Friday, June 25, 2010

Get all your facts first

Sheppard Smith Chastises Judge Napolitano on BP:
On June 24, I watched with disgust as Judge Napolitano attempted to explain to Sheppard Smith, on his FOX News Show, that although BP is responsible for the oil spill, they are hardly the only participants responsible for the Gulf Disaster. In an emotional display of Liberalism, Smith demanded, how the judge could possible defend BP.

Here's my take (Known Facts):
#1 - The Judge was right about the $73 million Cap of Limitations on all Oil Companies for cleanup costs due to any oil spill. Exxon had spent 2.1 Billion dollars on clean up of the 1989 spill.
#2 - This limit caused oil companies to become lax concerning spill safety measures because they realized the [relatively] small responsibility limit left them in a good crisis, cost versus revenue situation.
#3 - However, to receive a cap on limits, as they requested, the oil companies had to agree to allow the Government to dictate where they could drill.
#4 - BP had indicated they wanted to drill in 500 feet of water but the Government said that Environmentalists had declared that to be dangerous, so they were forced to drill in Deep water for "Safety".
#5 - As the Judge also stated, Russia had four deep water well leaks and fixed them exploding them. BP wanted to try this, but again, the Government said no...too Dangerous.
#6 - As I write, there is a Nigerian ship sitting in dock awaiting the Government's permission to allow it to operate in the Gulf for skimming purposes. This ship has the capability to skim huge amounts of oil.

The story is that the Dutch offered their Skimmer ships to help the clean up process, but have been told "no thank you" either by the EPA or the Jones Act which was waived in the aftermath of Katrina.

Here's the May 4 Story from the Netherlands which Documents the Dutch offers for help.

Here are my observations:
I do not in any way think that this Oil derrick was intentionally blown up by either BP or the Government, but the roadblocks to rectifying the dilemma that continues to pollute the Gulf only serves to ruin the US Economy and give credence to the supporters of "Green Energy" that "Cap and Trade" (or as I like to refer to it: "Crap and Tax") is our energy solution. Well, that is a load of crap and Obama will now use the excuse that bigger government is needed to fix our economy...which is also crap. Has anyone else noticed that there have been quite a few providentially timed disasters as far as this President is concerned? Well, I for one do NOT believe in coincidences.

Disparaging General McChrystal's Public Comments:
First I would like to state to everyone saying that President Obama HAD to fire the General and/or agreed with that firing, the only quote attributed to the General himself was directed towards Joe Biden and his asinine assertion that the withdrawal date is absolute. Why is it asinine...because it is about 15 months away and the final deployment of the 30,000 troops Obama gave McChrystal will not be completed until September this year. The date gives the Taliban an advanced "notice of eviction" so to speak. The President did not HAVE to fire the General for comments made by his staff; a severe public tongue lashing would have sufficed. Didn't Harry S Truman give MacArthur the courtesy of this action before firing him when he said much worse about the President? To the General's credit, he took the blame and made no excuses. Did anyone attempt to question why the General would have had his resignation in hand when he reported to the White House? Could it be he had already talked to the President about muffling "Louie the Lip" Joe Biden and had been denied? Someone should certainly impress upon this Joke of a Political figure that "Loose Lips Sink Ships".

Here's my take (Known Facts):
#1 - Obama did not give McChrystal the Troops he had wanted.
#2 - Obama did make McChrystal wait on the tarmac for their first meeting.
#3 - Obama did not meet with his General for any updates on progress or problems.
#4 - McChrystal had been taking heat from Congress about the progress of the war.
#5 - McChrystal had better relations with Afghans than the White House.
#6 - General McChrystal was restrained by the Rules of Combat that will be relaxed for General Petraeus.

Here are my questions to you:
Can any of you tell me for sure that the General hasn't asked for more resources via channels and had been denied?

How many times had Obama dissed the General in McChrystal's mind?

How many times had McChrystal requested progress and/or problems meetings with the President and been denied?

How many times had the General requested the White House to muzzle the Veep?

I believe that General McChrystal fell on his sword to protect his troops and made a pact with Obama for the benefit of his troops. I think it went something like this: Mr President if you will relax the Rules of Engagement for the troops; make Biden's comments about the "hard troop withdrawal" irrelevant; consult with my replacement (and he should probably be Petraeus) about progress and issues and finally display a modicum of respect towards my replacement, I will tender my resignation. However, if you renege on your promises, I swear I will go to all the media outlets and tell them the real story.

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