Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oil Spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

On May 27, 2010, 37 days after the explosion, President Obama told reporters Thursday
...BP is responsible for what he called a "horrific disaster" that began when an oil rig exploded April 20, killing 11 workers and rupturing an undersea well.
Why was BP, who supplied 6 of the 126 workers on the rig, the only company mentioned when other players were deeply involved like; the owner of the rig, Transocean Ltd, who supplied 79 workers; contractor Halliburton, who supplied 41 workers; MMS the regulatory agency that was watching porno instead of the drilling operation and the US Government who issued the order to drill in deep water in the first place. The US Government was granted the power to establish where the Oil Companies were allowed to drill when they legislated a Liability Cap for oil companies as part of a deal brokered after the expensive Exxon Valdez incident. On June 16, 2010, 57 days after the explosion, our president finally met with BP's chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg & other executives, for the first time; duration...20 minutes were allotted by President Obama for what he labeled "The worst environmental Disaster America has Ever faced" yet he allotted 90 minutes for lunch with Joe Biden. The results...BP will not pay dividends for one year and have established a fund of 20 Billion dollars that will be controlled by an "Independent"; Kenneth R. Feinberg. Since BP is in Bed with the President on "Crap & Tax", or as this administration calls "Cap & Trade" a system of selling smoke without the use of mirrors, they stand to make more from that "green" legislation then they have to pay in restitutions. Is this oil spill an event that the Progressive members of Government will use, as per Rahm Emanuel, as s crisis not to be wasted? I guess it just takes our focus from our Border problems with Mexico; the Middle East fiasco caused by our government not supporting Israel and the financial ruin this administration is make that driving us towards.

Although Mr. Feinberg seems to be an honorable man, he is the "Pay Czar" for the Obama Administration and appointed by Mr. Obama to administer this restitution fund; therefore he is obligated to the President and therefore not hardly independent. If Mr. Feinberg denies monetary claims, they can protest to an undefined "group of three" and if that brings no result, they can always sue in court. Nothing new here, but how is this mysterious "group of three" chosen and by whom? Also, listening to Congress grilling BP's CEO Tony Hayward the next day, you would have thought that he was personally responsible for the entire incident and took it upon himself to drill in deep water. Rep. Bruce Braley (D–Iowa) even had the nerve to ask him if he felt that the President "had shaken him down" in the concession meeting on the previous day and also if he thought the $20 billion fund was a slush fund. What does either question have to do with the purpose of the congressional investigation?

Let us review what has happened; the US government instructs BP to drill in water deeper than any has been previously drilled. The US government under George Bush is accused by the Democrats of being too close with the oil companies, but cozies up even closer to them under Barack Obama. Thirteen countries offer to help our government plug the leak and are all rejected and dismissed. The US president lets almost two months elapse before meeting with Head Executives of BP to demand that they set up a pool of money which is not only illegal under Judicial Law but also is unconstitutional. The Obama administration has done nothing to help plug the leak but have wasted more of the taxpayers' money in a display of crude and vulgar "divert all attention away from us to make us look like we are blameless and genuinely concerned citizens" side show.

I can say that I have never been ashamed of my country before but I am now. I am not apologizing but I am disgusted with the "Al Capone-like' tactics that this administration has been using. I am appalled at the direction this group of "gangsters" is herding our country; the direction of Cuba, China; North Korea; the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany; a Socialistic Oligarchy or Dictatorship. And I am sick to my very soul about the way these Progressives have systematically ignored our Constitution; assaulted our faith and propagandized our children. I only pray that our country can recover and still be able to freely vote in a fair election and not trade our Republic for a Marxist Dictator.

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