Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bill & Hillary's Blackmail Scheme

OK, here's how I see it. Bill Clinton's meeting with AG Loretta Lynch was just a gentle reminder from the Clinton's that if indicted, Hillary will implicate Barack Obama and all in his Administration by calling them as witnesses and asking, under oath, if they knew her servers were unsecure. In other words Blackmail. Then,  when Lynch answered questions about said meeting, claiming all she and Bill talked about was golf and grandchildren, she said she fully expected to follow the FBI's recommendation. Of course that would leave her wiggle room to not follow their recommendation in case FBI Director James Comey (who has a

 history where the Clinton's are concerned) double-crossed her and would recommend an indictment. Make no mistake, Comey did not lie about telling his bosses of his determination, they told him. Do you honestly believe our President would stump for Hillary Clinton if he even thought there might be an indictment? If you do, you are more gullible than the Hilarious...err...I mean "Hillary" supporters. But chin up all you truth seekers, the Clintons  

still have an indictment to elude. The FBI is still investigating their Clinton Foundation "Charity" and if James Comey is upset with all the crap surrounding the e-mail scandal handling, he can rectify the situation with an indictment of the Clintons that they cannot blackmail their way around. If this man is the stalwart apolitical investigator everyone claims, he would leap at the chance. 

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