Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Attitude Adjustment Story #157

Traveling from California to Ohio

When we moved from California to Ohio in January 2000, we took the longer, southern route (Route 66) because there were four of us traveling in a Ford Escort LX (at least it was a four door); Me, Sylvia, Ryan and our Grandson Stephen whose fourth birthday would not be until May. Why do I though this fact in, well because it was really uncomfortable for him being strapped in the required car seat, so I would not travel any more than ten hours a day with frequent breaks (net 8 hours of driving). If we made him sit too long at one time the poor kid would suffer from terrible leg cramps but all in all he was really pretty good for such a long, boring trip.

Sylvia was still drinking at that time, so when I stopped at a gas station in Oklahoma, I noticed they were selling cold beer, so I asked both Sylvia and Ryan if they wanted beer for the night at the Motel we would be staying at. I indicated that I was not going to drink anything…just get whatever sleep I could and Ryan said he didn’t care, so Sylvia said we could get it later. I think she was actually trying to figure out some way she could get more than beer because she never turned down alcohol in the past (being an alcoholic and not into recovery for another two years yet). When We settled into a motel in Northern Texas, she managed to drive off without Ryan after I went to bed. Finding out about it the next morning I was a little upset and told Ryan he would have to go with her the next time so she couldn’t buy anything stronger than beer. I chuckled out loud as Sylvia vehemently groused about how this county was a “Dry County”. “I never heard of ‘Dry Counties’ in Texas before!” I asked her why she just didn’t drive to a “wet” county and her reply was “It was so foggy I didn’t want to try to find the damn thing on side roads with the instructions that woman gave me. I could hardly understand her anyway!” When I found out the woman had given her directions by North, South,East & West, I knew why Sylvia could hardly understand her…it wasn’t her southern accent as my wife had complained.

She checked the map and made it clear to me that we were not stopping over night in Texas again and I indicated that would not be a problem as I had to catch US 75 North in Arkansas anyway so I would be happy to stop just short of a large metropolis in Arkansas. When night came, Stephen and I laid down to sleep while Ryan and a grumbling Sylvia drove off to hunt down a place where beer could be purchased. This time I stayed awake because as soon as Ryan left, Stephen woke up and started crying and would not stop until he returned so it was hard for me to sleep through the racket. When they did return Sylvia was in the darkest mood I had ever seen before but Ryan was laughing so hard he fell down to his knees as soon as he entered the room. I asked what the problem was and Sylvia just glared at us while Ryan made chocking sounds and gestures which I finally got and asked, “Don’t tell me another ‘dry county’?” Ryan almost choked while gurgling his answer, “YESSSSS!” Poor Sylvia I did feel sorry for her but at least it made a good story to tell…now.

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