Friday, July 15, 2016

I Smell a Rat

Something is rotten in Washington, DC and it's not a case decaying fish. I truly believe FBI Director James Comey when he asserted the FBI Investigation was not politically conducted. However, can someone please tell me why Comey did not see fit to investigate Hillary Clinton's testimony, under oath, given to Congress October, 2015 when his findings directly contradict parts of that sworn testimony? Why were GOP Representatives forced to formally request a perjury investigation of Clinton's testimony when it fell under the purview of the FBI email investigation? And what about this gag order placed upon FBI agents to not disclose any information about her case?

Lest anyone think I'm only picking on the Democrats, let us also examine what some Republican "Trump Haters" are attempting to promote. They want to "Unbind" delegates, so I guess this is another case of "government knows best" or maybe just another case of attempting to retain a political "Status Quo". If these empirical reasons for a single digit approval rating succeed, we will no longer live in a true "Democratic Republic" , but rather an oligarchy comprised of the privileged and powerful few (aka Bill and Hillary Clinton, Judges of the Supreme Court, Labor Union Officials, Democratic People's Republic of Korea etc.) Seems like the GOP is trying to activate a system to crown their choice just like all the Barack Hussein Obama bootlickers have been asking to establish.

My last smelly item concerns the myriad of shootings being touted by the progressive gun grabbers in our government (Progressivism is wide spread in the Democratic party but Republicans have their fair share as well). Of course we know that they, and the lame stream media, habitually emphasize only those shootings which would perpetuate their particular ideologues (the previous link references Obama's gun laws by executive fiat). One of the Emperor's "decrees" states a ban on Military style firearms. If the Liberals definition is applied by the gun control fanatics, a Ruger model 10/22 (a .22 rim fire cartridge) would be banned. To understand the significance of this, in Florida's Everglades, where deer hunting is permitted,  no one is allowed to shoot deer with this weapon (check out the fourth bullet point under Prohibited methods and equipment for taking resident game in the previous link) due to the lack of killing power in a ,22 rim fire cartridge. In late 1944, the M2 carbine (a select fire version of the M1 carbine) was produced and, in some circles, was considered an assault weapon while the M1 carbine could not do to the lack of a selective fire switch and a smaller capacity magazine (15 rounds vs 30 rounds). Worthy to note that even the M1 carbine would be banned under Obama's edicts since the magazine capacity is more than 10 rounds. Why all this gun talk under I smell a rat? Because the abhorrent Dallas Police shootings were performed by a US Army veteran (remember; the DHS warring concerning veterans ) of non-Muslim affiliation with an "assault weapon" performed this dastardly deed while the Black Lives Matter group were peacefully demonstrating. What did our storied Potus dwell upon? Gun  laws and the perfectly understandable motives of Black Lives Matter. Even if all the preceding were based in fact, does Mr. Obama not remember the insightful rhetoric of this "Peaceful organization"? Maybe I'm too cynical, but I know the mantra of progressivism is "the ends justify the means"; and considering the use of explosives to rid Texas streets of this vermin, nothing was left to question the Progressive's assertions..

I'll stop my rant here before I truly piss off those wielding the power, but I can only hope you, the reader, will get my drift and fill in the blanks for yourself. After all, this RACIST black man (Not the contradiction of terms our government wants you to believe) had no intention of killing himself like a good terrorist would. Nuff said.

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