Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Proposed Mosque near Ground Zero Part III

Finishing my discussion on this subject, we need to cover the Money man behind the Imam: Sharif El-Gamal:
1. He has a history of run-ins with the law, money problems in 2008 and yet he bought the ground zero mosque building in 2009: Read Here

2. Some Muslims, like Asra Nomani, share non-Muslim concerns.
3. The co-signer of Burlington Coat factory property (ground zero mosque building) is Hisham Elzanaty whose dealings need to be scrutinized.
4. Sharif El-Gamal also has very questionable past and present dealings.
5. Will failure to pay taxes violate his terms his lease on the property?
Overall Wrap-up:
Although this video is from 2008, it shows the frightening connection between the UN and Islam and as I pointed out in the first part of this blog, , Kofi Anan, a former UN Secretary, was quoted as though he were a saint; now I understand why.
A few questionable words from the Imam’s own mouth should make you sick.
If you are not sufficiently frightened by now, you should read this…and remember it is from 2003!
Here’s an article in a Canadian Newspaper that contains some items you should ponder.
In closing, listen to the words of a Muslim leader from Great Britain…Which contradicts the portrait of Islam as a “peaceful” religion and in my translated copy of the Koran, this “Jerk’s” claims seem to be substantiated by Surah 3. Al-‘Imran Verse 116 through 118 which can be found on page 22.

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