Wednesday, September 15, 2010

American flag desecration in Phoenix

I first heard about this from my son Paul. I tried checking it at but found nothing...could not prove it one way or another at that site, however, Googling it gave me a lot of hits. You can verify the truth of the following information by going to the CBS affiliate KOLD Channel 13 [I don't think CBS would allow a lie like this do you?] There are many more websites reporting this activity and the video below can be found on YouTube where you can watch it or just view the same clip below:


It bothers me that Snopes has no information on this because it is such a polarizing news segment and the truth should be posted. For example: some articles claim those performing the desecration are Mexican Illegals while others say they are California liberals who had been bussed in etc. I don't know which claim is correct; if neither is right or if a combination of the two is the truth. Frankly I really don't care. Why?  Because no matter who the perpetrators are they support "Illegal Aliens" being given a free pass; in fact they want Illegals to be instantly treated like US Citizens and they don't give a damn about  The Republic of America as demonstrated by their vile and disgusting actions. How many Red-Blooded Americans have spilt their blood to preserve this Republic? That's what our flag stands for. These jerks (whoever they may be) might as well urinate over all the graves at Arlington Cemetery. It is disgusting that only the Federal government can enforce the law against this type of activity...especially given the penchant our current US Attorney General has displayed for not enforcing any laws pertaining to "Illegal Aliens". I continue to use this term because this is what the Illegals are; they are not "Undocumented Immigrants" nor are they "Illegal Immigrants" as both are merely euphemisms employed by Progressives, Far-Left wingers; Marxist revolutionaries, Constitution scorners and just plain generally whacked out weirdos who want to "fundamentally transform America".

In case you are not totally incensed from the video, here are a few pictures that are sure to tug at your gut unless you are one of the troglodytes performing these heinous acts. If you are as enraged, disturbed and disgusted as I am then maybe we should get together and demand that our local and state officers of the law be ordered to detain these individuals to turn over to the feds for breaking the law, just like they are allowed to do even without Arizona's SB 1070. Of course, we would then have to rely on our Justice Department to prosecute the a**holes.

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