Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Are voters really that stupid?

I can understand why the Bernie Sanders'  supporters are so incensed over the Wikileaks email scandal but there were slights to more than just Sanders. What about the rest of the nation, regardless of party, not demonstrating against the "Lame Stream Media" for colluding with the Clinton campaign to shut out Bernie Sanders? Why are Latinos not rebelling against the DNC for hypocritically refering to them as "Taco Bowls"? No wonder Debbie Wassermann Schultz was booed by her own states' (Florida) delegates. Now to distract the Democratic Zombie-like voters, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is
pushing a wildly,  laughable theory that Russian hackers (this maybe true) were responsible for the leaked emails to help enable a Donald Trump victory (this is doo-doo)! What the F**k are they smoking over there in Obama La-La-Land...Tijuana Gold? Why on God's earth would the Russians want Donald J Trump President of the United States?  Wouldn't a Socialist like Sanders be easier to work with than the "Bellicose" Trump,  as the media have dubbed him? Wasn't it the gullible, easy to mold Hillary Clinton the one who proposed the Russian Reset Button?  I can't imagine anyone easier for Vladimir Putin to be able to handle than  "Crooked", living by her own rules, Hillary Clinton? Hasn't she already "Enriched" the Russians by supplying them with American Uranium while she was Secretary of State? (Notice that the link I provided is from the New York Times. Not exactly a staunch bastion of Conservatism.)  The Clinton campaign should be worried if indeed it were the Russians who hacked the DNC because if that were the case, Moscow had been reading the Democrats' emails for a few years (at least as far back as Clinton's stint in the Obama cabinet).

When Donald J. Trump jokingly suggested, if it was Russia, maybe they could supply us with the 30,000 emails of Hillary Clinton the FBI couldn't find. The Far Left Liberal News Media tried to bury Trump under a pile of caca saying he was "Asking Russia" to hack the DNC. Obviously the Lame Stream media has no sense of humor when it comes to Republicans. These Obama Lap Dogs must really underestimate the intelligence of the American voter (I would have said American Citizen since Constitutionally, only citizens can vote, but that would leave out all the Illegal Aliens in our country who do vote because Progressives, like the Clintons and Obamas, won't permit voter ID check...Even when FREELY provided.) If Russia or China or Iran or North Korea et al. had hacked the DNC, they could only provide the Deleted emails if they performed this hacking while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Obviously, if our enemies had the ability to hack the DNC, they would have preferred to obtain data from the easier to access private server of Hillary Clinton. After all, Secretary of State email would be more valuable data for them than the lame-brained DNC documents. Which leads us to another pitfall facing the DNC, as well as Hillary. That problem is if the DNC server, which employs a more powerful, robust anti-hacking software, can be breached, how more easily could a home email server, like Hillary used, be plundered?

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