lastly, I'd like to discuss all the talk about Hillary didn't know about this "chance" meeting and that she would be mad at Bill. What a crock of rotten Turkey dung. Do you honestly think Bill and Hillary don't know what each other are doing (politically speaking that is)? Do you honestly believe her Obama-like retort that she found out about it in the News? If you do, I have 60 acres of swampland in Florida that should interest you; no, it's not mine, but I've only sold it six or seven times.

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